Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Stunning Corruption in the Vaccine Industry that has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans

ER Editor: In addition to G. Edward Griffin’s brief summary below, we add the following points made by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his video interview with RT America:

  • Cervical cancer rates in the UK were trending downward in the 80’s and 90’s, but the very age group who first had the HPV vaccine has since seen a massive 54% increase in cervical cancer.
  • The HPV vaccine has a high rate of adverse reactions. New medical conditions occur within 6 months of children having the vaccine. 1/37 girls who get the vaccine will get a possibly serious autoimmune disease within 6 months.  2.3/100,000 die from cervical cancer whereas 2.3/100 have a risk of getting an autoimmune disease from the vaccine!
  • True double-blind placebo studies are never done on vaccines. Instead, a very dangerous neurotoxin placebo is used that masks the reaction from the vaccines. Vaccines are classified not as medical products but as ‘biologics’; vaccine companies cannot be sued.
  • So-called ‘regulatory’ agencies like the CDC are mere rubber stamps for the pharmaceutical companies, approving and mandating whatever vaccines the pharma companies produce despite the demonstrable health risks. The CDC is actually a vaccine company and buys vaccines from the pharma companies at great profits.
  • WHO is controlled top to bottom by the pharmaceutical industry, and makes vast sums on pandemics. It holds African countries to ransom, forcing them to use vaccines at the risk of losing their health budgets.
  • There isn’t even one study where a group of vaccinated children can be shown to be healthier than a group of unvaccinated children.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Stunning Corruption in the Vaccine Industry that has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gives a blockbuster interview about the vaccine industry and its capture of regulatory agencies including the Center for Disease Control and the UN’s World Health Organization. All of the 72 vaccines mandated for children are produced by four companies: Merck, Sanofi, Pfizer, and Glaxo-Smith Kline. No vaccine ever has been safety tested with a real placebo. He says the CDC functions as a vaccine company with a budget of $11- billion per year. $5 billion is spent on buying vaccines at inflated prices. The CDC approves vaccines, buys them from their manufacturer friends, and then forces 78 million people to use them even though they have never been tested for safety. In addition to making $60 billion per year selling vaccines, the companies make an additional $500 billion selling medications for diseases the vaccines cause. (Note: if you are in a hurry, skip ahead to the 7:45 minute marker) – GEG

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  1. In Australia, USA, NZ no deaths from measles. Who has stated that vitamin A deficiency causes measles complications. Samoan populations very deficient in vitamin A and very poor health which means measles becomes more deadly. Why not concentrating on better nutrition as well as vaccines?
    The impact of the triple burden of malnutrition on household welfare in Samoa

    Samoa has been identified as facing a health epidemic of rising disability, suffering, and early deaths, caused by escalating rates of Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs).4 NCDs, principally cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases, are the leading causes of death and disability in Samoa, and responsible for between 75 and 80% of deaths.5

    The overall prevalence of obesity in Samoa was estimated to be 63.1%, with 89.1% of the population estimated to be overweight.6 In addition, the adult (25-64 years of age) diabetes rate rose from 22.3% in 2002, to 45.8% in 2013.

    Gradual tariff liberalisation has helped to reduce the cost of imported foods relative to locally produced substitutes, which may link directly to health conditions of the Samoan population.7 Popular imported foods include off-cuts of meat and processed meat products, in addition to convenience food items, which contain higher fat and sodium contents than locally produced substitute foods have become cheaper over time, increasing the incentives for their consumption, which may therefore explain the sharp increase in obesity observed in Samoa over recent decades.8

    However malnutrition is also a recognized problem in Samoa, with wasting (4%) stunting (5%) identified among the under-5 population.9

    These results indicate that significant undernourishment and perhaps micronutrient deficiencies co-exist with high rates of excessive macronutrient and sodium intake. Identifying the characteristics of which households suffer from micronutrient deficiencies and those experiencing high macronutrient and sodium intake, is essential to inform targeted policy interventions which are effective for the Samoan population at large. As a result, micro and macro nutrient intake levels should be undertaken at a household level to develop accurate profiles for these at risk populations.

    Given households are falling far short of their required vitamin A intake levels and consuming far in excess of the required sodium levels, this study recommends further intervention by national policy- makers to influence household purchasing and consumption behavior, in order to improve nutrition outcomes.

  2. Well, this study, or rather experiment has been carried out in Samoa recently. 82 kids died of a vaccine preventable disease, namely measles. Most of the unvaccinated. You are co-responsible for his tragedy. Shame on you !!!!

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