Spanish Doctors Challenge Ex-Minister on Air Who Walks Off the Set

ER Editor:  UPDATE – Many thanks to reader Merran Laginestra for her transcription of the conversation before the ex-minister gets up to leave, as well as a link to the original interview. This all can be found in the comments below the article.


60 seconds of the video says it all. One of three people on the right – a doctor most probably, addressing the lady in orange on the left – the ex-minister?, gives official death stats due the vaccines. Within 30 seconds she gets up to leave, taking the man with her who hadn’t intended to go (is he the president of the medical college?). She takes another 30 seconds to leave, getting her microphone unhooked, while other doctors on the right challenge her with more questions.

Alas, we don’t have Spanish, but one twitter user describes the following:

(The doctors opposing the women in orange) give the official statistics of the EU, UE and Russia. Just 3 countries, more than 40,000 deaths due to the vaccines, then they start to give the numbers of infections and deaths among the vaccinated. That’s when the pandemic officials clear off.

Another twitter user describes her overall reaction thus:

And she continues, “Pardon but I’m leaving … I don’t want to be an accomplice to this … Understand … What I would like to talk about is pathogenicity – why are all these deaths happening for the vaccines…. Why I’m leaving… The pathological mechanism…”

The tweet below tells us that this is the ‘first official televised debate on the pandemic’.


INCREDIBLE! In Spain, ‘the ex-minister and the president of the medical college hurriedly leave the first official televised debate on the “pandemic” upon hearing the official death toll caused by the “vaccine”‘


Translation: Incredible! In Spain, the ex-minister and the president of the medical college suddenly leave the first official, televised debate on the ‘pandemic’, hearing the official statistics of deaths caused by the vaccine.  Victory for the resistant doctors by KO!




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2 Comments on Spanish Doctors Challenge Ex-Minister on Air Who Walks Off the Set

  1. Here is the entire video. Of course it was censored on youtube
    The walk off occurs at minute 58.30.It is the first debate between officalist and dissident doctors since the “pandemic” began. The ex-minister had threatened several times to walk off as she was obviously uncomfortable. Both she and the head of the medical college have received various”donations” or prizes from Pfizer. You can see the minister signal to the head of the medical college to follow her.
    Here is the dialogue before the actual walk out:

    Dr. Manuel Martínez, president of the Madrid College of Doctors

    “There is a lot of data (supporting the official position), and that data is shared by the whole scientific community, it’s not that there are like… two positions. I think there is a position that has scientific backing […], and there are some people who […] have dedicated themselves to generating fear and confusion in the population”.

    “I think that transmitting to the population that there is doubt, that there are two positions in the scientific community, is totally false and I find it very sad”.

    “What outrages me is that there is an official position, and a position, which apparently has a pseudo-scientific backing, and every time I hear you speak you talk about a lot of strange data, no? such and such a Swedish study, I don’t know what? […] when none of it is true. And what worries me is that you generate uncertainty in the population, doubts, which are not beneficial to anyone”.

    “I don’t feel comfortable presenting this debate as if it were an official position against a position that is not scientific, that is pseudo-scientific […]. I refuse to stand here as if there were two positions that both have the same scientific backing”.

    “(Regarding the official narrative) is a unanimous opinion in the scientific community. And if we question that, what we get is […] that there are people who are doubting and in the end do not get vaccinated”.

    “It would be necessary to see what you call scientific work.

    “What I see in you is that you give a lot of data, which have a scientific appearance, which are not true”.

    “I see that you are always ready to mention people, universities, professors, etc. in order to give a scientific appearance.

    “I am not trying to discredit you”.


    María Luisa Carcedo, ex-minister of Health

    “I categorically deny official theories. It is science.

    “I prefer not to enter into the pre-scientific debate. Or at least the evidence published by recognised international organisations. Because if not, we go to Mars, and we set up another scientific community, somewhere else, with other keys”.
    Juanjo: The government has 20 days to demonstrate that it has evidence of the existence of the virus.

    Mª Luisa: The Spanish government doesn’t have to prove anything, the scientific community does.
    Mª Luisa: Against scientific evidence there is other scientific evidence, […] but this is not the forum here, you have to debate it with them (the scientific community), not here, with a politician and the president of a school.

    Juanjo: But there is no possibility…

    Mª Luisa: And what do you say to me!

    Juanjo: Well, as a politician, as a member of the Spanish parliament and as a doctor, maybe you should be concerned about organising a scientific debate.

    Mª Luisa: The scientific community has its rules; politics has its own.
    Mª Luisa: “I am leaving. I can’t be an accomplice to this”

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