Sleepwalking into Washington’s Next Regime Change Crisis: Myanmar

ER Editor: See this compilation piece from March 19, 2021 – More on Soros in Myanmar and Why It Matters. Here’s our introduction:

According to independent news sources, Myanmar’s election on November 8, 2020 allegedly went the way of the recent US presidential one – falsified by vote-counting machines at minimum. Globalist ally Aung San Suu Kyi got re-elected, but was deposed in a military coup d’etat on February 1, 2021. Soros is believed to be behind the public protests that have been taking place since February 1. Now the military is going after his funding sources and organization, as well as investigating Suu Kyi on corruption charges. But what’s the real play here?

See the report we published a couple of days ago: Myanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros’ Open Society Foundation

Brian Berletic’s piece below follows on with historical update and perspective.

(Brian Berletic, based in Bangkok, used to write as Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer Report fame.) 

Below Berletic’s report, we are publishing two RT reports from the previous two days.


Sleepwalking into Washington’s Next Regime Change Crisis: Myanmar


The crisis in Southeast Asia’s Myanmar continues to grow following the February 2021 military-led ousting of US-backed Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) party.

Violence between US-backed opposition groups joined with US-armed and trained ethnic rebels and the central government has become the focus of the Western media as well as Western government themselves.

Just as was the case in Libya in 2011, the US government, the Western media, and a global network of US-funded fronts posing as rights groups and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are attempting to make the case for intervening in Myanmar – first through sanctions and then eventually through the recognition of and providing direct support to a US-backed parallel government and the armed groups fighting on its behalf.


The goal of destabilizing Myanmar mirrors similar campaigns of propaganda, violence, and instability in China’s Xinjiang region, Balochistan in Pakistan, and virtually everywhere else China’s One Belt, One Road development project is active – to encircle China with chaos and contain China’s rise upon the international stage.

To sell yet another episode of US-engineered regime change around the world, the Western media is using 3 key talking points to pressure nations around the world and particularly in Southeast Asia – to aid in advancing US foreign policy objectives versus Myanmar.

1. “The Violence Must End” 

Of course the violence should end. But the US government, Western media, and Western-backed fronts are referring only to violence carried out by Myanmar’s military and police.

No mention at all is made of opposition violence.

Just as the US and the Western media did during the “Arab Spring” in 2011, the 2014 US-backed overthrow of the Ukrainian government, or the more recent US-backed riots in Hong Kong – no mention at all is made of opposition violence.

Even as outlets like CNN admit in articles like, “Myanmar’s military is waging war on its citizens. Some say it’s time to fight back,” that the opposition is coming into possession of war weapons – the violence is still being depicted as “one-sided.”

This talking point is being repeated even by media, politicians, and diplomats across ASEAN.

However, if a problem is to be fully solved, it must be fully understood.

Condemning and stopping only half the violence amid an ongoing armed conflict is the same recipe for disaster used to destroy Libya, nearly destroy Syria, destabilize Ukraine, and leave nations like Yemen festering as massive and ongoing humanitarian crises for years to come.

2. “Democracy Must Return to Myanmar” 

While Myanmar did indeed have elections which resulted in Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD taking power – these are not elections that could – by any stretch of the imagination – be deemed “fair and free.”

The US and British governments have for decades poured money and political support into Aung San Suu Kyi’s political machine – both by directly backing the NLD as well as creating a massive nationwide network of fronts posing as NGOs to support the NLD before, during, and after elections.

The US government’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) (ER: a CIA front) alone lists over 80 programs (that are admitted to) that form the core organizations making up Aung San Suu Kyi’s political base, interfering in areas ranging from media and lawmaking, to education and infrastructure, to political campaigning and polling, to economic affairs and resource management.

Aung San Suu Kyi herself has travelled to Washington DC specifically to meet with the US NED.

Democracy is a process of self-determination. The NLD’s foreign ties and backing represents acute foreign interference in Myanmar’s internal political affairs.

If unsubstantiated claims of “Russian interference” in America’s elections have created a political crisis with US politicians claiming American democracy is under dire, unprecedented threat, what sort of threat then does Myanmar’s democracy face with its main opposition party maintaining verified political and financial ties to a foreign power?

3. “Myanmar’s Military Must Stop Defying World Opinion”

If the “international community” is merely a euphemism for Wall Street, Washington, London, and Brussels, then “world opinion” is merely a euphemism for Western-manufactured consent generated by the West’s still massive and influential global-spanning media networks.

Thus “world opinion” is what the Western media says it is.

Only one side of the story is being told – Facebook, Twitter, Google via YouTube have seen to that after a coordinated campaign to purge the presence of Myanmar’s military and government from their platforms, as Forbes reported in their article, “YouTube Joins Facebook In Taking Down Channels Run By Myanmar’s Military In Coup Fallout.”

