Trump to Sever all US Aid to UNRWA & Violate Right of Return for Millions of Palestinian Refugees

Trump to Sever all US Aid to UNRWA and Violate Right of Return for Millions of Palestinian Refugees

The Future Belongs to Palestine: Part Three

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Written by Ariyana Love and co-edited by Mike Farah

The Trump Administration announced Friday its plans to cut all US aid to UNRWA, withdrawing a whopping $368 million in annual support to Palestinian refugees. They also announced plans to strip Palestine of their inalienable Right of Return, snubbing UN Resolution 194 and breaking international law with premeditated criminal intent.

UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) serves the 5 million displaced refugees in Gaza, West Bank, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. UNRWA funds hundreds of schools and dozens of hospitals. It also finances water, sanitation, civil society and governance projects, including health care.

The US Government was the number one aid contributor to the Palestinian people, comprising one quarter of the overall humanitarian assistance Palestine receives. These cuts will directly target more than half of the population which is reliant on UNRWA aid to survive.

The global Palestinian population totals 12.7 million. According to UNRWA figures, 5.9 million are registered refugees. More than half the population was forced into exile since the al Nakba terror of 1948.

Within occupied Palestine, 42% of the population are registered refugees on their own land. Of the 2 million population in the besieged Gaza strip, 70% are registered refugees.

The actual number of Palestinian refugees is in reality higher than the UNRWA figures because not all refugees register in the UN system. According to UNRWA figures, we know for a fact that over 75% of the entire Palestinian population are refugees.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) released a report in 2016 with documented evidence that the Israeli occupation controls 774 Palestinian towns and villages. During the al Nakba in 1948, Zionist militia destroyed 531 indigenous towns and villages. The Jewish-Zionist Mafia continued their terrorist activities with a further 70 massacres.

There are 10 recognized UNRWA camps for Palestinian refugees in Jordan and 12 in Lebanon. These are utterly impoverished camps, among the poorest on Earth.

Of the Palestinian refugees in Syria, 98% of them rely on UNRWA aid to survive. Over 80% of Gazans need UNRWA aid to prevent starvation. 97% of the water supply in Gaza is poisoned and undrinkable. As predicted in UN reports, Gaza is currently unlivable.

Cutting financial support to UNRWA is premeditated evil, a full frontal assault on the most vulnerable members of society, in which over 50% are innocent children. They didn’t choose the circumstance of their birth, they were born into it. Trump has just signed their death warrants.

U.S. aid to Palestinians takes three main forms:

  1. About $320 million goes toward humanitarian work and projects, and is disbursed by the U.S. Agency for International Development.
  2. $368 million goes to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).
  3. Approximately $36 million helps the Palestinian Authority with security.

70% of Mercy Corps runs programs that provide support for communities that have lived through the crises of war. It also works with health centers in the Palestinian territories to develop technology systems, such as electronic medical record-keeping systems and stock-management systems for pharmaceutical supplies, in order to help facilitate better access to health care.

According to The Atlantic, The entire UNRWA funded program will close in September, laying off a total of 20,000 people in Gaza. The Palestinian Authority has already cut salaries to their 40,000 civil servants in Gaza. The unemployment rate of youth between the ages of 18 and 29 in Gaza, is 62% and it is the youth that has the highest rate of suicide and suicide attempts.

Right of Return “off the table”

In an act of “Diplomatic” terrorism, the Trump Administration moved the US Embassy to Palestine’s capital city of Jerusalem on March 30th, directly violating international law. If any U.S. President executes the interests of a foreign power (Israel), placing them above the interests of the American people, that constitutes treason.

This impeachable offense not only empowered the Rothschilds banksters “Deep State,” who literally make a killing from Trump’s record breaking military spending, weapons testing in Gaza and Israeli arms sales. It also rewarded one of Trump’s Jewish Mafia handlers, Sheldon Adelson, who essentially bankrolled Trump’s campaign.

The American President is colluding with a foreign power that carried out the USS Liberty terror attack against the American people and has their fingerprints all over 9/11.

Next, Trump withdrew the US from the world’s most important human rights body in June. It was the first time in history, a member state has voluntarily left the United Nations Human Rights Council (UN).

The Trump Administration’s is Collectively Punishing the entire Palestinian population, in a vulgar demonstration of the Jewish Mafia’s New World Order agenda. Essentially, Jewish supremacists are extorting the Palestinian people into compliance with selling their capital city of Jerusalem as part of the Greater Israel project.

No U.S. President before Trump has stooped this low, treating refugees this inhumane. But it gets even worse.

The Trump Administration also announced its plans to strip nearly 5 million Palestinian refugees of their Refugee Right of Return and their children’s Right of Return as stipulated in UN Resolution 194. Who could have seen this coming?

Three quarters of the indigenous Palestinian nation have been ethnically cleansed and displaced from their homeland. When this is brought to an international court of law as evidence, it will constitute the colossal crime of genocide. This is one reason why the Jewish Mafia wishes to strip Palestinian refugees of their right of refugees to return. They are attempting to escape punishment and retribution to the Palestinian people for their Crimes Against Humanity. Just as the US Government had to pay billions in retribution to the Native American tribes for its colonial genocide.

Another key reason for stripping Palestinians of their Right of Return is so that Israel can maintain its Jewish majority within their Apartheid political system.

Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy in the U.S. that was implemented in May also criminalized all refugees entering the U.S., profiting private military contractors and prison corporations. As the walls go up across our globe, even those refugees fleeing life-threatening situations and their children, are penalized.

The most vulnerable time for an any evil empire is when they believe they are at the zenith of their power. History has proven that all it takes is enough good people to remain steadfast and hold the moral high ground, for the seeds of their destruction is sewn within their own corruption.

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Ariyana Love is founder of Occupy Palestine TV, Director of Middle East Rising, Publisher at The Liberty Beacon Project and Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine (ICSPR, Gaza). 


Mike Farah is the son of a Palestinian born into exile UK … He is a spokesperson for, Gaza. An environmental consultant, teacher and human rights defender.