The Spike Protein is a Lie, and Pretty Much Everything Else They’ve Told Us [VIDEO]

ER Editor: We have been following doctors and medical truthers such as Dr. Jane Ruby and Dr. Lee Merritt, speaking in a video below, as well as others. This video is from two weeks ago. We’re going with this particular video because it covers a lot of ground, and returns to some tried-and-tested truths (‘truths’ so far). Our notes are below, up to the 35th minute. We do, however, recommend watching the entire video itself (54 minutes). Kudos to these ladies.


JR: We’re told that some of the CV vaccines had genetic code to make the body produce the toxic part of a coronavirus (the spike). We’ve been told this without proof. If there’s no isolated virus for SAR-CoV-2, then the treatments to get rid of the spike protein are all part of the hoax.

The parasite issue: it’s fundamental to Covid, all illness and to Big Pharma. Plus the virus-no-virus issue.

LM: They’ve lied to us about everything; so much they’ve told us has never been proven.  They’ve purposefully distracted us from things we should have been paying attention to. In med school of the ’70s, parasites were presented as a Third World Country problem. Parasites are the big health issue and were so back in 1905, the Rockefeller era (where John D. Rockefeller allegedly took over medical programming everywhere in favour of petroleum-based products, which led to the influence of Big Pharma). In 1915, Royal Rife had technology with sufficient magnification (15,500 mag.) to show us the problem. Our microscopes today are not better than 2,400 mag. Why don’t we have this 1920 level of technology?

JR: Why do they hide parasites?

LM: There are many types, which can be very tiny. During surgical operations, the body has been prepped so you don’t see them in the  bowels, for example. Intracellular parasites that are very tiny are the problem, the ones you need a microscope to see.  Multiple Sclerosis patients show plaques in the brain and spinal cord. But we never asked what those plaques are. One Dr. McDonald did careful analysis showing that 100% of MS patients had parasites. So it’s a parasitical disease. McDonald saw wormholes in the brain, so they were visible, i.e. he saw their tracks.

In med school, we learned that if you have a dog before the age of 5, you have a higher risk of getting MS, yet they still tell us it’s an autoimmune disease. The blood-brain barrier is very permeable and not fully formed up to that age, so parasites from a dog licking a child can cause this in the very young. The CDC tell us that 45% of Americans have toxoplasmosis, and it’s in their brains, too! So it’s not just a problem for pregnant women, although this is what they say. Toxoplasmosis is associated with all sorts of mental disorders, which get treated with lots of expensive Big Pharma drugs.

Cancer: now that doctors are doing blood smears for Covid, they’re seeing parasites in the bloodstream of cancer patients.

They are intracellular parasites that break out in the bloodstream.  Now there’s a lot of metastatic cancer among the young. Did cancer change its stripes in 2021? Or is there something else going on here? Young military guys in 3rd world countries pick up all sorts of parasites, but their immune systems can deal with them. But when you administer a vaccine that breaks down the immune system, then the metastatic cancers appear. Solid tumours are often indistinguishable from parasitical egg sacs under a microscope. Parasitologists talk about this all the time but not oncologists. Look at the huge revenue generation from the various cancer therapies, including chemotherapy.


JR: We should be doing parasite cleanses.

LM: Virus vs. No Virus — look at how we isolate things. It’s easy to isolate bacteria – kids can do this easily and you can learn to do it online. But when it comes to viruses, we have to deal in computer algorithms! They can’t isolate them and they know it. What they’re doing is getting genetic material to identify them and this is nonsense. It’s all about computer algorithms using genetics. The father of modern virology (his name is mentioned) wrote a paper on how to isolate them. He won a Nobel Prize for this, yet this guy’s entire history has been faked. This deception is intentional.

Hiding the Parasite Cause of Disease

LM: Re. John D. Rockefeller, he was a natural healer type of guy who liked homeopathy! But Frederick Gates (note the name) was his right-hand man, whose son was related to the 1918 fake pandemic. Gates persuaded Rockefeller to standardize medicine, and the target problem of the day was parasites, particularly hookworm. They knew back then what the problem was. We don’t even have the whole John D. story. 

