The UK Deep State Plots To Thwart Brexit

UK Deep State Plots To Thwart Brexit


Decades ago, the British deep state hatched a nefarious plot against the British people.

The elite wanted to foist European unity on an unwilling populace. The notion of the conceited Whitehall elite was that the peasants were stupid and the mandarins knew best. In late 1940s, the United Kingdom politely declined offers to join the proposed European Coal and Steel Community. This was an embryonic European Economic Community. As Churchill said, ‘we are with Europe but not of it.’ One Labour MP sagely said of joining the European project, ‘the Durham miners won’t wear it.’ Those were the days when MPs quaintly cared about serving their constituents.

Harold Macmillan sought British accession to the European Economic Community. The French President de Gaulle (pictured) rightly rejected the British application. De Gaulle was doing the British a favour. He correctly surmised that the United Kingdom would never be fully committed to the EEC and that the bulk of the British people were adamantly opposed to such a venture. Charles de Gaulle was a visionary perhaps 70 years ahead of his time. He said that if the UK were admitted, it would be forever sticking its oar in. These were prophetic words!

In the late 60s, Harold Wilson’s Labour Government sought British membership of the EEC and was again rebuffed.

In the early 1970s Edward Heath’s Conservative Government applied to the EEC for a third time. On this occasion Heath’s (pictured) efforts were crowned with success. It only succeeded through subterfuge of the grossest character. Heath was warned by civil servants that the United Kingdom would have to sublimate itself to European sovereignty. Nevertheless, Heath would not let the truth get in the way of his vaulting ambition. He released an official statement that ‘this involves no loss of essential national sovereignty’. Edward Heath did that in full knowledge of this being an outrageous falsehood. The public were assured that the idea there would one day be a single currency was a preposterous scare mongering tactic. In 2002 Heath was asked whether in the early 1970s he had envisaged the UK joining a single  European currency. ‘Yes, of course’ he chortled. (ER: Edward Heath was also a notorious pedophile and a friend of Jimmy Savile, as well as having an interesting past as a German spy. It is likely that Heath’s insistence on entering the EU had other major forces at work.)

As one judge said, European law was like ‘an incoming tide’ in changing British law. You might consider all this desirable. Fair enough, but Europhiles should at least have told the truth about it. The Big Lie has become the standard tactic of the Europhile extremists. In 2002 the proposed European Constitution was hotly debated. The UK’s Minister for Europe was an egregiously dishonest politician named Keith Vaz. Keith Vaz MP had the nerve to say that the European Charter of Fundamental Rights had ‘as much constitutional significance as the Beano’. Vaz claimed that the said charter was not justiceable: it would not influence court cases. Vaz is a Cambridge educated solicitor but pretended to know nothing about law. This is the sort of shrieking lie that characterizes Europhile discourse. Only days after making this grossly dishonest statement, Vaz acknowledge that the Charter was in fact legally impactful. Tony Blair denied that the European Battle Group was a nascent army. There is a clue in the word ‘battle’. The President of the European Commission Romano Prodi said ‘if you are not going to call it an army, call it Mary Jane!’

Many people in the Republic of Ireland were anxious about the EU compromising the traditional Irish policy of neutrality. The Irish Government continues to maintain the flagrant falsehood that the Republic of Ireland is a neutral country despite participation in an increasingly militarized EU and its Battle Group.

The Danes rejected the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992. They people of Denmark were then made to vote again next year until they gave the Europhiles what they wanted.

The Maastricht referendum in the Irish Republic saw the government misusing taxpayers’ money to fund Europhile propaganda. The Irish Supreme Court ruled that this was illegal. Despite this gross abuse of democracy the result was allowed to stand. An unfair plebiscite was not restaged.

In the Republic of Ireland, we rejected the Treaty of Nice in a plebiscite. We were made to vote again until we ‘got it right’ according to our masters in Brussels. Likewise, when we said no to the Treaty of Lisbon we were again forced to vote a second time until the elite got the answer they wanted. The eurofanatics have a rapist’s attitude: ‘no means yes.’

The European Constitution was rejected by a referendum in France. Even in the Netherlands, the most passionately Europhile country, the people voted against the proposed constitution. Despite this, the Europhile elite were hellbent on having their way. They would not let the will of the people stop them. The Strasbourg and Brussels fat cats scarcely conceal their contempt for ordinary people. The Europhile conspirators simply rebranded the rejected constitution ‘the Treaty of Lisbon’. This barely disguised reworking of the constitution was then passed without a referendum in most countries.

