The genocide in Gaza, Greater Israel and that “conflict” between national and international Jewry

ER Editor: As ever, veteran Italian journalist and globalist watcher Cesare Sacchetti gives us a comprehensive 40,000 foot view.


He makes a very important point below – Jews have been used as ‘cannon fodder’ by Zionism, in addition to the immense suffering of the Palestinians. The second-to-latest stark example of that was using Israeli Jews as guinea pigs for the Pfizer injections, which we reported on. Palestinians were left curiously untouched – until Hamas encouraged vaccination among them, allegedly. A reminder that Hamas is an Israeli product, as is ‘Islamism’. The invasion of Israel from Gaza was apparently done by a coalition of four groups, which we may term ‘Palestinian resistance’, but the MSM isn’t going to tell us that.

In the current conflict, we ‘smell’ that not only will Zionism (and its associated shadings) be fully exposed for what it is and what it’s inflicted on people of all sides, but that the Zionist state of Israel will be no more, at least not as we have known it.

Sacchetti reminds us below that there is a section of Jewry that the Zionists and/or globalists (both with their New World Order plans) never want us to know about. A section who know what’s going on.


The genocide in Gaza, Greater Israel and that “conflict” between national and international Jewry


When the world saw that Israel barbarically killed more than 500 people in the bombing of Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza, a new awareness was probably reached.

World public opinion, which for years has been drinking from the contaminated sources of the mainstream press firmly in the hands of the Zionist lobby, seems to have acquired a new level of knowledge regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This is not a war against Hamas. Hamas is not even touched by Tel Aviv, which is careful not to track down the militants of the Islamist group.

Islamists serve Israel. They serve to have that formidable pretext to be able to bomb Gaza and kill as many civilians as possible.

In fact, Netanyahu’s government does not want to find any path to peaceful coexistence with its Palestinian neighbors.

They are nothing more than beasts, or goyim if we wanted to use a certain Talmudic language, who must be eliminated with impunity as such “subhumans” are on the path to achieving a greater goal.

That of expanding the current borders of Israel to bring them back in line with those of the past narrated in the Holy Bible, when the then-ancient Israelite nation extended well beyond its current territory to touch the territories of Mesopotamia, inhabited today largely by Iraq and ‘Saudi Arabia.

There is a vision of crazy Zionist imperialism behind this expansionist plan which cannot be implemented except through the mass extermination of the Palestinians, who still “persist” in inhabiting the lands on which they have inhabited for many centuries.

Lands in which, after 1948, they suddenly became foreigners when the birth of the Jewish state brought about one of the greatest modern tragedies for this forgotten and oppressed people.

The Palestinians certainly do not have behind them the capital of banks and financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, and they certainly do not have behind them the international media apparatus made up of media such as the New York Times and CNN, which these days make a great deal of to do hiding the crimes of the Jewish state.

However, in order to fully understand the conflict and the blood that is being shed in recent days, we must first take a step back, to the genesis of the creation of the Jewish state and the birth of the Zionist movement.

The genesis of Zionism

When at the beginning of the last century the ideological father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, began to theorize his doctrine which would see the Jews return to the Holy Land, there was a lot of coldness among European Jews.

The Jews were comfortable in the nations in which they had lived for centuries and did not feel any particular need to move to the arid and unwelcoming deserts of Palestine.

The feeling of distance and skepticism towards the project of the Jewish state was perfectly expressed by a British politician of Jewish origins, Edwin Montagu, who clearly stated that the birth of Israel would create in British Jews a feeling of alienation towards Great Britain.

This was the reason that led Montagu to oppose the infamous Balfour Declaration of 1917, in which the British government wrote to Lord Rothschild and reassured him that from then on, Palestine would become the favorite place of Jewish immigration.

The First World War in this sense can be read as that completely indispensable event that sets in motion the mechanism that lays the first stone on the construction of Israel.

The disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and the passage of the Palestine mandate from the hands of the Turkish sultans to those of the British government is that historical element that allows Zionism to take a definitive step forward in its plan.

And the First World War in turn plays an essential role in enabling this transfer. In fact, if we look at what happened after the First and Second World Wars, we see that both served to achieve very precise and clearly pre-established goals.