After World War II, scientists went to the British govt. to get better scientific / medical publishing. The govt agreed because it was MI6 which controlled all publishing. So they joined the UK up with German publishing houses to produce the largest publishing group in the world. Robert Maxwell was the UK editor, who was also a spy for the UK, Mossad and possibly the KGB. The name of the publishing outfit was Pergamon, meaning City of Satan. Pergamon the place had a huge altar in Anatoliya (Turkey), the (in)famous altar of Pergamon. The Germans took it down and reconstructed it in Berlin. Why on earth use this name for the biggest medical-scientific publishing house?

The so-called ‘crown’ of the Coronavirus doesn’t show up on electron microscopes. (They discuss the origin of the word coronavirus in the same vein as Pergamon.) Nobody has ever seen this coronavirus. It’s all made up.

JR; There is a cottage industry around the spike protein. Ruby has wanted somebody to demonstrate to her the CHANGE in spike protein levels in patients as a result of treatment for it, but they haven’t / can’t. Pfizer warned pregnant women about shedding, so what is being shed? If there’s no coronavirus and no spike protein, what exactly is being shed? Is it a synthetic parasite?

LM: She’s asked her pathology friends how they identify spike proteins. They say they have ‘stains’ that show up in pink on a slide. But this is from the same company that produced the PCR test! It’s all made up. What do we KNOW? We know that we can transmit disease electromagnetically, and that there are toxins everywhere in our world. In Latin, ‘virus’ means toxin or poison. It doesn’t mean ‘germ’. 

The discipline of optogenetics combines EMF with toxins. (see the discussion of the Travis Scott concert) They can take mice and put in an opsin. Opsins are chemicals that respond to light waves. Then they blast the opsin with a light frequency, and in this way they can change brain function, cause heart arrhythmias, etc. At the Travis Scott concert, everyone had to be vaxxed to get in, then they got blasted with lights and sound frequencies. 15 people just dropped. The crush only came when the 15 were being given emergency treatment on the spot. One guy said it like his heart just stopped. We’ve seen this phenomenon of people just dropping all around the world – South Korea, Australia, Israel and China. It just can’t happen the way they’re telling us it is happening. We simply don’t know what’s in the vaccines. There’s an entire field out there dealing with wavelengths and opsins.

(Sidebar on CRISPR gene splicing: this is the stuff of TV sci-fi. You can’t delicately splice out genetic material and put in other stuff. All they can really do is bluntly knock genes out and insert others. This relates to the optogenetics discussion.)

Parasites: they’re a stealth killer and they’re telling us not to look for them. A good doctor should always look at a patient’s blood and urine, and now they’re telling us that such doctors are quacks. 

LM: Our world is controlled by narrative projection. The real virus is words uttered on the internet. Something can be made to LOOK LIKE a disease in order to mobilize the ‘worried well’. You don’t need a disease, an actual one, to have a pandemic. BUT – you can cause one with RADIATION. So we’re looking in the wrong direction and deliberately made to do so. The Covid picture of a spikey ball is just a fiction.

Intelligence services own the news as well as scientific – medical publishing. The spike protein hasn’t been proven to exist.

JR: There’s a lot of business being made off of an unproven spike protein (she’s referring to the supplement industry that has sprouted up lately).

LM: We’re dealing with fantasy.

JR: There’s so much more in those injections.

LM: How do you lie to virologists? You give them a convincing worldview. It’s like the artificial reality of The Truman Show. We accept the reality we’re given, which here is that viruses exist (33 minutes). The genome of SARS-CoV-2 given by the Chinese is a THEORETICAL CONSTRUCT on which the vaccines have been based and delivered all around the world! It’s all made-up genetics. It’s all contrived, all a projection of a narrative.  So we shouldn’t worry about Disease X – we SHOULD ONLY WORRY that they’re poisoning us or irradiating us. We live in a world of poisons, parasites, and electromagnetic radiation. (34:45)


They then go on to mention snake venom, the appearance of Covid deaths in early 2020, etc. In particular, Dr. Merritt mentions FOUR types of health approaches:  1. Infrared treatment; 2. Chlorine Dioxide; 3. Ivermectin & Fenbendazole; 4. EMF mitigation. She refers to her website containing information on these things.

Find Dr. Lee Merritt here:  or here:







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  1. The claim I read long ago is that a spike was artificially fabricated by Pharma to fashion its injections precisely because no sample was “available” of Sars-CoV-2 from China.

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