One of the many totally unfair aspects of the EU is l’aquis communautaire. That is the one-way ratchet. A competence once ceded to the EU can never, ever be repatriated. All these referenda are held to be irrevocable – if the EU elite gets it way. But if the common people have the temerity to assert their rights and vote against orders from Brussels, then woe betide them. There will be threats of being cast into the outer darkness. These member states might have to become like Norway or Switzerland: the richest, freest and most peaceful countries on earth!

The peoples of Switzerland and Norway have both twice rejected referenda on closer links to the EU. Well done them! They were told they would face economic meltdown if they did this. It turned out to be yet another EU Big Lie. The Norwegians said no the EEC partly to keep their fishing rights. By contrast, the United Kingdom’s territorial waters are almost devoid of certain fish. The UK’s fishing fleet has been all but wiped out by EU overfishing.

The EU started a war of aggression against Libya in 2011. It was not just NATO policy – it was EU policy. This was despite the EU having feted Gaddafi’s sons some years before. Gaddafi had achieved economic development and stability for his country. He was preventing illegal immigration into the EU. He also stood athwart Al Qa’eda. The EU could not possibly stand for that. The EU then bombed Libya till it was a shattered state. The tens of thousands of Libyans killed since lie at the EU’s door. All EU member states are required to support this ‘in a spirit of loyalty and solidarity’ as the Treaty of Lisbon says.

The Liberal Democrats used to be referenda enthusiasts. That was because they lost every election. Nick Clegg, when Lib Dem leader, called for a referendum on EU membership. When Clegg helped to front the Remain campaign to an ignominious defeat, he called for the result to be disregarded. It speaks volumes about the arrantly and arrogantly anti-democratic attitude of the Remain ruling class. They only consider referenda results valid when the result favours their side. The EU has called for and got referenda to break up other countries such as Yugoslavia. It is one rule for the EU and another rule for other polities.

In 2016 we all know that the British people voted for independence. This was despite the despicable threats of the EU elite. Europhile politicians campaigned for their side. No one denies them that right. What was scandalous was the misuse of the civil service and other public bodies to campaign for a highly contentious cause. The Europhiles had the full might of the state on their side.

The British civil service was once the envy of the world. The Northcote-Trevelyan reforms ensured that the civil service was impartial and meritocratic. Civil servants were not named as being behind policies. They offered candid and disinterested advice to politicians who decided on policy based on that advice. Two arch-europhile prime ministers deliberately abolished the political neutrality of the civil service. The rot set in under John Major. Under Tony Blair the politicization of the civil service became flagrant.

In the 2016 referendum, the civil service was misused for blatantly partisan ends. Likewise, the Bank of England lent is very considerable prestige to the Remain cause. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, warned of the horrific consequences of a Leave vote. Note, it was not actually leaving the EU that was needed to bring mass unemployment. A mere vote to Leave would cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs. Carney should have stayed in his lane. His nakedly partisan intervention was an attempt to help the failing Remain campaign. Carney should be sacked for gross stupidity or outright dishonesty. Unemployment has fallen to its lowest ever level since the 2016 referendum.

George Osborne said that there would be an emergency budget if there was a Remain vote. This jeremiad proved to be yet another blatant falsehood. Osborne’s real name is Gideon. Never trust a man who cannot even tell the truth about his own name.

Predictably Tony Blair was a passionate Remainer. Blair is surely the most mendacious British PM of all time. Even his own party called him ‘Bliar’. Blair being on the Remain side tells you all you need to know. Such was his hubris and vanity that this man wanted to be ‘President of Europe. ‘

The Remain campaign knew that their message was failing to intimidate proletarian voters. They enlisted the support of other globalists. Leader after leader lined up to frighten the British people into submission. The leaders of Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India all weighed in on the Remain side. Barak Obama and other world leaders openly interfered in domestic British politics. It makes a mockery of the Democrats in the US complaining about other countries potentially meddling in American elections.

When Nigel Farage went to the Republic of Ireland to campaign against Lisbon, he was met with Anglophobic bile. Why is it that a British politician cannot campaign in another EU state? Remainers tell us ‘we are all Europeans’. Yet if a eurorealist campaigns for his cause in another EU state, the Europhiles turn into xenophobes.

The Brexit issue is one of the rich against the poor. The working class voted for Brexit. Shockingly, the Labour Party is now a weapon of the billionaires against the workers. The wealthy adore the EU because mass migration allows them to pay poverty wages to their workers.

Cameron vowed to put the Treaty of Lisbon to a referendum if he became PM. He reneged on that electoral promise. He really was the new Blair. Cameron promised to stay as PM if Remain lost the referendum. It was yet another stinking lie.

