Suppressing Poland’s Independence Day Centenary on Sunday In The Name of Political Correctness

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

Update, Nov. 11:  A ban on today’s centenary march celebrating Polish independence has been allowed to go ahead after the lifting of a mayoral ban on the march. Police, meanwhile, are on strike. See the Sputnik report, Polish Nationalists To March in Warsaw After Mayoral Ban Overturned

Not being familiar with the Polish independence day phenomenon of November 11 each year, I did a little cursory reading and it is quite amazing how the MSM automatically paints these celebrations as racist, far-right or Nazi with its attendant anti-semitic implications. A short article from Huffington Post (Canadian edition) following last year’s celebration, which uses reporting from the Associated Press, opens thus:

WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s Foreign Ministry said Monday that it strongly condemns racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic ideas, but insisted that a large weekend march by nationalists in Warsaw was largely an expression of patriotic feeling.

The ministry said that the march Saturday on the Independence Day holiday was “a great celebration of Poles, differing in their views, but united around the common values of freedom and loyalty to an independent homeland.”

The report, as do others, then goes for comment to representatives from no less than the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the American Jewish Committee and another Jewish organization, ‘From the Depths’. Why? To charges of last year’s commemorative march being racist, the Polish government replied:

The Polish Foreign Ministry said it wasn’t justifiable to define the march based on some “incidental” elements. Underlining its opposition to extremism, the ministry recalled that it had opposed a visit to Poland by Richard Spencer, the leading American white nationalist.

Spencer was originally to have attended a conference in Warsaw a day before the march, but he was taken off the schedule after the ministry said it didn’t want him in the country.

Doesn’t the Polish government know its own business? Hasn’t it shown good faith in its banning of Richard Spencer?

Another, rather interesting piece from MSM Deutsche Welle (DW), also on last year’s march, titled Independence Day: Poland’s nationalism fight goes on, claims that the march has been ‘hijacked in recent years by the far right’. For a march that allegedly attracted 75,000 participants in 2016 (here in France, only those whose feet are actually on the roadway of a march are counted as participants; the real figure for any march may thus be higher given that people also walk on the pavements), the march in 2012 saw 176 rioters arrested (for what? why?) and in 2013, 72 ‘far-right marchers’ were detained. Hardly a tsunami of objectionable racists.

Poland is in the crosshairs of the European Union, along with Hungary and Italy, for various ‘illiberal’ and ‘anti-democratic’ sins according to DW, such as ‘roll[ing] back the independence of the Constitutional Tribunal and [trying] to do the same with the Supreme Court’. From reports we have published here at ER, the Polish supreme court was formerly full of pro-EU appointees, who have since been replaced by the ruling conservative PiS party, presumably with anti-EU ones. As it is quite normal for court appointees to have political leanings (see the US Supreme Court, for example), where is the problem?

DW continues: the controlling PiS party of Poland has ‘implemented a radically conservative social agenda’. If the Polish people elected this party, as they did, don’t the Polish people know their own business?

Is this the REAL sin, of being radically conservative in the social sphere?

DW continues, using Guardian journalist Remi Adekoya (note how mired we are in MSM reporting). This reporting doesn’t sound unreasonable, however:

“Until then, the likes of [the largest left-liberal newspaper] Gazeta Wyborcza were successful in persuading regular Poles that in order for Poland to be as successful as Western European nations, they needed to shed some of their cultural identity (ER: wow) and act more like the French and the British. Poles, generally enamored with the economic success of the Western model, went along,” he says.

[ER: many Poles have gone to the UK over the past few years in search of employment]

However, the eurozone crisis combined with the spate of terrorist attacks and reports of problems assimilating minorities led many Poles to start questioning the Western model and some to assert that the feelings they had been reluctant to admit to publicly for years were regarded by some of their countrymen as common sense opinions.

While the far-right remains a marginal (ER: note this word) feature of public life in Poland, in the absence of an effective opposition to PiS, which has been largely quiet on the rise in xenophobia, its calls to arms find people willing to answer by taking to the streets and — as has been seen in recent years — pushing the line between populist rhetoric and far-right violence.

Isn’t Brexit a reaction to this very effacement of cultural identity through mass-illegal-immigration-without-a-democratic-mandate, as well as the appalling lack of democratic choice within the entire EU governing structure? Brexit was certainly a reaction against years of failed, dictatorial EU policies within Britain. Why shouldn’t Poles question the Western model and reassert themselves as Brits have done?

Interestingly, in this DW piece we also find statements such as this from Anthony Polonsky, Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies at Brandeis University, ‘who believes PiS is not an intrinsically anti-Semitic party. “This is a very right-wing, but not anti-Semitic government.”‘ Not anti-semitic. The PiS ruling party has in fact stated its opposition to anti-semitism, yet the report goes to the usual Jewish sources who predictably claim that racism towards Jews is lurking just below the surface; DW resorts to the summarizing heading ‘Not anti-Semitic, but right on the border’. This echoes the constant barrage of entirely dubious anti-semitism charges against Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party, for example, leveled by certain Jewish groups, for which not a shred of real evidence has ever been found.

