Too close for comfort: Brussels officials told to avoid migrant-infested park

ER Editor:  Also see this Daily Mail article from August 2017, African migrants intent on reaching Britain return to Brussels park where they drink and wash from fountain water, reporting that the migrants living in the Park are generally seeking to get to the UK.


Too close for comfort: Brussels officials told to avoid migrant-infested park

Employees of the Belgian government have been told to avoid a Brussels park heavily populated with migrants after a slew of robberies and attacks in recent weeks, according to local media.


BRUSSELS – At least seven government officials have been ambushed since the beginning of last month, as they were passing through Maximilian Park, De Standaard reported.

Government employees union ACOD warned members to rather take a bus or a taxi, noting that previous warnings about the increasing danger that migrants pose had been ridiculed.

“We were made out to be ridiculous before,” AOCD representative Jan Van Wesemael explained. “But these new incidents show that we were right and that the environment is dangerous. I hope that officials will use that shuttle bus as much as possible.”

According to SCEPTR, civil servants were advised, “given the current social context and the dark days,” it would be “best for their safety to avoid the Maximilian Park and to focus on well-lit main roads”.

SCEPTR journalist Tom Lallemand posted a video of the migrants living in the park on social media: “Hundreds of illegal immigrants sleep or wander around in Maximilian Park Brussels. Terrible.”

Monique De Ceuster, 57, suffered a cracked elbow during a gang robbery. “I was on my way to the station on Tuesday evening when I was attacked from behind,” De Ceuster told De Standaard. “Three men pulled off my handbag and backpack and pushed me to the ground.”


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