The Macron Regime is Anarcho-Tyrannical

Jean-Yves Le Gallou : ‘The Macron Regime is Anarcho-Tyrannical’


Jean-Yves Le Gallou recently gave an interview to Breizh-Info about the concept of anarcho-tyranny. This mixture of laxity and authoritarianism perfectly describes the logic of the French state today.

What better time to publish this interview than the day when Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior and tartuffe of the struggle against Islamism, announces the dissolution of Génération Identitaire? An unbearable decision that perfectly demonstrates that the anarcho-tyrannic state is at war with France. (ER: See our article on this dissolution – French Immigration Protest Group Génération Identitaire To Be Dissolved)

Order in the service of disorder Jean-Yves Le Gallou, in your tweets on Polémia, you talk a lot about anarcho-tyranny. What is it all about?

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: Anarcho-tyranny is a regime that puts order at the service of disorder. Let me explain. The State tolerates violations of the law when they are committed by minority groups (ethnic, racial, religious, or extreme left-wing militants). It even goes so far as to finance actions to deconstruct morals and customs inherited from history and civilization. And at the same time, it severely represses groups that try to oppose these abuses by deeds or simply by word of mouth. Give us some examples!

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: Let’s start by evoking a great fiction: Jean Raspail’s Le Camp des Saints. In this novel, the invasion of France by masses from the Indian subcontinent is made possible by the cowardice of the elites, which leads to the liquefaction of the State in the face of the invasion. And at the same time, when groups of resistance fighters tried to form a front in the Var, the state pulled itself together and sent in the French army – in this case the air force – to liquidate the resistance fighters. What a symbol!

Insecurity, immigration and demonstrations It’s fiction, tell us about reality. About insecurity, for example.

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: Let’s go!

– A landlord whose house has squatters will take several years to demand that justice restore his rights and will have difficulty obtaining the assistance of the police force to regain possession of his property. And at the same time, if he tries to recover his home by his own means, justice will be as swift as it is implacable.

– A citizen who has been attacked or robbed can rarely benefit from rapid assistance from the police. And at the same time, if he defends himself, justice will generally consider the response disproportionate and will almost never recognize the right to self-defense.

– A young European who refuses to lower his eyes before a band of scum will have to defend his life and honor with his fists. If he loses the battle, it is not certain that the State will take action to find his aggressors. And at the same time, if he triumphs over his adversary(s), he risks legal proceedings for willful violence, aggravated, if necessary, by the charge of “racism”. And what about immigration?

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: The police generally turn a blind eye to Muslim women walking the streets in niqab, which is forbidden by law. And at the same time, the young identity feminists of Némésis who organized, on the human rights square in Paris, a symbolic demonstration against the Islamic veil on the occasion of “Hidjab Day” ended up in police custody.

– The immigrationist associations, complicit with the smugglers, are subsidized by the State and local authorities, and are received with honor in the prefectures. And at the same time, Identitarians who protest, in the Mediterranean, the Alps or the Pyrenees, against the intrusion of illegal immigrants are threatened with dissolution.

– When the human smuggler Cédric Herrou was convicted in the first place in application of the law, the Constitutional Council (in the spirit inspired by Olivier Duhamel’s “moral left” for thirty years) took advantage of a QPC (priority constitutionality issue) to overturn the judgment on the grounds that it would be contrary to its interpretation of the principle of fraternity. At the same time, the writer Renaud Camus is regularly prosecuted for the crime of opinion without being able to assert the principle of freedom, freedom of opinion being the first of the freedoms.

– One could also evoke the law against separatism, which however does not dare to denounce its true object, Islamism. And at the same time, which will allow the implementation of new liberty-destroying legislations. On the repression of demonstrations?

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: Every year, there are hundreds of riots in the immigrant suburbs. The police are reluctant to intervene and only very rarely use defense ball throwers (LBD) to restore order and defend themselves. However, if by misfortune a rioter is injured, then the police officer is suspended and prosecuted. At the same time, more than 25 yellow vests – very often peaceful demonstrators – have been injured, but, two years later, the IGPN and the judiciary are still dragging their feet to investigate the facts.

