Malone Versus The World: Why Is He At War With Everyone?

ER Editor: Although this Zerohedge piece is ‘sponsored content’, we find nothing particularly wrong with it; in fact, it is quite a logical summation of Dr. Robert Malone‘s increasingly bizarre conduct. Why is he attacking so many medical truthers? Even when he LOSES 3 lawsuits by having them dismissed? It still remains to be seen if he has to pay legal costs in the Dr. Jane Ruby case. Recently he went after Ruby, an arguably beautiful woman (as if that should even be relevant), for her age and the way she chooses to appear (ditto to relevance). Incredible. A number of people have long been asking ‘who got to him?’ See other articles on Malone on this site.

Dr. Paul Alexander, a pretty fearless medical truther, has been calling out Malone mercilessly in his own substack account, especially for the toxic vaccines Malone allegedly helped design. He recently called out Malone again in response to the article by Vigilant News Network below. It is well worth perusing.

An example of how Malone contorts the truth to then get his moronic inept, stupid lawyer to file frivilous DOA lawsuits; here he names SAGE HANA, myself (Paul Alexander), Jane Ruby, George Webb

If Malone is an agenda or strategy for something bigger, we have no idea what that could be.

We do recommend the substack account of Charles Wright for some further drilling down into Malone.


Dr. Malone Versus The World: Why Is He At War With Everyone?


Dr. Malone’s latest Substack just dropped. Once again, the theme of the blog post is that a series of people and organizations within the medical freedom movement are actively working against him.

The pioneer in mRNA vaccine technology seems to have a pattern of lashing out against anyone who levels the slightest criticism of him and has attempted to diminish his critics by claiming that they “appear to be getting compensated in some way for actively promoting hate.”


It is clear, though, that what Dr. Malone describes as “hate” can run the gamut from indifference or perceived slights to mild criticism — or a stark difference of opinion. Dr. Malone’s volatile responses to criticisms have led some to think that he is connecting dots against his critics that aren’t real.

Dr. Malone’s Naughty List

Image via NTD News

Dr. Malone’s limited tolerance for criticism, along with his emphatic responses, has led to an increasing number of individuals and organizations subjected to his public denunciation.

The list below, derived from Dr. Malone’s past X and Substack posts, details these entities:

ER: This is a who’s who of some highly credible people …

• Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin

• Dr. Mike Yeadon

• Sasha Latypova

• Karen Kingston

• Matthew Crawford

• Dr. Ben Marble

• Dr. Judy Mikovitz

• George Webb

• Sage Hana on Substack

• America Out Loud

• Dr. Jane Ruby

• Red Voice Media

• Stew Peters

• Catherine Austin Fitts (The Solari Report)

• J. J. Couey

• Mary Holland (President of Children’s Health Defense)

• The Wellness Company and its founder Foster Coulson

• Dr. Paul Alexander

• The Washington Post

• Alex Berenson

• Dr. Peter McCullough

• And more. “The list goes on and on,” Dr. Malone has stated.


On October 30, 2022, Dr. Malone filed a lawsuit seeking $25 million in damages from Dr. Peter Breggin, Ginger Breggin, America Out Loud, Dr. Jane Ruby, and Red Voice Media (Stew Peters). This was described as a “shocking defamation lawsuit,” which Diana West called “an anti-personnel weapon of free-speech-destruction” and a “heat-seeking lawfare missile targeting financial ruin.”

After a lengthy legal battle, Judge Norman K. Moon dismissed Dr. Malone’s $25 million defamation lawsuit on December 11, 2023, stating it “has not met his burden of proof as to jurisdiction.”

In a separate case, On September 28, 2023, Judge Norman K. Moon also struck down Dr. Malone’s defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post. Judge Moon directed the court clerk to “strike this case from the docket.” He said at the time, “If Plaintiff [Dr. Malone] continues to bring defamation actions like those that have been dismissed, there will come a time when his lawsuits might fairly be deemed frivolous and awarding attorney fees is appropriate.

Dr. Malone vs. Dr. Yeadon

Dr. Michael Yeadon

In response to Dr. Malone’s op-ed, “FDA Fails to Address DNA Adulteration Concerns,” Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex-chief scientist and vice president of Pfizer’s allergy and respiratory research division, also found himself on the wrong side of Dr. Malone.

