An update, a petition, plus more from the INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE to FREE REINER FUELLMICH

ER Editor: This lady by the name of Elsa or Dr. Elsa Schieder, who resides in California, seems to be the point person for updates and action in support of jailed lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is still languishing in a German jail. Her site is:

A recommended course of action is to send a polite letter of protest to our local German consulate. Examples are below. Here’s what happened when a Canadian citizen sent a letter to Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser in Ottawa —

THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES. The Case of the Unavailable Ambassador, Sabine Sparwasser, Ottawa, Canada. From the International Initiative to FREE REINER FUELLMICH


An update, a petition, plus more from the INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE to FREE REINER FUELLMICH

First an update.

Viviane Fischer recently released a lengthy statement. According to Roger Bittel (, Reiner and his team are preparing a response. I see no reason to give time to VF’s statement until the response is available. Otherwise it is just too easy for people to get caught in spending time discussing and disputing and debating – and we are already all short of time. As soon as there is a response, Roger Bittel will let everyone know, and I will update everyone in English.

Second, letters to embassies.

Here’s the information I’ve received. In New Jersey, things are brewing, to be sent to the German consulate in New York. Then, three letters have been sent in Sweden: two (by different people) to the German embassy in Stockholm, the third letter to the consulate in Gothenburg.

In London, where 2 letters have previously been sent to the German embassy, a third has now been sent. (You can find the first two here.) This third letter, from Mary, was handwritten and sent by registered mail:

Dear Ambassador Miguel Berger

I am writing to express my disgust at the arrest of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, who is a hero to millions of us. We will not rest until he is freed.

Taking the whole contemporary picture into account, I and -I’m sure- millions of others firmly believe that his arrest is purely for political purposes, to silence him. We think you realise this, too, which is why we are watching you and will never stop protesting against his detainment.

I also think that it is no coincidence that Aurelie de Araujo Recchia (ER: We believe it is VIRGINIE de Araujo Recchia this writer is referring to, who was arrested back in 2022 and is indeed one of Fuellmich’s colleagues), one of Dr Fuellmich’s team/colleagues, has been arrested in France on a charge of “terrorism.” While another colleague, holocaust survivor Vera Sharav (ER: our link to recent info on Vera Sharav) is wanted by police in Germany “for downplaying the holocaust,” (by comparing Covid crimes to the Holocaust).

At the very least, free Dr Fuellmich on bail. He is not a flight risk. This is the least you can do to lessen the damage to Germany’s reputation as a country with a fair legal system. We will not rest until Dr Reiner Fuellmich, a courageous man, a hero to millions, is free.

I see on the website German Missions in the United Kingdom (copy enclosed) that you did a survey, the result of which was that the vast majority of British have a positive opinion of Germany. and agreed with the statement that Germany is facing up to its responsibility for crimes committed during the Nazi era and Holocaust. (Well they didn’t ask me !!!!)

Your treatment of Dr Fuellmich makes a mockery of this and shows that that you are not facing up to it but rather sweeping it under the carpet and well on the way to repeating it: e.g, with experimental vaccines administered without informed consent. And fascism generally where people are not allowed to speak the truth.

But of course you know this as well as I do.

I address this to you and all the relevant German authorities and judiciary which you represent. You cannot wash your hands of it since the police who arrested him did not act on their own initiative but took their orders from the German authorities of which you are part.

Yours sincerely,

Third, here’s a petition, from Marie-Claude Joly, to FREE REINER FUELLMICH:

Finally, for everyone interested in Christmas carolling for Reiner Fuellmich, on Saturday at 4 pm Eastern, there will be a first fun rehearsal, on Zoom. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments, or email me ([email protected]). There will be a guitarist, to help us keep close to the melodies.

And that’s it for now.

All the best to all of us!!!

Posted December 4, 2023




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1 Comment on An update, a petition, plus more from the INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE to FREE REINER FUELLMICH

  1. Message from Reiner december 3rd 2023
    (I have no time to correct this translation from the german statement)

    Help get Dr. Reiner Fuellmich out of Jail fast

    ‘Update Reiner Füllmich 12.3.2023
    First Statement by Reiner as read on Bittel. TV 12.3.2023
    DEC 4
    The following statement was read in German. Here is the translation of Reiner Füllmich’s statement:

    “After six weeks of pre-trial detention I would like for the first time to thank everybody personally and deeply touched who have been writing to me. There are thousands and I read everything.
    The trust in my seriousness as a lawyer and founder of the Corona Committee mentioned in the letters as well as my intensity and quality of my work, but most of all the positive energies conveyed to me are for me like an invisible life boat that will transport me to freedom and let us continue our work together. Because it is not over yet. The Corona pandemic was only a test run to find out what humans are willing to go along with when they are put into panic mode by psychological terror.

    We have to take a closer look now behind the propaganda of panic. We have to realize even more now with what lies our past is being twisted to recognize the truth. Only then we will be able to stop the evil and hold the perpetrators accountable. Without justice there is no peace and no return to humanity.

    This also applies to my personal case. Today I would like to comment on the criminal charges against me publicly for the first time because plenty of dubious and simply false information is on the internet and in the mainstream that is supposed to destroy my international reputation as a lawyer and a human being.
    Together with my team of lawyers I will see to it that the whole truth comes to light and the ones responsible for the long planned plot against me will be held accountable. They are perpetrators and I will prove it.

    In the next editions of my personal statements I will report about the background of the Corona Committee and why I unfortunately didn’t recognize and correctly classify the warning signs of how they took away our private home and savings from myself and my wife with the knowledge and active help of a lawyer and notary and with that the entire financial existence and how the Mexico plot came about that has led to my arrest and much more.
    I thank all of you.”

    Translated by Anita Baxas MD
    Thanks for reading Anita Baxas MD Substack!

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