Those who saw the creation of supranational institutions such as the League of Nations in 1920 and the UN in 1945, and those who allowed Jews to migrate often forcibly to Palestine, as happened during Nazism, which stipulated agreements with the Zionist movement, and to then be able to declare the birth of the state of Israel.

Rothschild is therefore that family of Ashkenazi bankers who had the birth of this state at heart and the capital of this controversial dynasty is what allowed Israel to see the light in the mid-20th century.

However, the vision that animates the birth of this state is one that has very little to do with the good of ordinary Jews, often used as cannon fodder by Zionism which left them killed in concentration camps, and which has much more to do with with a plan of imperialism and domination of the entire world.

One of the founding fathers of Israel, David Ben Gurion, explained very well the ultimate goal that animates this imperialist plan. In an interview given to the American magazine Life in 1962, he stopped to describe the future that awaited the world.

Ben Gurion stated that at the end of this vision, “all the other continents would be united in a world alliance which will have at its disposal an international police force. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars.”

For the Israeli politician “in Jerusalem, the United Nations will erect a sanctuary of the prophets to serve the federated union of all the continents, this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Humanity to resolve all disputes between the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

Ben Gurion simply described the vision of the New World Order in which, upon its completion, Israel within its former borders assumes an absolute leadership role among the nations.

This is the vision that animates Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud, which is strongly inspired by the messianic Zionism of an influential and very powerful sect that we have spoken about on several occasions, the Chabad Lubavitch.

At the end of this imperialist plan, humanity finds itself oppressed by this world government which, according to the Chabad, will be governed by a figure called moshiach, who is obviously not the Christian Messiah incarnated in Jesus, but an authoritarian political figure with an absolute and unprecedented power.

This brings us to the modern-day extermination of Gaza. We are witnessing this massacre because the current Israeli government is imbued with this crazy vision and is ready to do anything to implement it even if its realization appears very far from manifesting itself.

The world can be said to appear very far from a centralization of power at a global level, also considering the rise and return of national states on the international scene.

The United States, the ancient armed wing of Zionism, is in a historical phase of disengagement from its empire and seems far from willing to commit to saving its old “ally”.

To better understand the situation in the American army, it is enough to cite the letter from General Daniel Hokanson in which the senior officer clearly states that among the ranks of the American military, there is a lot of hostility towards Israel and its wars.

And the general seems to identify Donald Trump as the “culprit” of this situation, having fired several torpedoes at Benjamin Netanyahu.

The contrasts between messianic Zionism and progressive Zionism

There is also another opposition to Israel at the moment, which is instead embodied by forces within the Jewish world of a progressive and secular nature.

This brings us back to a question that we had addressed on other occasions. There is a sort of “conflict” between two souls of the Jewish world.

There is a soul of Judaism that puts Israel and its role of primacy among the nations at the center of the agenda, and this soul can be well represented by the political philosophy of Yoram Hazoni, who wrote an essay a few years ago on the virtues of nationalism.

Hazoni is also the president of the Herzl Institute and appears strongly influenced by the ideals of messianic Zionism.

There is another soul, however, which has a more internationalist inspiration and which can be best expressed by the progressive Zionism of the Anti Defamation League and George Soros, a Jew of Hungarian origins.

George Soros does not declare himself an enemy of Israel and does not at all deny the “necessity” for this state to exist. However, his political philosophy does not assign any primary role to nations since in the globalism he preaches, supranational circles and institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and the entire network of NGOs dominate the scene.

In this context, religions disappear, borders are removed, and love of country is judged as a retrograde and “racist” feeling. In parts of the liberal-progressive Jewish world, the exaltation of the cult of human rights reigns supreme, in fact the new modern Enlightenment religion.

It is a world where there is no spirituality, albeit in a worse sense, of messianic Zionism but instead there is progressive and secular internationalism above all else.

This distinction could be summed up in that which pits, on the one hand, a nationalist Jew linked to the messianic vision of Israel, and on the other, an internationalist Jew, colder towards Israel and who assigns a leadership role to other institutions in the globalist plan.

This is also the reason why we see these two worlds colliding more and more due to what appear to be irreconcilable differences on the vision of the world.

In reality, these are disagreements based not so much on achieving an end, but on the means through which to achieve the goal of world government.