In theory, the state and the police should be neutral. But black blocs and antifascists are not worried even when they attack police officers or vandalize a bookstore, as they did – on several occasions – for La Nouvelle Librairie. And at the same time, Didier Lallement, the police prefect of Paris who owes his career to the Grand Orient de France (ER: a top masonic lodge), did not hesitate to say to a yellow vest: “We are not on the same side, Madame”.

– What better example of anarcho-tyranny could there be than the wishes of this police prefect citing Trotsky, the inventor of the Soviet concentration camps. And at the same time, the man of permanent revolution! This is order in the service of deconstruction.

– One could also mention the laxity of the police and justice in the suburbs. And at the same time evoke the vigor and effectiveness of the repression of road and health-crisis fines. Without forgetting the zeal of the propagandists of the General Direction of the National Gendarmerie inciting, from 5 p.m., the French to go home to watch France Télévisions, Netflix and Disney! (ER: We’re still on a 6pm to 6am curfew for no apparent reason.)

An enlightening concept Do you have examples in other areas?

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: Yes, in National Education. The decline in knowledge is obvious, according to the PISA results. And at the same time, teachers who seek to raise their students are regularly reprimanded by their hierarchy, as are those who do not give in to Islamist blackmail in their teaching in history and civics. Like Samuel Paty, whose administrative cowardice (ER: we assume this is cowardice of the administrative hierachy, not the teacher Samuel Paty himself) preceded and permitted his assassination. And the army?

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: The army is the sanctuary of heroic values and traditional values. And at the same time, it is used by the political power for disastrous actions: the first Iraq war destabilizing the Middle East, Yugoslavia’s wars of aggression to bring about the emergence of two Muslim micro-states (Bosnia and Kosovo), the support of jihadists in Syria against the legal government, and the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, all of which led to the migratory invasion of 2015. Where did the concept of anarcho-tyranny come from?

Jean-Yves Le Gallou: For many years now, I have been thinking about the evil role of the State, an instrument of submission to civilizations from elsewhere and of repression against the French. But I lacked the word and the concept to describe the situation. It was Philippe-Joseph Salazar, a normalist and rhetorician, author of an investigation on “the gurus of right-wing identity”, published by Plon under the somewhat racy title of Suprémacistes, who pointed out this concept to me, which he described in the journal Influences and which Polémia has taken up again. The inventor of the concept is an American essayist, Samuel Todd Francis, a former Washington Times writer, close to Pat Buchanan and Jared Taylor, and author of an essay on the modern state, The Leviathan. Here is his definition (as translated by Salazar) of anarcho-tyranny:

“In a state of anarcho-tyranny, the government does not enforce the law and does not perform the functions that its legitimate duty requires it to perform; and at the same time the state invents laws and functions that have no valid reason and do not respond to a legitimate duty. A characteristic of anarcho-tyranny is this propensity of the state to criminalize and punish innocent citizens who obey the law, and at the same time to refuse to punish offenders. Another is the state’s refusal to enforce existing laws and to make even more laws that have no effect on real crime, but which further criminalize the innocent, or restrict their civil liberties.”

You will note the phrase “and at the same time” which appears twice in this text. All the more significant since the author died in 2005 and could not have known Macron! A truly prophetic text, a very useful concept. (ER: ‘en meme temps’ – at the same time – is used often to describe Macron and we’re not sure of its application, except that it might highlight his contradictory nature.)

Interview with Jean-Yves Le Gallou conducted by Yann Vallerie 13/02/2021




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3 Comments on The Macron Regime is Anarcho-Tyrannical

  1. (ER: ‘en meme temps’ – at the same time – is used often to describe Macron and we’re not sure of its application, except that it might highlight his contradictory nature.)

    Yes, the “en même temps” principle in this dictatorship means “we are saying one thing and we are going to do the exact contrary, and we are going to keep telling you that you are mistaken if you point out that we do the contrary.
    The best illustration of this method is that le Gallou fell in the trap regarding the fake “anti-separatism law”, a typical “en même temps” in your face product.

  2. “One could also evoke the law against separatism, which however does not dare to denounce its true object, Islamism.”

    Error. The so-called law’s true object is to crimilalize any citizens who fight to dismantle tyranny. And we the People are the only ennemy of this fake non-elected government. Whereas Islamism is one of their weapons.

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