Trial begins: Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Denies Breach of Trust

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The Expose also published this about the case two days ago —

The Prejudice of Dr. Reiner Füllmich, An Analysis of The Case Against Him

Fuellmich’s trial began last week, Wednesday we are told below; witnesses will be called this coming week.


Trial begins: Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Denies Breach of Trust

The trial began last week against Dr Reiner Fuellmich, who has been accused of embezzling more than 700,000 euros from the Corona Committee and using it for his own personal purposes. The lawyer denies breach of trust and accuses former colleagues of wanting to enrich themselves.

The following article was published in NDR


by Wieland Gabcke and Amelia Wischnewski – February 1, 2024

Reiner Fuellmich appeared confident and aggressive at the start of the trial on Wednesday before the Göttingen district court. The former federal chairman of the small party “Die Basis” talked a lot and sometimes angrily. He repeatedly made derogatory comments about his former colleagues in the co-prosecution. This refers to the Berlin lawyers Antonia Fischer (ER: not to be confused with Viviane Fischer) and Justus Hoffmann. They are demanding the 700,000 euros back in the criminal trial, but did not appear at the start of the trial due to illness. “The co-plaintiffs wants to line their pockets with the money, that’s my opinion on the specific allegations,” said the 65-year-old, visibly upset.

700,000 euros were contractually granted as a loan

Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer and the Berlin lawyers founded the so-called Corona Committee as shareholders in 2020. At that time, the Corona measures were discussed and speculated about in hours-long online meetings. Among other things, the danger of the virus was doubted. The company, which was not registered in the commercial register, collected millions in donations online and opened several accounts, according to the indictment. In 2020 and 2021, Fuellmich received loans of 200,000 and 500,000 euros, for which there were contracts.

Garden “spruced up”: Fuellmich admits private purposes

According to Fuellmich, both he and Viviane Fischer had received loans from donations. According to him, to protect the funds from access by the state. Because in 2020 there were fears that the Corona Committee’s accounts could be seized. Fuellmich vehemently denied breach of trust. “I’m not going to cut myself off and take the money we need to work,” he said. He also admitted to using the money privately. His then colleague Viviane Fischer also did that with her loans, claims Fuellmich. Viviane Fischer has repeatedly denied this. Fuellmich also claims: “Fischer was in Göttingen and looked at what my wife did with the money,” said the defendant. She “spruced up” the garden for 200,000 euros, including a whirlpool.

Former colleagues accuse Fuellmich of breach of trust

The defendant’s statement is contradicted by the accusation and the view of his former colleagues. “Your own commitment should be free of charge, that was the agreement,” said Berlin lawyer Antonia Fischer when asked by NDR Lower Saxony. The public prosecutor’s office also sees it this way: the statutes of the “Corona Committee” only stipulate non-profit activities. A selfless activity, no donations from company resources, no one should be favored by disproportionately high remuneration. In the case of the loans, the public prosecutor’s office accuses Fuellmich of having had the goal from the beginning of using the donated funds privately and thus embezzling them. The chamber must now clarify whether the funds flowed lawfully or were embezzled. The verdict is due to come in March.

Video below is of Reiner in court; however, there are so far no English subtitles.,fuellmich110.html

I have also republished a video from the Truth Summit of Dr Reiner Fuellmich speaking on the 2nd of February sounding quite positive.

News from Reiner, in his own words from (ER: 6 minutes)

ER: If Fuellmich’s account can be proven, then it’s hardly surprising that he is now feeling optimistic.


The transcript below was translated from the same message from Dr Fuellmich but in German, therefore there are slight differences with what he says in English.

“So at the start of the criminal case against me the atmosphere was dramatically turned so that for a long time there was no possibility for me to present my version of the story, so that even the Staatsanwalt (district attorney / prosecutor) noticed that something absolutely was not right.

So after one year and 3 months of doing things secretly and damaging my chance to speak because he was under pressure from the Berliner authorities, as he was threatened, if you give space to him, then we need to withdraw the charges.

After that happened and I did, despite this, come to be able to speak, and also our lawyers were given enough space to tell our story, they noticed something was not right.

So here are two narratives or 2 stories side by side, one from Justus Hoffman with the others going along, that Reiner Fuellmich took millions, 58% of the funds, to live well. He did that secretly, behind our backs.

My version is that Viviane and I did have actual expenses which we took from the expense account. We did that as the business leaders of the Corona Committee, as the only ones who cared about the business of the Corona Committee. In order to avoid what happened to Bhakti (ER: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi), because if our funds were seized, as happened to him, then we could not have continued with the Corona Committee, because we would not have had the means.

Therefore we openly, not secretly as claimed, withdrew money, and that is all in the books of the Corona Committee. And the court can see that.

Also I have always been ready and also in a position to return the money because I had enough real estate, like the house that was already planned to be sold at the end of 2020. That would have brought in 1,350,000 Euros, so that the 700,000 could easily be repaid that I took from the Corona Committee.

But that did not work because Justus Hoffman and his cohorts with their betrayal and pressure on the buyer and, so it is turning out they took away these exact funds.

It does not matter if they were the exact bank notes. That is irrelevant.

I believe we can prove this. In fact, I am absolutely sure that the witnesses who will be testifying will verify our version of the story. And if that is what is shown, then the cards will need to be mixed once more, to see who needs to be facing a prison sentence.”

I will try to continue to keep interested readers updated.




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1 Comment on Trial begins: Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Denies Breach of Trust

  1. “Video below is of Reiner in court; however, there are so far no English subtitles.” So the translation from the video behind the link:

    The lawyer knows the situation well, but not as a defendant. With files and self-confidence, but in handcuffs. Reiner Fuellmich hardly allows his defense attorney to speak. He prefers to speak himself. He is a celebrity in the lateral thinker scene (“Querdenker”). In court, he describes the co-plaintiffs as idiots.

    – “When you’re in custody, your mood isn’t so good.”

    He has been in custody since October. The public prosecutor accuses him of wrongfully collecting 15,000 euros in Corona aid. He is also said to have embezzled 700,000 euros in donations for private purposes.

    – “The money is said to have flowed into his wife’s account and into his own account and he is said to have mainly paid off private loans and also financed gardening work for a property.”

    The defendant does not deny this. It was a way to protect the money from government access. He has since sold the house and moved to Mexico in the meantime. From there, the lawyer was flown to Germany in October 2023, where he was wanted on an arrest warrant. Together with the Berlin lawyer Viviane Fischer, Reiner Fuellmich also claims to have invested around one million euros in donations in gold bars. No reaction from her today. For two years they led the vaccination-skeptical “Corona Committee” and collected money for it. So far all she has said is:

    – “I would like to ask Reiner to sort out the problems here. The money that belongs to the committee should be returned so that the work can continue with all our strength.”

    There has been a bitter dispute between the former partners for more than two years. In hour-long live streams, they accuse each other of having spent donations on private matters.

    – Reiner Fuellmich: “She knew it all along. She appears as a little girl, with her carefully groomed curls and puffed sleeves. But she doesn’t just demand attention as a small child: “If I don’t get what I want, I’ll destroy everything.” That’s what she’s doing right now. But she also wants to be taken seriously as a lawyer and economist and hat maker.”

    Fuellmich has not yet repaid the 700,000 euros pending in court. Fuellmich’s defense attorney rejects all allegations of infidelity. A verdict is expected in early March.

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