Soros’ Ideology Exposed – A Post-Modern, Post-Family, Post-Border New World Order

Soros’ Ideology Exposed: A Post-Modern, Post-Family, Post-Border New World Order

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Over 16,000 people have signed a petition asking President Trump to deprive George Soros of citizenship and expel him from the US. Igor Pshenichnikov, an advisor to the director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, an influential Moscow-based think tank, explains what’s at stake in the ideological and metaphysical battle shaping up.

Thousands have signed a petition at verified petition site asking Donald Trump to ban the US-Hungarian billionaire and his Open Society Foundations from operating on US territory, accusing him, his family, and his businesses of working to manipulate US politicians and spread post-modern, anti-conservative values in the country and throughout the world. [close to 8,000 signatures still needed as of this post. ER ed.]

“We ask for a warrant to be issued for [Soros’s] willful actions to destabilize and bankrupt our economy by pushing his anti-America open borders globalist New World Order society agenda with the intent of destroying our country,” the petition, authored by Ohio-based activist and songwriter Vanessa Feltner, reads.

Georges Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management, speaks during the session 'Recharging Europe' in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos January 23, 2015. File photo.

 The billionaire [pictured left], according to the petition, is trying to destroy the US by “buying our governments, manipulating our currency, buying politicians and negatively buying influence over our Western values.” Listing the issues of particular concern to conservatives, the petition protests that “Soros has provided funding for abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration and other radical experiments in social engineering.” “We want America to remain sovereign, a Republic nation,” the petition stresses. “We want to remain a Christian nation. This man and his son will continue to attempt to destroy our Western values and we agree he must be removed or arrested immediately to guard the safety of our values and our country.”

Taking a look at what is known about Soros’ global efforts, and offering a distinctly Russian perspective on the billionaire’s initiatives, RIA Novosti contributor and Russian Institute for Strategic Studies expert Igor Pshenichnikov pointed out that virtually everything laid out in the petition applies not only to the United States, but far beyond its borders as well.

“Soros,” the analyst recalled, first “outlined his view of the world in his book ‘The Age of Fallibility’. His main aim is to create a world without borders, where everyone is equal and free, where the interests of all minorities, especially sexual ones, are not only secured through legislation, but prevail over the interests of the majority.”

The billionaire, Pshenichnikov added, is the proponent of a gender ideology “borne in the depths of the feminist movement, and which today has become a socio-political foundation of Western society. This ideology implies ‘freedom from gender identity’: however one imagines him or herself in the gender sense is how they should present themselves to the world. In the West today, this is de facto the ‘dominant religion’, and Soros is a fanatical follower of this religion.”

Last year, hacktivist-run website DC Leaks published dozens of secret documents related to Open Society Foundations operations, demonstrating, among other things, how Soros’ fingerprints were all over efforts to affect Western societies in ways disturbing to conservatives and others opposed to a post-family world. This, Pshenichnikov noted, includes the depatholization of sexual and gender identities, along with strategies to decriminalize prostitution and legally recognize transsexualism as a psychiatric norm.

“Soros has also actively intervened in the work of the World Health Organization,” the journalist noted, “and has tried to change existing international classifications of sexual disorders so that the postulates of ‘gender ideology’ could be scientifically justified.” The strategies include support for advocacy groups working to change the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases to remove transsexualism as a psychiatric diagnosis.

The WHO’s European bureau, where Soros’ supported ‘advocacy groups’ are also in place, have also been highly active in supporting the billionaire’s agenda, specifically with the ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’.

General view of the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, February 1, 2016
© REUTERS/ DENIS BALIBOUSE   General view of the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, February 1, 2016

This document, Pshenichnikov noted, includes instructions “on how European children are to be reformatted from a young age, their traditional innate matrix destroyed. Here’s just one excerpt from these standards: ‘Sex education is firmly based on gender equality, self-determination [of sexual identity] and the acceptance of diversity.'”

Women with bright pink hats and signs begin to gather early and are set to make their voices heard on the first full day of Donald Trump's presidency, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington
© AP PHOTO/ JOSE LUIS MAGANA   Boomerang Effect: US’s Color Revolution Formula Comes Home to Roost

Furthermore, the commentator added, DC Leaks has confirmed in its 2016-2019 strategy for ‘women’s rights’ an aggressive campaign to promote abortion, aiming not only to remove anti-abortion restrictions, but to stimulate their growth in countries where restrictions do not exist. “The implementation of this strategy involves a national representative presence by Amnesty International, various associations and family planning centers, and organizations defending women’s right to abortion. In the first stage, Soros’ plan calls for an attack against Catholic countries, especially Ireland and Poland, which have strong anti-abortion legislation in place.”

Billions for Regime Change Worldwide

The financing of NGOs meant to destabilize countries which don’t meet Soros’ value system is no secret to anyone, Pshenichnikov noted. “On its own website, Soros’ fund does not hide that it has spent $1.6 billion on the goal of ‘democratic development’ in the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union over the past 33 years.”

“Furthermore, $2.9 billion has been spent on ‘human rights’, including ‘often marginalized groups such as drug users, sex workers, and LGBTQ communities.'” $2.1 billion more has been spent on ‘education projects’ from pre-K to higher education, including the aforementioned sex education projects.

In 2017, Soros’ fund plans to spend a total $940.7 million dollars, “from which initiatives in the US will get $98.7 million, those in Europe $65 million, and those in Eurasia (meaning Russia) $42.8 million.”

Three years ago, Pshenichnikov wrote, Soros’ tens of millions of dollars’ worth of investment into ‘pro-democracy’ NGOs in Ukraine paid off, and the country was subjected to the unrest leading up to the Euromaidan coup d’état, a cataclysm from which the country continues to reel from today. Other Eastern European countries, from Bulgaria to Hungary, have also been affected.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (second left) and George Soros (right), founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, during a meeting in Kiev
© SPUTNIK/ NIKOLAY LAZARENKO   Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (second left) and George Soros (right), founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, during a meeting in Kiev

Nationally oriented leaders in Eastern Europe have made clear where they stand on Soros and his foundations. Last year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had the following to say of the billionaire’s activities: “There are some who envisage a world without borders: this is exactly the concept which George Soros and his civil society organizations seek to popularize. This notion is at best well-intentioned and naïve, and at worst is based on a calculated assessment of processes leading to the end of traditional civilizations, ways of life, cultures and nations.”

Now, Pshenichnikov noted, following Trump’s election, mass demonstrations of the kind long seen in developing countries around the world have begun popping up in the US as well, including via Pussyhat Project, which US alternative media have warned sounds quite similar to Soros-linked projects, complete with its own color and brand identity.

Ultimately, the journalist stressed that as far as the US is concerned, Trump is now the main figure “expressing the will of traditional America. For this reason, he appears to be the main headache for Soros.” Who will emerge victorious in the ideological, political and metaphysical battle between conservative nationalism and liberal globalism? Only time will tell.


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