‘Truther’ Doctor Ryan Cole Continues to Out Himself [VIDEOS]

ER Editor:  If there are a couple of take aways for us from these bits and pieces below, it is not only that the medical shills are carefully presenting and packaging up the landscape on which REAL truther doctors can speak out. 

But it is also that we simply do not know what is in the Covid ‘vaccines’, and that many different things may be in them, over time and in different locations. They are probably not all one thing. Simplistic generalizations cannot be made. This, we believe, may also be true about SARS-CoV-2 or whatever it is that’s been going around since at least sometime during 2019.

All parts of the puzzle – lipid nanoparticles, mRNA, spike proteins, graphene oxide technology, self-assembling technologies that respond to radiation, etc. – are relevant and should be up for discussion. Dr. David Martin and Karen Kingston are two among several calling out the toxic agenda of the vaccines.


A conference (called Läkkeroppropet) in Stockholm, Sweden on the weekend of January 22, 2023 was organized by Drs. Robert Malone and Ryan Cole.

Dr. Geert van den Boscche was also there. Malone, van den Bossche and Mattias Desmets we have long suspected of being shills in relation to the medical truther community. Cole is a recent addition, although Dr. Jane Ruby says in a Telegram post that his behaviour for some time has been odd. Instead of having white clots of vaccinated cavaders analyzed, with appropriate public attention brought to them, he hung onto them from January 2022 onward. Cole owns a lab. The clots, of course, were what embalmer Richard Hirschmann was attempting to bring to public attention. Dr. Ruby ended up bringing Mike Adams and his lab on board to perform the required analyses. Cole didn’t comply.

The shill behaviour of these people was on full display at this conference. Alas, there is only short video testimony to back it up. This conference served to better highlight who the real and fakes are among the medical ‘truther’ community. Here are some Telegram posts, first by Dr. Jane Ruby (being sued for $50 million by Malone) and then Dr. Astrid Stuckleberger, followed by a Bitchute video of Stuckleberger publicly challenging Cole’s bizarre claims:

Telegram, January 28, 2023

Telegram, January 26, 2023

Kudos to Dr. Astrid Stuckleberger for standing up for evidence of graphene oxide and nanotechnology in vaccines and for presenting what she understands to be the entire globalist takeover agenda for humanity (she formerly worked at the WHO – see the 2nd video below). She was blunt in taking on Dr. Ryan Cole when he made false claims, as the Telegram video clips show and the Bitchute video below. Not only that, when she gave her presentation at this conference and talked about not only graphene oxide but lipid nanoparticles, the conference organizers tried to shut her down to the shock of the audience.

In the 11-minute video below (part 1 of 2), Dr. Ruby presents the situation. And in the video below that, Ruby interviews Dr. Glenn Dormer, who was present at the conference and caught Cole’s altercation with Stuckleberger on video.

Check out Cole’s public insult to Ruby.


According to Dr. Glenn Dormer, in her 30-minute speech, Stuckleberger laid out what the WHO, in conjunction with Bill Gates, was going to do year after year with first the fake virus, the vaccines, passports based on repeated vaccines, followed by digital IDs, then CBDCs and a digital financial system. So far, her claims have proven to be accurate. Pure slavery would be achieved by or before 2030. The most shocking thing was that Stuckleberger was showing clearly what the WHO health treaty had planned for us. Stuckleberger had worked for the WHO; after leaving, she did her own research on what they had planned.

Ruby: what’s at the top of the food chain? How do you get so much collusion against humanity? Stuckleberger didn’t specify but Dormer does. Ruby: Is there a multi-pronged medical agenda with so-called mRNA vaccines? Dormer: Some of the vaccines have been analyzed. Some labs are seeing graphene with no biologics, lots of metals. We need to know definitively what is in the vaccines. Ruby: as there is no oversight, they can change vaccine contents from day to day. Just because Ryan Cole has lab-analyzed ‘100’s’ of vaccines, this doesn’t account for all the rest of them, which haven’t been accounted for so far. Ruby: are we going toward being lobotomized slaves? Dormer references the theory about the vaccines changing our DNA to render us programmable. Again, until we can get proper analysis of the vaccines, we don’t know.




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2 Comments on ‘Truther’ Doctor Ryan Cole Continues to Out Himself [VIDEOS]

  1. Dr. Poornima Wagh knows what is in the vaccines. Her and her group have studied over 3,000 vials. She needs to be spoken to.

  2. I’m not a medical doctor, but Dr. Cole falls into the Flying Teapot fallacy, or Russell’s Teapot (named after Bertrand Russell): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell's_teapot

    The premise is that there’s a flying teapot in space. According to Dr. Cole he looked in space, but could not find the teapot, therefor the teapot does not exist. Which is ludicrous. You can not proof that something does not exist. Russell’s Teapot fallacy says that the burden of proof falls on the person who makes the claim that there is a Flying Teapot.

    Dr. Cole apparently looked at around 100 vials of the vaccine (out of billions?) and that suggests to him that whatever other scientists find to be present in those vials impossible.

    Unscientific, philosophically unsound… or (perhaps) malicious.

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