And as was the case regarding “WMDs” in Iraq in 2003, US military aggression against Libya and Syria beginning in 2011, the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014, or even the recent unrest in Hong Kong and Thailand – the story being told about Myanmar by the Western media is based on verifiable lies and deliberate omissions.

We’re told that peaceful pro-democracy protesters are being brutalized by Myanmar’s military and police.

We’re not told that these protesters are the same groups who raided Rohingya communities in previous years, killing residents and burning businesses and homes to the ground and that they’ve been using the same level of violence more recently in the streets against state security forces.

We’re told that the leaders of the emerging “national unity government” created in parallel to Myanmar’s military-led central government is an attempt by Myanmar’s people to return democracy to the country.

We’re not told that key figures like “veteran democracy activist” Min Ko Naing had previously attempted to expel the nation’s Rohingya minority from the country, denying them as one of the nation’s ethnic groups – as noted even by Western-friendly publications like Frontier Myanmar in articles like, “Activists championed by rights groups have history of anti-Rohingya messaging.”

And of course, none of the information about Washington and its allies interfering in Myanmar for decades – including backing armed militant groups in Myanmar’s remote regions – is mentioned at all by the Western media. If it was, it would complicate the simplistic “good versus evil” narrative the West is using to sleepwalk the world into yet another regime change crisis.

If the world was told the truth about Myanmar, “world opinion” would be very different and Myanmar’s military attempting to maintain unity and control over the country versus foreign-funded opposition groups and armed ethnic separatists would be seen as an effort to avoid another Libya and Syria – and not the catastrophe the US claimed would happen if “the world” didn’t intervene – but the catastrophe that unfolded because the US sleepwalked the world into intervening.

Brian Berletic is a Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.  



Myanmar pro-democracy protest leader charged with police officers’ murders and treason – state TV

Myanmar pro-democracy protest leader charged with police officers’ murders and treason – state TV
A prominent leader of the protest movement against Myanmar’s military junta has been charged with several crimes, including murder, high treason and unlawful assembly, state TV reported on Wednesday.

Wai Moe Naing was arrested during a rally in the city of Monywa earlier this month, where he was barged off his motorbike by plainclothes police and detained at gunpoint, according to news outlet Myanmar Now.

He has been charged by the junta with the killing of two police officers in Monywa in March and faces a total of five charges, carrying a potential 28-year prison sentence, according to his lawyer Moe Zaw Htun.

Wai Moe Naing is set to appear at a hearing on May 7 and is in good health, his lawyer said.

His indictment comes a day after the armed rebel group, the Karen National Union (KNU), claimed to have seized a military base from Myanmar’s army, near the Thai border.

Myanmar has seen daily protests and widespread violence since the military seized power in a coup on February 1 and detained the democratically-elected civilian leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and other government officials.

More than 750 citizens have been killed since the coup, according to the non-profit group, Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.



Fighting erupts in eastern Myanmar as Karen rebels attack military base near Thai border (VIDEOS)

Fighting erupts in eastern Myanmar as Karen rebels attack military base near Thai border (VIDEOS)
Gunfire was heard in eastern Myanmar on Tuesday, as an armed rebel group attacked and claimed to seize a military base strategically located by the Salween River on the Thai border.

The Karen National Union (KNU), which has clashed with Myanmar’s security forces since the country secured independence in the 1940s, claimed victory in the skirmish over a military camp, having launched an assault on the outpost at around 5am local time.

Fires were reported to be blazing in the area around the outpost. Thai officials confirmed that fighting had been heard and the nearby port was closed due to the clashes, but did not confirm whether the Karen rebels were behind the attack.

Myanmar’s authorities have not commented on the situation.

KNLA Brigade 5 spokesperson, Saw Kler Doh, told the Karen Information Center that Tuesday’s assault was in response to the military firing on boats passing along the Salween River.

Reports from Myanmar media state that the military has already begun retaliatory airstrikes on the area following the rebel group’s attack. It’s not yet clear whether there have been any casualties or fatalities from Tuesday’s fighting.

This would not be the first time that the KNU has successfully defeated security forces and overrun a military facility. In March, the group seized a site at Thee Mu Hta in the Karen state, killing five soldiers and taking eight prisoner. In retaliation, Myanmar’s military launched airstrikes that killed 14 civilians and wounded others, according to Free Burma Rangers, an aid group in the area.

Violence has become a daily occurrence in Myanmar, as people protest over the military seizing power in the February 1 coup and detaining civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. At least 750 civilians are believed to have died since the junta took power, according to a monitoring group in the country.




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