The Eternal Socialist Party Dictatorship in France

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From Macron to Mitterrand: Remarks on the Perennial Socialist Party Dictatorship in France – by Nicolas Bonnal

It is an illusion to believe that socialism is dead in France. It was it who brought Mitterrand to power, behind appearances. Socialism is both the deep state and the parliamentary swamp. It is the amorphous society which accepts all tyrannies as long as they speak to it in a sweet voice.


Socialism is the “deep state”

Some papier-mâché analysts praised the disappearance of the socialist party in France. In reality it is powerful as ever, in France, Germany or America. Because the socialist party or social democracy is the party of the End of Times, the party of the omnipresent and frenzied State, and of eternal war (for Rothbard and American libertarians). The PS in France like the SPD in Germany or the Democratic Party in America also constitute the framework of the Deep State of these unfortunate countries, and it seems that they act like a tunic of Nessus that we can never get rid of. It’s because the mass of dunces vote for them and the right dies (dreams).

A few months ago the excellent and good communist Régis de Castelnau (ER: a lawyer) wrote:

The campaign for the 2022 presidential election is a great indicator of the political disinheritance in which our country finds itself. In 2017, a trio made up of the senior state civil service, the economic oligarchy and the politicized judiciary, organized a long-standing coup to elect a complete stranger (ER: Macron) to the supreme office. Relying on the essentials of the political framework of the Socialist Party, Emmanuel Macron thus carried out a hold-up putting the finishing touches to the destruction of the republican institutions.”

The party of the public puncture and the pensioners

I had a great-uncle once, inevitably retired from the public service, who told me to vote socialist because it was the catch-all party. In fact, it is.

The PS is the party of public grabs and pensioners.

It’s the party of boomers and playful octogenarians, Cohn-Bendit style. (ER: Daniel Cohn-Bendit, an aging politician, has associations with pedophilia or at least sort-of advocating for it. He was on the frontlines of the 1968 barricades in Paris, probably getting paid through a Swiss bank account courtesy of the CIA.)

It’s the party of wheeler-dealers and schemers (read the Montaldos again)

It is the party of ecologists, anti-racists and feminists, the party of the de-structuring society.

It is the party of Americanization to death.

It is the bourgeois party, heir to Bohemia and the revolutionary Terror.

It is the party of the conspiracy and the occult (Muray spoke well about it in his Nineteenth and I in my Mitterrand).

The PS is also the party of deindustrialization. We had a trade deficit of one hundred billion in 1982; today, we are at 150 billion francs a month.

Finally it is the party of the invaders. 92% of Muslims voted for Hollande in 2012, Hollande which sounded the death knell for France.

This “tremendous and tutelary power” of which Tocqueville spoke

The PS controls the Elysée with Macron and his business cronies, and also the opposition with the ineffable Mélenchon, anti-racism gentleman of the 80s. It also controls the Republican daughter Le Pen (the Marine, I say shit to her like Escartefigue, I who have a card from her father (ER: Jean-Marie Le Pen) asking me to be a candidate) and this herd of Republican aides of whom Tocqueville spoke so brilliantly:

“Above these rises an immense tutelary power, which alone is responsible for ensuring their enjoyment and watching over their fate. It is absolute, detailed, regular, provident and mild. It would resemble paternal power if, like it, its object was to prepare men for virile age; but it seeks, on the contrary, only to fix them irrevocably in childhood; it likes the citizens to rejoice, provided they only think of rejoicing. It willingly works for their happiness; but he wants to be its sole agent and sole arbiter; it provides for their security, foresees and assures their needs, facilitates their pleasures, conducts their principal affairs, directs their industry, regulates their successions, divides their inheritances; Why can’t it entirely take away from them the trouble of thinking and the pain of living?”

The rest is still relevant, except that the masses are no longer industrious, as we know:

After having thus taken each individual in his powerful hands in turn, and having kneaded him as it pleased, the sovereign extends his arms over the whole of society; he covers its surface with a network of little complicated, minute and uniform rules, through which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot emerge to surpass the crowd; it does not break wills, but it softens them, bends them and directs them; it rarely forces action, but it constantly opposes action; it does not destroy, it prevents birth; it does not tyrannize, it hinders, compresses, enervates, extinguishes, it stupefies, and it finally reduces each nation to no more than a herd of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”

That the shepherd-like government of the remnant, on the orders of Fink, Blinken, Harari and Klaus Schwab, leads his flock to the slaughterhouse, it is no longer I who will oppose it. Tired of being called facho for demanding heating in winter; not enough PS for that.

As Vigny said: “you will not receive a cry of love from me”.



Featured image, Macron, Le Pen & Melenchon: REUTERS/Benoît Tessier/AFP/Eric Feferberg/François Lo Presti


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