Poland Resumes Buying Gold

May 25, 2023 0

ER Editor: This type of article is not going to mention, of course, that the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is already in place, and that the BRICS system (sovereign nation states using their own gold-backed […]


The Flight From the US Dollar

May 15, 2023 0

The Flight From the US Dollar TED SNIDER via GEOPOLITICS On March 20, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. In his article in the Russian media preceding the meeting, Xi enthused that “China-Russia trade exceeded […]


What China Is Really Playing at in Ukraine

May 1, 2023 1

ER Editor: Interestingly, Ukraine joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative in 2014, having negotiated the groundwork before then. Viktor Yanukovych did this with Xi Jinping during 2013. The western Deep State ‘Maidan’ coup d’etat took […]


Escobar: De-Dollarization Kicks Into High Gear

April 29, 2023 0

Escobar: De-Dollarization Kicks Into High Gear TYLER DURDEN Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Cradle The US dollar is essential to US global power projection. But in 2022, the dollar share of reserve currencies slid […]


Deagel’s Depopulation Premonitions for 2025 Revisited

April 18, 2023 0

ER Editor: For the full capture of the Deagel information that got wiped from their site, see here — Deagel 2025 Forecast Resurrected Way Back Machine: We highly recommend reading Metallicman’s article from 2021, […]


Tunisia Dismisses the IMF for BRICS

April 12, 2023 0

ER Editor: The article below is machine-translated from Italian. First, some tweets: IMF says it’s pausing its negotiations with Tunisia following Kais Said’s political remarks. Italy pressuring the IMF to disburse the $1.9 billion funding […]

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