The elephant in the room, however, conspicuously missing from the articles just referenced, is the Islamization of our cultures and the very clear Polish opposition to this, which I only picked up from a photo in a Google search (see image). Would Sunday’s normal independence celebrations have banners showing, even in Polish, the bold demand to ‘stop Islamization’? I’ll just offer the following in this regard. See the monograph by Ioan Ratiu, The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy: How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World, for how the Islamization of our cultures has been a plan by the elite Left and the global financiers for which they work for decades. We’ve published articles here on the Union for the Mediterranean, a secret globalist plan of some 10 years already, for a new bloc of EU countries with all the Muslim countries of North Africa, plus some in the Middle East and Turkey. This is their site. It exists on some level quite clearly, and yet we’ve never been told about it. Also, see the new book, Inch’Allah: L’Islamisation à visage découvert (‘If God wants it’: Islamization with a covered face) by respected Paris-based Le Monde journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, which details through solid boots-on-the-ground reporting using 5 young journalists-in-training the presence of Muslim culture among immigrants in one very large, well-known suburb of Paris, St. Denis and its environs. We see, without judgement from any of the 7 journalists involved, the pervasive influence of Islam (including fundamentalist Wahhabism) on the daily lives of people in this community, and how radically opposed it is to our own Western one. This book has created a bit of a stir here to say the least. Further, much has been written on the Pakistani ‘grooming gangs’ (or ‘rape gangs’ as some prefer) in the UK, how confined the practice has been to men from specific areas of Pakistan, who have demonstrated through victim testimony how this objectionable practice is entirely related to their specific ethnic and religious outlook. Above all, this has revealed a clear and deliberate disregard for these girls (mostly, if not exclusively, white) by the British government, and how criticizing anybody of a different skin color earns you the title of racist and threatens your livelihood. I’ve included a photo here of the perpetrators with the British towns listed. And that’s not to mention the well-documented, immigrant-related rise of violent and sexual crime that has been recorded in various European cities, as well as the presence of thousands of jihadists in our communities, topics we’ve published on at ER. And I almost forgot to mention the many no-go zones inflicted on the working class of our countries. Seriously, why would Poles want any of this?

Is the anti-semitism charge being conveniently trotted out to shut us all up on the forbidden subject of Islamization, which our hostile elite want so badly for us?

Two days from now – November 11, 2018 – is the centenary of Polish independence no less, and I would imagine the Polish government has been under immense pressure to put the lid on these celebrations of nationhood, identity, independence and pride, precisely what an EU country under the globalist, progressive, centralized yet harshly neoliberal economic regime of Brussels isn’t supposed to have :

As most other European countries commemorate Armistice Day at the end of WWI, Poles celebrate national rebirth. November 11, 2017, marks 99 years of Polish independence after 123 years of being partitioned between Prussia, Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

See the excellent Gefira report below for how Polish-Catholic celebrations of emancipation have been turned into guilt-over-Jews and minority-Hindu themes.


Who is trying to outdo Hitler and Stalin in Poland in suppressing Independence Day?


The celebration of Poland’s Independence Day, which falls on 11 November, was prohibited by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and almost all the post-war communist rulers of the country. Since 1989 Poland has supposedly been an independent state and the Polish nation can enjoy freedom and feel itself at last at home. Spontaneously, people began celebrating Independence Day and have continued to do so for a good many years. Every year from the point of view of the powers-that-be, this festivity has been a problem: allegedly fascists and Nazis, anti-Semites and racists made up the long, fifty, seventy or a hundred thousand people strong column of men and women and children marching along the capital’s streets, with unfurled national flags. The message is being sent to the whole world that “fascism is raising its ugly head” in Poland and that something must be done about it or else.

This year it is the hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining independence after 123 years of captivity during which it was politically erased from the maps of Europe. This national holiday was officially instituted barely before the Second World War. Its importance for the collective national consciousness cannot be overrated. And lo and behold, it is again a thorn in the flesh of the powers-that-be.

At first Poland’s President Andrzej Duda (pictured), who styles himself as a patriot, said he would take part; then, which was only waiting to happen, he revoked that decision;1) then Warsaw’s mayor said she would forbid the march the moment she learnt about improprieties; then she took the ultimate decision to prohibit it;2) eventually President Andrzej Duda said he would form and lead a rival march,3) with a changed name: no Independence March anymore but a White-and-Red March, named after the colours of the national flag.

Things are even more bizarre in Wrocław, the fourth largest city in south-western Poland. The latest act of the outgoing and the first act of the incoming city mayor was to forbid a similar Independence Day March here because of – and there follows the usual explanation – all the “nazis, racists, and anti-Semites” supposedly feeding the event.4) To make things even more funny, the incoming mayor declared his public participation in a Hindu religious festival of Diwali5) (there are an estimated two thousand Hindu residents in the SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND city of Wrocław) and gave his blessing to a new phenomenon: a march in commemoration of the events from 80 years back known as Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass), when Jewish shop windows were smashed by enraged crowds of the then German Wrocław/Breslau.6)

To sum it up: a totally alien Hindu religious holiday is IN, a commemorative march in remembrance of the historically small incident that occurred in a different country and befell a different people is also IN, but the national holiday of the millions of the indigenous inhabitants is OUT.

One does not wonder that Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin wanted to hear nothing about a Polish national holiday; one understands that the (not necessarily of Polish descent) communists took orders from Moscow and crush patriotic feelings and the national identity. These are pretty obvious. The question remains: in whose interest is this holiday being suppressed now?


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