The French Support Their Generals: Enough to Drive Macron Crazy!

ER Editor: Author Jacques Guillemain below writes that, as of April 30, more than 18,000 military people had supported the French generals’ call for a possible coup d’état. As of yesterday, that number  exceeded 22,000 according to Patriot party leader, Florian Philippot (Marine Le Pen’s former deputy):

Translation: This morning, more than 22,000 military people have already signed the call to patriotism. 4,000 more in a single day! We celebrated them yesterday during our Patriot march of the 1st of May. Military personnel, don’t be afraid, sign. The French people support you!

Below are two petitions that civilians can sign to show support for the generals and military colleagues. One of these belongs to Florian Philippot’s party.


The French Support Their Generals: Enough to Drive Macron Crazy!


To be called “putschist” and “factious” because one refuses to see our dear France disappear is as staggering as it is intolerable. Would it be a crime to demand the application of the law?

No soldier has a lesson to receive from a civilian power, whoever it may be, in matters of honor, loyalty or fidelity. A soldier defends his country regardless of the color of the government in place.

The relentlessness of this miserable and desperate power to want to sanction the signatories of the “generals’ tribune” can only exasperate the entire military community and the millions of civilians who support this legitimate and salutary initiative.

But by sending Florence Parly (ER: French minister of defense) and General Lecointre to launch the counter-attack, Macron has shown his dismay and proven that he has not understood anything.

I remind you that, as of April 30, 26 generals and more than 18,000 military personnel have signed the petition, and that the majority of military officers agree with the spirit of this petition.

I would also like to remind you that 58% of the French people support the generals and that millions of civilians are only too happy to sign. (ER: The source of this poll was Harris Interactive for LCI. We’re not into trusting polling of late and wonder if this figure could be higher.)

But do we have tens of millions of sleeping putschists and mutineers?

Having just written a book on the destruction of France orchestrated by Emmanuel Macron, I did not see fit to sign this tribune which summarized my remarks.

But the way in which Macron and his henchmen want to bury the sinister reality that our generals denounce, to see in it only a seditious movement against the power, is unbearable.

I have therefore signed this tribune to bring my full support to my comrades, who refuse to watch impassively the slow death of the nation and who warn about the existential threat that hangs over our dear Homeland.

It is the duty of every patriot, civilian or retired military, to support those who want to save France from the wreckage of identity and collapse.

Pétition : Soutien aux militaires!

By denouncing the “factious generals” and by bleating about the putsch, the power and the anti-militarist Left have obtained the opposite effect of the desired goal. In a few days we have gone from 1,000 signatures to 18,000 and this is only the beginning. A large movement is going on and will be followed by civil petitions. It will be a tsunami of support.

A forum that was destined to end up in oblivion has become a matter of state.

For the people can no longer bear to see patriots persecuted while thugs and enemies of the Republic impose their law with impunity.

As Zemmour reminds us, quoting Nicolas de Chamfort: “In France, those who set fires are left to rest, and those who sound the alarm are persecuted.

It is not Islamophobia that kills, but the Islamists.

It is not the patriotism of these 26 generals that threatens the Republic, but the laxity of a slouching power that lets the Islamists and the enemies of France secede.

It is not this forum that divides the nation, but the racialist and anti-republican theses conveyed by the decolonial and indigenist discourse. Let us not reverse the responsibilities.

Florence Parly and the Left are calling for sanctions against great servants of the State, who call for the application of laws without weakness against those who divide the nation and sow the seeds of civil war. This is a total reversal of values that can only exasperate the French.

Since 2015, 42 jihadist attacks have been carried out by foreigners or by French people of immigrant background.

Denying the link between immigration and terrorism is therefore a betrayal of the French people.

Who attacks police stations with fireworks? Who burns 50,000 cars a year? Who beats up firemen, teachers, emergency room attendants?

Who burns down schools and churches? Who is responsible for the 1,000 gratuitous muggings per day and 120 daily knife attacks? Who is responsible for the carnage of 2015? Who slit the throat of a priest in the middle of mass? Who beheaded a teacher in front of his high school?

Who is it? The Holy Spirit?

Thousands of weapons of war lie dormant in the cellars of the cities. What is Macron waiting for to reconquer the lost territories of the Republic? That the lawless areas multiply and that the number of firearms has doubled or tripled?

He is desperately standing by, praying that the volcano that is rumbling will not erupt before his re-election.

Fearing the worst, he has disarmed the French and is giving up on reclaiming the lawless areas.

80% of French people do not want to be subjected to immigration anymore.

61% believe that Islam is incompatible with our laws.

74% of young Muslims place Islam before the Republic

40% of young Muslims attend the mosque on Fridays, a doubling in 10 years. Where is this successful integration?

Let’s not forget what Philippe de Villiers says tirelessly.

“France is rolling towards the abyss”.

A prospect of collapse of the nation that our soldiers refuse, supported by a large majority of the French.

It is not by sanctioning the patriots who sound the alarm that we will save France.

Sign the petitions that support our military. For they are the ones who are right, they are the last bulwarks against the enemies of France. They are the ones who the civilian power will call upon when everything goes to hell, as Gérard Collomb (pictured below) said when he left the Ministry of the Interior. The best informed man in France knew what he was talking about…

ER: See French magazine outlines new spate of hyperviolence linked to immigration

This forum, which will be strengthened with the civil lists, is a godsend for the people, who see it as a way of making themselves heard while this power has insulted and despised them for four years.




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