The curious history of Nobel laureate Katalin Kariko, alias Zsolt Lengyel

ER Editor: We dug this up from May of 2021 via euronews, which does nothing but paint Katalin Kariko as an unwilling victim, and perhaps she was —

‘I was innocent’: Soviet-era ghosts return to haunt COVID-19 vaccine scientist

See also this Hungarian (in English) piece from May of this year —

“Karikó’s assertion cannot be refuted” – the director general of the Historical Archives of the State Security Services about the agent accusation

We wonder out loud which of the Anglo intelligence services the anti-Communist Hungarian counterintelligence agencies of the ’50s and beyond would be allied with, presumably working under their direction (think: Gladio). Wouldn’t opening any files on this matter reveal information on them? There is surely no incentive to do this. Further, is there any continuity between her past and present work? A reasonable question. Whatever else the Covid operation was about, it was certainly about military intelligence. And was her emigrating to the US related to this history? Her history shows she was valuable enough to be singled out for recruitment some time following graduation; her background is extremely specialized. To state it bluntly, was she working for the CIA?


Dr. Paul Alexander has been pointing harsh but deserved (we feel) fingers at the mRNA inventors and pushers, including freshly-minted Nobel laureates Kariko and Weissman. He’s written many blog pieces on this topic but here’s one from September 29, 2023 —

Official, it is now ’27’ Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, up from 25 with the lobbying of me with good intel that supports the update;


Curious history of a Nobel laureate Katalin Kariko, alias Zsolt Lengyel

In light of being awarded Nobel Prize for Mass Murder Injections, it is important to ask questions about Kariko’s history as an intelligence agent


I found some fascinating background on one of the newly minted Nobel laureates, Katalin Kariko in the Hungarian press.

I read translations of these articles and asked a couple of friends who can read the language to try to verify this information. It seems to check out, and in fact it appears that Kariko did not dispute this herself.

I think that it is very important to bring this material to light since she is now being awarded the Nobel Prize for the most lethal drug ever unleashed on the public.

Reproducing the material as I found it:

Katalin Karikó – alias „Zsolt Lengyel“ has been working for the Hungarian counterintelligence

This article is published in the Hungarian language. Due to her crucial role in the development of these mRNA lab creations, I enclose a translation of the important passages of the text (with the help of

KARIKÓ KATALIN (Szolnok, 17.01.1955, Zsuzsanna Goóz) Data on card index 6: Occupation in 1978: research assistant. Worked at the Biological Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Szeged. Temporary residence at that time, Szeged, Budapesti körút 26. His party affiliation was KISZ. Hungarian nationality and citizenship. He was recruited on 31.10.1978 by László Salgó, r. hdgy. of the BM Cs. M., under the patriotic name of “Zsolt Lengyel”. His occupation is counterintelligence. Date of registration 02.11.1978. File number illegible on file. First contact is his recruiter. There is no trace on the file of his exclusion from the network or of his placement in the file cabinet, which suggests that he was employed until 1990. Other information. (Source: ÁBTL 1.11.10.) (Emphasis added by the author.)

“The secret agent Zsolt Lengyel, alias Zsolt Lengyel, was in reality a woman, first name Katalin” (László Bálint)

Page from the book in Hungarian:



Katalin Karikó admitted that she was recruited, but “I did not give a written report, I did not harm anyone”

Complete translation with

Katalin Karikó, as she put it, said the following about the news that was intended to stigmatise her personally: – “The fact is that in 1978, when I started working as a research assistant, I was approached, found and forced to make a choice. I was threatened that my professional work would be impossible, on the grounds of my father’s involvement in the 1956 revolution and his ‘guilty’ past. I knew that my father had been sentenced to a suspended prison term in 1957, dismissed from his job, and had been out of work for four years. I knew how the system worked, I was afraid, so I signed the recruitment document,” she wrote. The world-renowned scientist stressed that “in the years that followed, I did not give any written report, I did not harm anyone. I was forced to leave in order to continue my scientific activities and research.” For the past 36 years, she has continued her research and activities in the interest of healing people. – No one has ever been able to break me, to take me away from my goals,” she stressed, adding that this statement closed the matter.

