The New Way Forward “End America” Bill – DNC Open Borders Conspiracy [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Yes, it’s a shocker. And as Selwyn Duke says below, the DNC’s hand is truly revealed for what it is. As ever, Tucker Carlson is the voice of common sense and clear explication for the rest of us. We’ve published his video below, and an additional follow-up piece in which Tucker names names among the political class. They’re totally worth watching. For Europeans, these same people are hiding out in our Establishment ‘Left’ parties. Even in our ‘Right’ parties, who overall just acquiesce to the same agenda. We all should be taking note.


The New Way Forward “End America” Bill: The Worst Legislation You Never Heard Of


What would you say about legislation requiring the government to use tax money to transport convicted criminal illegal aliens who’d already been deported back to the United States, calling it the “right to come home”?

What if that bill also created a situation in which a known Mexican drug cartel leader could be released from prison, enter the United States “illegally,” and it would no longer be a crime?

Such radical and self-destructive legislation has already been proposed.

It’s called the New Way Forward Act (H.R. 5383), and it goes way beyond Hillary Clinton’s 2013 call for a “hemispheric common market” with “open borders,” according to commentator Tucker Carlson. In fact, it would be the coup de grâce to our already balkanized country, reflecting a radical new Democratic Party that views our nation as “a rogue state, in which everything must be destroyed and remade: our laws, our institutions, our freedoms, our history and our values,” as Carlson put it on last night’s edition of his Fox News show.

This is no exaggeration. Introduced by Democratic Representatives Jesús “Chuy” Garcia (Ill.), Pramila Jayapal (Wa.), Karen Bass (Calif.), and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) in December 2019, the New Way Forward Act (NWFA), shockingly, is supported by almost one-fifth of House Democrats, including Representatives Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.).

Just as shockingly, this nation-rending bill has received virtually no media attention, tragic as it “would entirely remake our immigration system, with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move here, and settle here permanently, with impunity,” Carlson also relates.

The commentator calls the NWFA “the most radical single piece of legislation we’ve [ever] seen,” making the Green New Deal, proposals to end fracking via executive order and nationalized healthcare seem sane by comparison. The bill’s promotional materials actually state, “Convictions … should not lead to deportation” Carlson reports.

Targeted are serious convictions, too — felonies bringing years in prison. Currently, “legal U.S. immigrants can be deported if they commit an ‘aggravated felony’ or a ‘crime of moral turpitude’ — that is, a vile, depraved act, like molesting a child,” explained Carlson. Yet under the NWFA, “‘crimes of moral turpitude’ are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation. And the category of ‘aggravated felony’ gets circumscribed too” (video below).

The NWFA also would, according to Carlson,

end automatic deportation for all crimes, including robbery, fraud, and child sexual abuse;

• make aliens who falsify passports immune from deportation, period;

• raise the minimum sentence triggering deportation, for crimes that still require it, from one to five years. Note that “crimes like car theft, fraud, and weapons offenses all carry average prison sentences of fewer than five years,” informs Carlson. Moreover, some rapists, child abusers, and even killers receive less time than that. Yet aliens thus convicted would stay in our country and eventually receive citizenship;

• allow anti-American immigration judges to nullify deportation orders even for aliens with five-year-plus sentences;

• allow drug addicts and those convicted of drug crimes abroad to immigrate to the U.S;

decriminalize illegal entry, even for the previously deported. The NWFA asserts that “criminalizing illegal entry … is ‘white supremacist,’” relates Carlson; and

• effectively abolish all enforcement against illegal migration.

In summary, it would be much harder arresting illegals than arresting you. “They’re the protected class here. You’re just some loser who’s paying for it all,” laments Carlson.

As for the aforementioned “right to come home,” it would include tens of thousands of aliens expelled from our country for manifold crimes: “Sexual abuse. Robbery. Assault. Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking,” Carlson further reports.

In fact, from “2002 to 2018, 480,000 people were deported for illegal entry or reentry into America,” Carlson continues. The NWFA would force us to buy them all plane tickets back here — costing approximately a billion dollars — “and that’s before Democrats make you start paying for these criminals’ free health care, too. Which they plan to,” Carlson adds.

It’s not surprising the mainstream media have suppressed this story. It reveals, right before an election and in stark terms, the new Democratic Party’s face: radical, anti-American, angry, and bent on our nation’s destruction.

Of course, as with most all of today’s illegal and legal immigrants, the vast majority of these “new Americans” would vote Democratic. That’s the whole idea, too: The Left wants an “entirely new country, in which resistance is crushed, and they’re in charge forever,” Carlson concludes.

The NWFA won’t likely pass and be signed into law anytime soon. But know that this is precisely what the Democrats’ ascendant AOC/Sanders wing — which will one day control the whole party — has in store for us.

They are the Enemy Within.

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 Image: screenshot from YouTube video

Selwyn Duke (@SelwynDuke) has written for The New American for more than a decade. He has also written for The Hill, Observer, The American Conservative, WorldNetDaily, American Thinker, and many other print and online publications. In addition, he has contributed to college textbooks published by Gale-Cengage Learning, has appeared on television, and is a frequent guest on radio.


The Democrats’ Open Borders Conspiracy

Recently, Tucker Carlson broadcast a thirteen and a half minute segment on the New Way Forward Act and related issues. This pending bill has received almost no publicity, he said. You don’t have to listen to Tucker’s rant, you can read the bill yourself. H.R. 5383 purports to be a bill to “reform the process for enforcing the immigration laws of the United States, and for other purposes”.

Introduced last December, it would, if passed as drafted, virtually abolish any sort of control over the people allowed to enter the United States. For example, paragraph (6) says there will be special rules for VULNERABLE PERSONS AND PRIMARY CAREGIVERS, and vulnerable means…?

Anyone under 21 or over 60; anyone – presumably any woman – who is pregnant; anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay (presumably homosexual), bisexual, transgender, or intersex; a victim or witness of a crime (including dropping litter?);  who has filed a nonfrivolous civil rights claim in Federal or State court; who has a serious mental or physical illness or disability (give us your poor, your wretched, and your defectives); who has been determined by an asylum officer in an interview conducted under section 235(b)(1)(B) to have a credible fear of persecution or a reasonable fear of persecution; who has limited English language proficiency and is not provided access to appropriate and meaningful language services in a timely fashion. Finally, anyone who has been determined by an immigration judge or the Secretary of Homeland Security to be experiencing severe trauma or to be a survivor of torture or gender-based violence, based on information obtained during intake, from the alien’s attorney or legal service provider, or through credible self-reporting.

That last category alone would lead to the admission of almost anyone because it is a standard ploy of female illegal immigrants to claim they were raped by soldiers or police officers in their own countries.

The purposes of Titles VI and VII of the bill are stated candidly to repeal migration criminal laws and to give those actually deported the right to “come home”.

And if you oppose any of the above, you can only be racist, right? No other country on Earth has or would attempt to introduce such a bill, although Western Europe has been going down the same route for decades.

The New Way Forward Act is not simply laughable, it is insane, and further proof as if further proof were needed that if Donald Trump is not re-elected later this year, America will be finished.


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