Senate Report Clears Rousseff of Budget Manipulation

Experts report that suspended President Dilma Rousseff did not cook the books like her rivals claim, but the impeachment process will continue.

By Telesur

Suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff got a boost in her fight against impeachment on Monday as a report prepared by analysts in the Senate found that there is no evidence to suggest she was personally responsible for fiscal wrongdoing. It remains unclear, however, how the findings will impact the impeachment process that has hinged on such allegations.

The 223-page report by three auditors found Rousseff did not cook the books in the lead up to her 2014 presidential reelection, dealing a blow to accusations from her rivals that she manipulated government accounts to hide a budget shortfall and delayed payments to public banks.

The budget charges have been the key justification behind the impeachment process against Rousseff, painted as a bid to tackle government corruption despite rampant and massive fraud among high-level opposition figures and the ranks of the installed government.

Leaked wiretaps revealing opposition plots to shield their allies from corruption investigations through Rousseff’s ouster, and new evidence directly linking imposed “interim” president Michel Temer to the Petrobras state oil bribery scandal for the first time, have effectively debunked claims that impeachment was about rooting out corruption.

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