The III/II is not the III/III

The background to the case is that an excerpt from László Bálint’s 2017 book “The actors of the network register” started circulating on social media in the last few days. The author is a researcher of the local history of Szeged and Csongrád County and, last but not least, a retired counterintelligence lieutenant colonel, who has published numerous books and other publications on the subject, including in Magyar Nemzet, Magyar Hírlap and Magyar Fórum. The subtitle of the book is ” The records of the state security and state security network in Szeged and Csongrád County, 1945 – 1990″ and on page 112 of the book is Katalin Karikó, a Széchenyi Prize-winning research biologist, biochemist and patent holder of the technology of synthetic mRNA-based vaccines, who was introduced to the Hungarian and world public through the highly effective Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine. In the book, László Bálint includes personal data of Katalin Karikó, which are in the public domain and identical to those in the 2017 edition, for identification purposes. On the other hand, the book gives the circumstances of Karikó’s recruitment: she was recruited in 1978, at the age of 23 (after graduating in biology from the József Attila University of Szeged). His organiser and contact person was not just anyone: László Salgó, later national police chief, then a lieutenant at the Csongrád County Police Headquarters. In the dictionary article listing the data of the so-called 6-map, it is stated that the scientist was employed by the Group III/II of State Security, with the classification of a secret agent, on a so-called “patriotic basis”. His code name was “Zsolt Lengyel” and his line of employment was “counter-espionage”. Quoting from another document, the book mentions that she was ‘on leave’ from 1985. Katalin Karikó’s biography shows that she moved to the United States in that year. The paper contacted a former counter-intelligence officer who, speaking anonymously, said that III/II should in no way be confused with III/III. The III/II, which employed Kariko for seven years, did not work on Hungarian citizens, but did indeed provide a valuable service to the country through its counterintelligence activities within Hungary. The officer also mentioned that biotechnology research is one of the areas most vulnerable to industrial espionage. And “resting” was a standard practice at III/II, not used to cover up when an agent was still employed. Since Kariko moved to the United States in 1985 and III/II did not work abroad, the expert believes that her relationship with Hungarian state security was indeed severed that year. Krisztián Ungváry, a historian researching the past of state security, was also contacted on the subject, and when asked about the authenticity of the data in the book, he said that unfortunately it seems to be quite so, although he stressed that the information in the book does not reveal what kind of work Katalin Karikó did for state security. Ungváry said that she personally had no doubt that what was quoted in the book in this connection was true. A source linked to the Historical Archives of the State Security Services also told the paper that the file does exist. They reached the author of the book on the recruitment of Katalin Karikó, László Bálint, who said that she took full responsibility for the information in the book and would write it down today, but that she considered it important to interpret it carefully. He also underlined that the book was written a few years ago (in 2017), when the public in Hungary did not even know that Kariko existed. Previously we wrote: Expert clues in the alleged state security past of Katalin Karikó (“Zsolt Lengyel” secret agent?)

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2 Comments on The curious history of Nobel laureate Katalin Kariko, alias Zsolt Lengyel

  1. Addendum: I forgot to include acknowledgement of the article, as to how it points out clearly that actors, stage hands, directors have been manipulating our future and our history since time immemorial, it seems.
    Exposing this lineage of this particular actor was some brilliant back-ground research, kudos to ER for this work!

  2. It was always a long game….the rules -and end game- have been written down in what most people refer to as ‘the Bible’ but long since and ever past the information has been intentionally garbled, misquoted, misunderstood by too many – ancients and moderns alike.

    If lay-people could read and interpret those books, I’d hazard a guess they’d conclude what the more esoteric ancients arrived at, in their own interpretation and who passed the truth down as best they could: ’don’t fall for any of it, it’s all an illusion’.

    Unfortunately, current interpretation simply serves to stir panic over the coming so-called ‘Armageddon’, too many people are literally watching for horsemen and hearing trumpets instead of standing back and saying “Wtf is going on here?”

    It gives me a headache thinking about it all but I for one am grateful for ER keeping the ‘illusion’ front and centre, reminding me to stay focused in my own way. I don’t think horsemen are coming but I do believe the Antichrist is alive and well on Earth.

    (google search: “person or thing regarded as supremely evil or as a fundamental enemy or opponent. “I see the media as the Antichrist” …edit: how superbly ironic, coming from google😹😹)

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