Dr. Yeadon wrote:

“He [Dr. Malone] knows these aren’t regulated pharmaceutical products at all but countermeasures under a public health emergency. It’s not a side issue. For proof, see Substacks of Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova. There is zero possibility that Malone doesn’t know this.”

Rather abrasively, Dr. Malone responded that Dr. Yeadon “does not understand what is going on” and that he “should just STFU (shut the f*ck up).”

Former pharma insider Sasha Latypova replied:

Image Source

“I think Dr. Yeadon understands very well what is going on, and think he understands too well for Robert Malone’s liking, and that’s why the response full of, let’s say – hate and hyperbole – but no actual rebuttal or an explanation of what exactly is incorrect.”

Read more on that here.

Dr. Malone’s Grudge Extends to Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Malone once spoke of renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough as “a good friend.” However, it seems that the passage of time has altered the dynamics of their relationship, especially after Dr. McCullough accepted the position of Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company, a business specializing in alternative healthcare solutions that Dr. Malone suggests is “yet another CIA cutout organization.”

Dr. McCullough has refrained from engaging in public criticism of Dr. Malone on social media platforms like X. Conversely, Dr. Malone has, on multiple occasions, publicly scorned Dr. McCullough.

In June 2023, Dr. Robert Malone expressed disappointment over a perceived bias at Senator Ron Johnson’s “COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries” event, which Dr. McCullough helped organize. Malone indicated a division between McCullough and himself, noting that they are “no longer on the same team.” Malone also accused McCullough of prioritizing profits over people, stating, “He [McCullough] works for ‘The Wellness Company’ selling vitamins. I work for my substack subscribers.”

On November 25, 2023, Dr. Malone stated that he and Dr. McCullough no longer attend the same venues. He referenced an instance where he received a standing ovation at a conference, and McCullough did not, which he suggested led to jealousy.

He further alleged that Dr. McCullough compensates someone to attack him on social media and accused Dr. Paul Alexander of acting as Dr. McCullough’s “surrogate” to “obsessively” attack him “hundreds of times.”

Furthermore, Dr. Malone paradoxically seemed to harbor hopes that the FDA, an agency he has consistently accused of corruption, would take stringent action against The Wellness Company:

“These [supplements] are mislabeled as therapeutics. Peter [McCullough] know[s] this but will not act to object. Eventually, they will get called out by the FDA. Surprising, this has not happened yet.”

Who Is Defaming Who?

Dr. Malone says, “I am constantly amazed by the self-styled social media ‘independent journalists’ who obsessively attack me” while having a long history of obsessively attacking others.

There’s a saying that what goes around comes around. However, Dr. Malone characterizes what is likely an organic backlash to his own degrading statements as “compensated” attacks or “yet another CIA cutout organization” looking to cause division in the medical freedom movement.

It’s time for Dr. Malone to reflect and take a look in the mirror. He sought $25 million in legal damages for “defamation” while issuing disparaging comments to those who dared criticize him.

Dr. Malone, a line must be drawn. You have done better, and you can do better. The world wants a return to the principled physician who courageously opposed vaccine mandates and the use of experimental gene-based products in children, rather than the one persistently embroiled in drama. Please choose a path of greater dignity and resolve these online disputes with grace.


• Vigilant News Network reached out to Dr. Malone for comment regarding allegations made in his Substack and online, but Dr. Malone declined to respond.

• The founder of Vigilant News Network, Foster Coulson, is also the founder of The Wellness Company. Coulson has no control over the day-to-day operation of Vigilant News. The decision to run this article – an article we have worked on for over a month and an article that has been subjected to our rigorous journalistic standards – was 100% the decision of the news division for Vigilant News Network.

This post is sponsored content and Zerohedge has been compensated for its publication.




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  1. I still find some facts difficult to accept. But Pam has been spot on to filter out the Trojan Horses of the resistance.

  2. “there is still the other possibility that someone or something is lashing out THROUGH him”

    Oh yes Michel, this is how I see this psychopath : a medical manchourian candidate on a (failed) mission to ruin the medical part of freedom.

  3. One of the recurrent signs of many different Mental Health problems is when someone gets involved in court cases. The patient loses grip over reality, and lashing out via legal ways may be the onset of a yet undetected Mental problem. Perhaps that could explain a why. But only a health professional could make this conclusion in several 1 v 1 talks.

    Of course there is still the other possibility that someone or something is lashing out THROUGH him.

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