Messianic Zionism is concerned with the expansion of the state of Israel and accelerating the scenario that leads to the coming of the moshiach and the world government dominated by him.

Progressive Zionism certainly does not deny Israel’s right to exist but it does not consider the expansion of this state a priority to bring about the end of nations and the birth of international governance.

This is essentially a dispute about who and what should hold the scepter of the New World Order.

This division also helps to understand the different positions of the Italian and European centre-right, on the one hand, and of the Italian and European centre-left, on the other, on Israel.

The two currents are nothing other than the reflection of these two powers. The center-right assigns Israel an absolute primacy role, while the center-left assigns the role of leader of globalism to transnational clubs.

Unfortunately, we are always in the logic of controlled conflict, and this is an intrinsic characteristic of liberal democracies, perfect for assigning power to the Masonic societies and lodges that govern this system behind the scenes.

In this particular historical phase, we believe that neither of the two objectives is achievable because the current moment and future prospects speak to us of an end of the unipolar world and a return to the primacy of nations.

However, it is certainly not the rationality and lucidity that currently dominates Netanyahu’s government which, almost in the throes of a bloody delirium, bombs everything and everyone, convinced that only its will to power is enough to implement the manifestation of Greater Israel.

In our opinion, the most probable scenario is that of a worsening of those divisions already mentioned above within Judaism, which at this moment do not seem to be able to be resolved.

There is too much distance between the messianic religiosity and the progressive secularization between the two parties.

In all of this, we must once again highlight another part of Judaism which can be considered the most truthful and authentic and which is completely hidden from Italian and international public opinion.

It is that of the group of Haredi Jews of Neturei Karta led by Rabbi Weiss. For such Jews, the state of Israel disobeys the commandments of God, who established the ban on Jews returning to the Holy Land.

They are the Jews we never see on television screens and they are the Jews closest to Christianity today due to their positions.

And this is precisely the reason why we never hear about it. Messianic Zionism on the one hand and secular progressive Zionism on the other claim to represent and speak for the entire Jewish world, but these two fringes are very far from being an expression of original Judaism.

They are two factions that have brought nothing but devastation and political and moral disorder wherever they have set foot.

If the Christian and Catholic world must open a dialogue, it is precisely with this part of Judaism that Zionist circles want to forcefully suppress.

And the Christian and Catholic world today cannot forcefully denounce the genocide to which the Palestinians are subjected, victims of a crazy criminal plan.

Paradoxically, through its genocidal fury, Israel has helped make the whole world aware that this state does not care at all about the safety of its citizens, considered expendable pawns to achieve “higher” goals, nor obviously that of its neighbors considered beasts. to be exterminated.

This disordered and uncontrolled ambition to dominate everything and everyone has definitively opened the eyes of even those who had closed them the most.

Everyone could see that Israel does not want peaceful coexistence with anyone. She wants to dominate and is ready to trample anyone who gets in her way.

However, it is not the simple Israeli will to power that will hand over the dominion of all of Palestine to messianic Zionism.

There is a reality out there that goes in the opposite direction, but Tel Aviv stubbornly persists in denying it and this leads us to think that Israel will pay a very high price for its refusal to deal with a world and with balances that prevent the realization of its plans.

Even an old hawk of the American deep state and expression of the dangerous Zionist warmongering neocon sect like General David Petraeus is warning Israel against the suicide of an invasion of Gaza.

The most apt comment to briefly describe the situation in Israel seems to be the one written in a tweet in Hebrew from the Iranian embassy in Syria.

“Time is up”.




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  1. Anything and everything that runs contrary to the reality of how things actually function in the material (one could even say, the metaphysical) universe will eventually lose whatever position of dominance it is able to acquire. Due to its intrinsic nature, it cannot stand above the cycles, the tides and the opposites, but be defrocked as merely a one-sided manifestation of them: a force that will have to relent and give way to its opposite. Ultimately, delusions of this kind merely water the seeds of their own destruction. And the harder they rock, the harder they will fall. The amplitude of the wave already reveals the low point of the collapse. All this shall also pass friends. Seek that which lies beyond the opposites and all limitations. Only that is worthy of our allegiance. Use everything else — like these oppressions we see better now than ever before — to gain clarity about 1st principles and abiding Truth.

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