US, Allies Massacre at Will, Yet Condemn Russia

October 25, 2016 0

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM We really have entered a macabre twilight zone when US-led warplanes are massacring civilians in several countries – and yet Washington and its allies condemn others for war crimes. Of course, governments that […]


The American-Made Catastrophe in Yemen

October 12, 2016 0

While US officials condemn Russian war crimes in Syria, the US-Saudi coalition in Yemen is committing the same – but the media is silent CJ Werleman An eight-year-old malnourished boy lies on a bed in […]


Bombing Libya Again, This Time Because of 9/11

August 4, 2016 0

By Edward Curtin In a previous article (published on July 29) I focussed on Hilary Clinton’s involvement in the destruction of Libya in 2011. Happy Fifth Anniversary, Hillary Clinton, You’ve Destroyed Libya … We Await […]

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