Stalingrad is the new JUNGLE – Calais migrants head to Paris to set up new violent camp

Stalingrad is the new JUNGLE – Calais migrants rush to Paris to set up new violent camp


Thousands of migrants – mostly from Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, and Eritrea – have pitched tents under the Stalingrad metro station in Paris, a popular but sordid migrant squat the government has tried and failed to evacuate on many occasions.

More than 2,500 migrants pitching up in the makeshift camp are making life a “living hell” for locals, who also claim the huge influx of Jungle migrants into Paris has continued unabated this past week.

Squatters are now becoming increasingly violent and dangerous, with locals reporting muggings.


The refugees have started building a new camp under Stalingrad Metro station

Faisal, a shopkeeper, told the French daily Le Figaro that Stalingrad locals are living in fear, threatening the future of his business.

He said: “The stench of urine, faces, and rubbish has made Stalingrad an insalubrious place to live. The place is dead – no-one wants to come here anymore. People are afraid to go out and lock themselves in.

“I’m making less than €60 (£53) a day. A few more weeks like this and I’ll go bust!

“French people have been kind to them. I know they’re desperate, but the least they can do is respect the law and try and integrate into French society.”

Jeanne, another Stalingrad resident, told Le Figaro the migrants had become increasingly violent towards locals.

She said: “Brazen migrants are snatching jewellery and handbags off passers-by – they’re even stealing bread. I’ve seen them beat people up too.”

Other locals cannot understand why the government is going to such great lengths to help migrants.


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