The foundational myth of the European Union is that it is democratic. The Eurofanatic elite in the UK and other member states was fully cognizant that European unification was unacceptable to the broad mass of the people. Therefore, it must be disguised and only proceed through stealth. The European institutions would issue directives, which would then be transposed into national law with each member state being about to do so in a slightly different manner. This lent such legislation the appearance of being legislation by national parliaments. Politicians in the UK seldom to never stated that they were in fact implementing legislation imposed by the European institutions.

The EU has never and shall never support democracy. The denizens of Europe must vote the way their masters tell them ‘because we say so.’ The EU is run for the benefit of corporate fatcats, indolent civil servants and mendacious politicians. They do not care one iota for the wellbeing of those whom they regard as serfs.

The EU is not a rechtstaat. That claim is another one of the core fallacies of eurofanatic propaganda. The EU regularly breaks its own laws with impunity. In 2001, France and Germany were breaking the Growth and Stability Pact on a huge scale. They were not forced to pay a fine as the law mandated. The Schengen Agreement is supposed to provide a common migration policy for states that are signatories of it. In 2015, Germany tore up Schengen by admitting over a million illegal immigrants. Once in Germany, they could effectively go anywhere in the EU. The EU does not believe in the rule of law. It is secretive and often has political decisions made by bureaucrats. It also hugely overrepresents the smallest member states.

In 2017, the UK held a general election. All three major parties said they would give effect to Brexit. In total, 95% of the vote went to pro-Leave parties. Even the Lib Dems said they would implement Brexit albeit after a second referendum. Why did this Europhile party say they would do Brexit? They knew that Brexit was so popular that if they did not espouse such a policy, they would suffer a defeat even more crushing than the one before.

In 2017, the people of Catalonia voted for independence in a referendum for the second time. The Catalans had also voted for a pro-independence government not long before. The democratic case for Catalan independence is unanswerable. The Catalan nationalists even say that want independence within the European Union. That is an oxymoron if ever there was one. But nonetheless, they are ‘good Europeans’ from an EU perspective. Despite all this, the EU and the Spanish Government set its face against self-determination for the people of Catalonia. Catalan politicians have been sent to prison for holding a vote. Nothing is more peaceful or democratic than holding a vote! Why is this such an appalling crime?

In the UK there are dangerous extremists. They are called Europhiles. They are hellbent on destroying democracy. All three main parties voted to hold the Brexit referendum. It was the largest referendum anywhere ever. This splendid exercise in democracy produced a crystal clear result. Against a ballot box decision, the EU plotters plan to prevent the British people deciding their own future.

I hear people say – but Parliament must decide. Parliament has decided! The whole point of holding the referendum was for Parliament to do what the people wanted. Why else are referenda ever held? Parliament has never gone against a referendum result. If the Remainers had won, can you imagine Parliament voting for the UK to leave the EU anyway? It would be unthinkable.

As for Parliament deciding: Parliament voted for the EU Notice of Withdrawal Act. Parliament voted for the EU Withdrawal Act. The UK should simply have left by now. Three times Theresa May has failed to get her departure agreement with the EU ratified by Parliament. The United Kingdom could have simply left the EU in March. Remainers have not abandoned hope of overturning the Brexit result.

The ultra Europhiles have not given up. They are delaying and delaying Brexit in the hope that they can prevent it. Such economic slowdown that the UK has experienced is due to the Europhiles talking the UK down. They have destroyed the feel good factor.

Corporates with fat government contracts like the EU. EU regulations make life all but impossible for small businesses. Corporations have the lobbyists to write legislation to keep it that way. Civil servants are ardent Europhiles because the EU is all about a bloated public sector of non-jobs. These sinecures are only for Europhiles naturally. Lawyers tend to like the EU due to its legislative hyperactivity. The more laws there are, the more work there is for lawyers. These three classes are leagued with the liberal media to demonise Brexiteers and to defeat democracy. The Judiciary are overwhelmingly drawn from the most pro EU demographic. The police are also used to besmirch the reputation of Leavers.

The UK Government published a document in February setting out what Brexit would entail. The British public was informed that the Brexit process would take years and cause instability. Cameron stressed that Brexit was irrevocable. In full knowledge of this, the British people had the courage to vote for independence. Many countries have achieved independence over heaps of dead. The UK is achieving independence through voting. The eurofanatic elite finds this unacceptable and will stop at nothing to frustrate the popular will.

There is much talk about extremism in the UK. It is the Remainers who are the dangerous extremists: foam flecked and swivel eyed. They are hellbent on overthrowing democracy. Make no mistake: the British deep state is striving to thwart the settled will of the British people. It is lugubrious to note that the deep state may yet succeed.


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