The Internet of Bodies – Where we’re really heading

ER Editor: It will be a major part of the wake-up of us all, but especially the sleepers, to really grasp where on earth this medical tyranny is leading. Dr. Joseph Sansone, a bold truth teller in our experience, gives us an overview.

He also asks the critical question, why aren’t other so-called medical truth tellers unwilling to admit what’s really in the injections and for what purpose they’re being given.

Notice how the Internet of THINGS (IoT) got a lot of airtime in the past, but not the Internet of BODIES.

A reminder that Dr. Carrie Madej has been talking about the transhumanist agenda since day one, and got involved in an airplane accident for her pains. As Sansone notes below, Karen Kingston, Dr. Ana Mihalcea (and Dr. David Nixon) are fearless on the topic, and others are willing to go there, too, such as Dr. Jane Ruby. But many aren’t. 

A reminder of what Dr. Lee Merritt has been saying: mRNA has a very short half-life – a matter of hours. This substance couldn’t survive the time it takes to finally get put in the human body. So what is the real goal of these injectables?


The Internet of Bodies


A few years back when I first heard the term The Internet of Bodies, it seemed like another hair brain scheme to assault people’s dignity and autonomy. It also seemed a bit sci-fi and I wondered how far away this technology was.  It was also an idea that was labeled a conspiracy theory.

A conspiracy theory is simply a negative depiction of an alternative theory that exists outside of the approved narrative. Still, it is interesting how so many so called conspiracy theories end up becoming quite evidentiary after a while.

What is the internet of bodies?

I have to admit when I first heard the term Internet of Bodies I was also wondering what the heck are we talking about and why are we talking about it? Connecting every individual human being to the internet, literally, didn’t seem feasible in the near future, nor did it seem desirable.

The Internet of Bodies (IoB) term was coined in 2016. It describes connected devices that monitor the human body, collect physiological, biometric, or behavioral data, and exchange information over a wireless or hybrid network.

Who would want to be connected to the internet and why would you want to be?

In a Ted talk from 2021 Mary Lee, a Rand Corporation researcher, gets into what she called the exciting ‘benefits’ of The Internet of Bodies. Mary Lee speaks about a hypothetical scenario where your smart watch picks up an arrythmia and paramedics come speeding to your house to rescue you before you have a cardiac arrest. Next, you get a defibrillator that is wirelessly connected to your doctor’s office and now you can sleep soundly knowing that you are safe and secure and your doctor can monitor your heart in real time. Mary Lee also describes The Internet of Bodies as an interconnected ecosystem that can alter the capabilities of our bodies and collect personal intimate data and learn about and improve ourselves.

Then she speaks of a man that has several microchips the size of a grain of rice in his hand, and with it he can unlock his smart front door, scan his phone and pull up his personal website, and all types of fun things. When Mary Lee asked this man why he implanted the microchips, his reply was, “Because I could.” She then throws out an indirect hypnotic suggestion and states that she knows some of the attendees are going to start googling where they can get their microchips implanted, but comments that others are cautious even though it is proven to be a safe technology.

The Internet of Bodies is being sold as a revolution in medical care from before birth. Nanotechnology, Wi-Fi advances, 5 G, advances in computing, and other technologies are going to allow more devices to be connected. This is enabling a shift from an Internet of Things to an Internet of Bodies, well, so she claims. These nanotechnologies can even be ingested, and they can measure internal body chemistry. We may even have sensors on our face masks and toilets to help stop a pandemic spreading.

No really, she said that.

In the future we may have contact lenses to tell the weather, the name and title of person you are about to meet, control your smart phone from your eyes, have videos beamed to your eyes, and even a personal assistant transplanted into your brain. There can be a brain computer interface that automatically types your words when you think.

Oh joy!

This of course is another transhumanist scam to enslave humanity.

Imagine a world where human beings no longer have personal autonomy. A world where biological processes are continuously monitored with zero privacy. Imagine a world where thoughts are transplanted into your head. Imagine a world where a heart attack can be induced internally through The Internet of Bodies. In short, imagine a world where if you don’t obey, they simply unplug you from life.

Pharmaceutical researcher and whistle blower, Karen Kingston, shared research on patents and other documents asserting that the nanotechnology in the C19 injections contain tracking devices. This nanotechnology appears to be supported by the evidence presented by Ana Mihalcea, M.D., PhD. Using dark field microscopy, Dr. Mihalcea has presented evidence of AI self assembling nanotechnology in the C19 injections, the blood of the vaccinated and from shedding, and apparently even in insulin and dental anesthetics.

In Mary Lee’s Ted talk she promotes nanotechnology and devices in the body and interconnectivity. In her speech she is promoting the overt use of this technology, and also by choice. It appears based on the available evidence that this technology may already be being introduced via the C19 injections and apparently in some other medications as well.

It is fascinating that the nanotechnology in the C19 injections is a taboo topic even among some people that are opposed to these injections and know that the shots are harming people in mass. It is unclear why that is. Regardless, C19 and mRNA injections are biological and technological weapons. Nine Republican County political parties in Florida have released official statements in the form of resolutions declaring that the C19 and mRNA injections are biological and technological weapons. County parties in multiple states have issued the same resolutions as well as the Idaho Republican Party. As the ‘Ban the Jab’ movement continues to gain steam in the political world, at we continue to educate local law enforcement and prosecutors by providing them evidence of ‘vaccine’ crimes and violations of bioweapons laws, murder, racketeering, and treason.

Meanwhile, the Fascist/Marxist Psychopathic Authoritarianism and Nuremberg Crimes (ER: great choice of language in our opinion) are on the rise in the northeast. Doctors’ offices are already militantly requiring patients seeking medical care to wear a face mask. The specter of more lockdowns (there’s that prison term again) and more psychological terrorism and more bioweapons injections are an increased threat as we head into the fall.

Ultimately, The Internet of Bodies is about transforming human beings into something else. It is about stealing humanity of basic autonomy, and the right to remain human.

As the transhumanist agenda with its Internet of Bodies continues to roll out and the depopulation campaign continues, the debate needs to be shifted from whether these bioweapons should be mandated or not, to who should we investigate, and who should we prosecute?

The energy and focus need to be on exposing these bioweapons and prohibiting their distribution.

The best defense is a good offense.




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