Swedes and Germans Expected to Integrate Into Their “New Country”

Swedes and Germans Told to Integrate into Their “New Country”


In addition to paying for the importation of well over a million Islamic migrants over the last year, Swedish and German taxpayers are financing advertising campaigns urging them to integrate into the new countries that the mass migration is creating. The changes are irreversible and the old way of life is not coming back, so get used to it and adapt, the natives were told.

In Sweden, a tax-funded TV ad created by a government-backed “charity” called “Individuell Manniskohjalp” (Individual Relief), or IM, informs Swedes that their old country is never coming back. Translated to English, the slogan for the campaign is #TheNewNation. “There is no way back,” the ad begins. “Sweden will never be like it was. Europe is changing and Sweden is needed as a safe space for people who seek refuge. Now we must look forward and find a way to live side by side.”

insertaAs African and Middle Eastern faces intermixed with Swedish faces cycle through on the screen, the ad informs viewers that Sweden is in for some dramatic changes. “It’s time to realize the new Swedes will claim their space, and will take up room with cultures, languages and customs,” the narrators say in Swedish, alternating between male and female voices. “It’s time we see this as a positive force. The new country is about shaping a new future.”

The very definition of Swedish is changing, the ad continues, adding that the old Swedes need to adapt to the new country and the customs of the “new Swedes.” “To be Swedish must be more than skin color and place of birth, it must be you, me, and everyone together,” the narrator continues. “It’s not only new Swedes that need to integrate. Everyone needs to integrate, even established Swedes.”

Then viewers get some more information on just what sort of “integration” is being demanded of them. “Integration is about finding mutual understanding,” the ad continues. “Let’s create a future that is based on equal parts reality and belief in the future. Let’s build a country where we put hate and fear aside.”

Needless to say it’s extremely unlikely that many of the Islamic migrants flooding into Sweden, overwhelmingly male, will be finding “mutual understanding” with the old Sweden’s liberal values any time soon. Critics of the ad, speaking out on Twitter and in comment sections, even complained of an alleged “genocide” against native Swedes. After incredible anger, the government-supported charity later said on Twitter that it was not promoting the destruction of Sweden or Swedish culture but “mutual integration,” which “means that the two go together into something bigger.”

The ad also describes #TheNewNation that is emerging, which is really an obliteration of the old nation. “We all have the new country within us, in our worldview, thoughts, and actions,” the narrators say. “The time has come to build a country that is proud, inclusive and sustainable — something new. The New Country — #detnyalandet.” A Somali Muslim with an Islamic head covering is shown as the face of “The New Country.”

It is not the first time Sweden has made global headlines for strange “integration” ideas. Last year Lutheran Bishop of Stockholm Eva Brunne told a church in her diocese that it should remove all crosses from the building so it would be less offensive to newly arrived Muslim migrants. The bishop also said the direction of Mecca should be clearly marked so Muslims would know which way it was.

Many public swimming pools in Sweden now have segregated times so women do not need to worry about being sexually assaulted and groped by Islamic migrants and so Muslims can feel comfortable using the pool.

In 2015 almost 200,000 Islamic migrants from Africa and the Middle East arrived in Sweden, which has 9.8 million people, meaning Sweden accepted the highest number of migrants per capita of any European country. Voters have turned sharply against the government’s policy however, with most voters wanting less immigrants and just 13 percent wanting more. Some 80 percent of police are considering quitting their jobs.

Some high-profile figures in Swedish media have called for using rat poison to exterminate Swedes who disagree with the open borders and mass Islamic immigration, comparing them to rats who need to be destroyed.

In Germany, a highly contentious tax-funded advertisement also financed by a United Nations agency actually encourages German women to cover their heads with an Islamic-style outfit as part of “tolerance.” First the ad shows a woman from the back dancing to Islamic-style music while wearing an Islamic outfit. The words “Turkish women wear the Islamic head scarf” appear on the screen.

Then when the woman turns around, it can becomes clear that it is a blonde German woman. “Me too,” she says about wearing the Islamic head covering. “It’s beautiful.” Then she says, “Enjoy difference, start tolerance.” Then viewers are told that the ad was made in cooperation with UNESCO, the UN agency in charge of education, culture and science.

Some people were offended by the ad. Others said it would still not be enough to placate hard-line Muslims in Germany. “Much of her hair is showing. Some of her bare leg shows also as she struts around. All these elements of the presentation would make it absolutely unacceptable to the Islamic hardliners that she (and the German government, and UNESCO) are demanding that the Germans tolerate,” said Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. “The tolerance is, as always, one way: no one asks Muslims to enjoy difference, start tolerance. Non-Muslims are told, on pain of charges of racism and hate, that they must tolerate an authoritarian, supremacist ideology whose adherents aim to take power, and once they do, will not accord non-Muslims that same tolerance.”

To be sure, both the Swedish and German governments have “integration” programs to integrate the millions of Muslim migrants into their own decadent “values” systems. A key part of the efforts is a growing censorship campaign to silence dissenters including mass arrests for criticizing Islamic or mass Islamic immigration. Also Muslims and immigrants are being confronted with posters in public places explaining that sexually assaulting women is not allowed.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble urged Muslim migrants to Germany to create what he described as a “German Islam” that follows liberalism and tolerance rather than the violent demands of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. “The origin of the majority of refugees means that we will be increasingly dealing with people from quite different cultural circles than previously,” Schaeuble said in a strange column published by Welt am Sonntag, highlighting mass sex assaults by migrants and recent Islamic terror attacks in Germany that had Germans on edge about the non-stop immigration flows. “Without a doubt, the growing number of Muslims in our country today is a challenge for the open-mindedness of mainstream society.”

On October 14 the newspaper Tageszeitung published a letter from a German mother who described what she had seen at a government-supported “integration” session for migrants in Munich. “Here I met about 6-8 mothers, some with their children,” wrote “Anna” in the open letter to the mayor. “All of the women wore headscarves and none of them spoke German. The organizers of the event quickly informed me I will probably find it hard to integrate myself here (their exact words!!!). I should note that I am German. I speak fluent German and I do not wear a headscarf. So I smiled a little and said I would try to integrate myself. Unfortunately, I brought a salami and ham sandwich to the breakfast, to which everyone was asked to bring something. So of course I had even less chance of integrating. I was not able to speak German to anyone at this women’s breakfast, which is actually supposed to promote integration, nor was anyone interested in doing so. The organizers did not insist on anyone speaking German, and the women, who appeared to be part of an established Arab-Turkish group, simply wanted to use the room…. So my impression of these events to promote integration is miserable. No interchange takes place at all!!! How can the City of Munich tolerate such a thing? In my view, the entire concept of these events to promote integration must be called into question.” She and her family decided to leave Munich. According to reports Germans are also leaving Germany “in droves.”

Other European leaders such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have said the reason globalists are encouraging the mass Islamic immigration is to destroy Western civilization, Christianity and nation-states to promote internationalism.


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