Russian Military Acquired More Than 20,000 Documents from US Biolab Programs

ER Editor: March 14, 2023 UPDATE — See this additional post by Karen Kingston in conversation with Stew Peters from yesterday —

Dear Congress: Ignoring Pfizer’s Bioweapon Crimes Doesn’t Make Them Go Away, it Makes the United States Complicit in Biowarfare

Of note:

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of Russian Military Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops, cites the work of Project Veritas, the Stew Peters network, and specifically mentions my med-legal analysis, including citing the legal definition of mRNA technology as a bioweapon under 18 USC 175.

Stew Peters asked a great question during the interview which was,

“If a General from the Russian Military can figure out that these injections are bioweapons, why can’t our Congress?”

You can view the interview here.

Why is the Russian military launching a global criminal investigation of Pfizer, but the US Congress is not?


Peter Halligan reposted Karen Kingston‘s report below through his substack account with this comment:

Interesting. US Military and operating divisions pay for gain of function research in China – Russia submits documents covering gain of function research globally in Ukraine and Georgia. One would almost think the US had a program of attacking Russia and China.


What’s becoming crystal clear through the work of many, including Sasha Latypova and others, is that the entire ‘virus’ scam and ‘vaccine’ agenda were created and run through the US DoD (Department of Defense). So the creation and deployment is done through military means, while on the surface it all looks like a public health emergency. Here’s what valiant UK MP Andrew Bridgen had to say recently about this on Twitter:


Karen Kingston gets an honorable mention for her research by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov:

Which Karen Kingston herself notes (we recommend this):

Kingston’s Med-Legal Analysis Cited as Part of a Global Operation to Criminally Prosecute Pfizer

“The Russian Military Chief cites the work of Project Veritas, the Stew Peters network, and specifically mentions my med-legal analysis, including citing the legal definition of mRNA technology as a bioweapon under 18 USC 175.”

See also —


Russian Military Acquired More Than 20,000 Documents from US Biolab Programs

Russia states it’s extremely important to disclose facts that reveal illegal US military and biological programs. Nations should consider possible consequences of their biosafety cooperation with US

March 12, 2023: According to Modern Diplomacy, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Russian Military Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops, gave a public briefing on January 30, 2023, regarding the illegal and conspiratorial activities deployed by the US military, biopharmaceutical companies, universities, world and US health government healthcare agencies, and private investors (i.e. Bill & Melinda Gates), in the attempt of a global military-biological attack.

Russia considers it extremely important that the disclosure of the facts that reveal the illegal military and biological activities have caused various countries to consider possible consequences of their biosafety cooperation with the USA, and take a fresh look at the necessity and rationale of this kind of cooperation. – Lieutenant General Kirillov

The Modern Diplomacy article is an excellent summary of the Russian military’s investigation into the US industrial-medical military complex and the role treasonous actors played in the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent illegal medical-warfare authoritarian power moves that world leaders blindly agreed to.

In my opinion, it is a tragically horrible idea for the good men and women of our US government and military to continue to avoid taking meaningful actions to stop the biowarfare attacks immediately, including;

If you are in contact with members of Congress, governor, AG, or surgeon general who wants to stop the biowarfare attack on American and global citizens, please reach out to them and recommend that they contact me directly through


The Kingston Report. TRUTH WINS.


The following CONTENT is the copyright of Modern Diplomacy.

Some of the key points emphasized by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of Russian Military’s Chemical, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops that were noted in article are; You can read the full article here.

  • The high degree of readiness of the U.S. mRNA vaccine manufacturers for a pandemic of the new coronavirus infection raises questions. One gets the impression that pharmaceutical companies had produced the vaccine preparations in advance, being unable to rapidly introduce them into the market due to specific characteristics of the virus that embodied in low efficiency of vaccination and numerous side effects.
  • On October 18, 2019, two months before the first official reports about the emergence of the new coronavirus infection in China, the John Hopkins University, supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Event 201 exercise in New York.
    • Outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic precisely according to this scenario raises questions about its premeditated nature, involvement of the USA in this incident, as well as real objectives of the U.S. biological programs aimed at enhancing the characteristics of dangerous pathogens.
  • During the special military operation, Russian personnel acquired over 20,000 documents, reference and analytical materials, as well as surveyed witnesses and participants of the U.S. biological programs.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry has already mentioned the names of the participants of the military and biological programs, including those of the U.S. Democratic Party representatives, employees of the U.S. military department, and the Pentagon’s contracting organizations.
  • Under the pressure from the international community, Washington changes its approaches to organizing its military biological activity, transferring the functions of the customer to purely civilian departments: the Department of Health, Department of Energy, and the Agency for International Development. This will allow the U.S. authorities to avoid criticism at international venues, and deflect a blow from the Department of Defense and DTRA.
  • The strategy of ‘military and biological expansion’ is not fundamentally new, and it was founded by the United States back in the period of the Korean conflict.
  • Lobbying the interests of large pharmaceutical companies by the U.S. government is a common practice. Back in 2010, the operation of a U.S. Navy Medical Biological Centre in Jakarta was ceased due to a ‘conflict of interests’ and various violations. The Americans performed their works outside the agreed research program, carried out unauthorized sampling, and refused to inform the Indonesian government on the purposes of their works and the results achieved.
    • These biomaterials turned out to be used to the benefit of the Gilead company, affiliated with the Pentagon, that tested their preparations in Ukraine and Georgia.
  • Therefore, the concerns of the international community, related to the activities of the Pentagon-funded biolaboratories, is gradually increasing.
  • The issues, raised by the Russian Federation at the international venues – the Ninth Review Conference of BTWC Member States, and the UN Security Council – have revealed the reluctance of the USA to conduct a substantive dialogue.

The Russian Defense Ministry will continue its work in this direction and report on their findings. – Modern Diplomacy




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