Putin’s Shocking Revelations Show There Can be No Negotiations with Kiev

ER Editor: The delegation of African leaders to St. Petersburg occurred on June 16, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF, June 14-17), known as Russia’s Davos (see this RT report on the event). During a general address at the forum, Putin showed a short video to the audience. We’re showing it here.




Below, Drago Bosnic details Putin’s response to African leaders who apparently thought they could lecture him on achieving peace with Ukraine during their visit (see War in Ukraine must stop, South Africa’s Ramaphosa tells Putin).


Putin’s Shocking Revelations Show There Can be No Negotiations with Kiev


Respecting deals between countries or governments goes back millennia and includes civilizations such as Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians. This was always considered a sort of litmus test of a certain country’s or ruler’s reputation, and it stuck for a very long time. In essence, this practice predates the very concept of international law and is in many ways its direct predecessor.

However, it would seem certain countries haven’t really got the memo about how important respecting treaties is and what disastrous consequences may follow if one doesn’t.

On June 17, during a meeting with a number of African leaders and delegates who came to Moscow to offer a solution that would end the Ukrainian conflict, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a shocking revelation and even gave details of a March 2022 peace deal with the Kiev regime. The agreement, titled the “Treaty on the Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees for Ukraine” (negotiated with the mediation of the Turkish government), was actually signed by the Kiev regime.

However, the Neo-Nazi junta decided to discontinue its compliance with the treaty as soon as Russia kept its own initial end of the bargain.

Apart from other, more technical details, the deal included a clause that was supposed to be one of the key points of the Ukrainian Constitution and that would guarantee the country’s permanent neutrality. The very fact that Russia was insisting on this makes the claims that Moscow allegedly wanted to “conquer Ukraine” a moot point. In return for neutrality, the Russian military was to pull out and effectively end the special military operation (SMO). To back up his claims, President Putin also presented the relevant documentation of the abortive peace deal to the African delegates.

“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, with President Erdogan’s assistance, as you know, a string of talks between Russia and Ukraine took place in Turkey so as to work out both the confidence-building measures you mentioned, and to draw up the text of the agreement. We did not discuss with the Ukrainian side that this treaty would be classified, but we have never presented it, nor commented on it. This draft agreement was initiated by the head of the Kiev negotiation team. He put his signature there. Here it is,” Putin stated and then presented the documents.

The documents also revealed that, apart from Russia, other guarantors of the agreement were the United States, the United Kingdom and France. The only non-Western guarantor was China.

The deal also specified the future size of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), as well as what types of weapons and equipment it would be allowed to field. Expectedly, numbers proposed by the two sides were vastly different, as Moscow suggested the AFU shouldn’t have more than 85,000 soldiers, while the National Guard should be limited to 15,000. On the other hand, the Kiev regime insisted that the number should be 250,000.

In terms of weapons and equipment, Russia proposed that the AFU should be capped at 342 MBTs (main battle tanks), 1029 armored vehicles, 96 MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems), 50 combat and 52 support aircraft. However, for its part, the Neo-Nazi junta insisted on having 800 MBTs, 2400 armored vehicles, 600 MLRS, 74 combat and 86 support aircraft. The agreement was also supposed to include limitations on the number of ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles), MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems), mid to long-range SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems and several other types of weapons and military equipment.

To show that its goal was never to “conquer Ukraine”, as well as to demonstrate its readiness to honor the peace treaty, Moscow even pulled out its troops from northern Ukraine, including from the outskirts of Kiev it reached in mere days. Obviously, the actual aim of the SMO was to conduct an operation similar to that in Georgia in 2008, when Tbilisi was forced to sign a peace deal after it foolishly attacked Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. However, the Kiev regime withdrew from the talks immediately after the Russian military left northern Ukraine, clearly indicating that the Neo-Nazi junta never intended to honor the agreement.

“After we pulled our troops away from Kiev – as we had promised to do – the Kiev authorities … tossed [their commitments] into the dustbin of history. They abandoned everything,” Putin stated, adding: “Where are the guarantees that they will not walk away from agreements in the future? …However, even under such circumstances, we have never refused to conduct negotiations.”

Indeed, how is Russia to ever trust any official agreement signed by the Kiev regime when the latter repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to break any and every deal so far?

Worse yet, the so-called “guarantors” from the political West have shown that they’re equally untrustworthy, as their (current and former) leaders have not only admitted, but are even openly boasting about “giving Ukraine time” by signing deals that they knew would be broken. This only reinforces the notion former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev (rightfully) insists on – negotiating deals with the political West and its vassals and satellite states only demonstrates weakness.

It should also be noted that thanks to this treachery, approximately 200,000 forcibly conscripted Ukrainians were sent to certain death, while at least twice as many have suffered permanent, life-altering injuries.

Worse yet, these are not conclusive numbers, as there’s no indication that hostilities will end any time soon. Moscow clearly demonstrated that it didn’t want this, but it also showed what its armed forces are capable of. Either way, the political West awakened a sleeping giant that is extremely unlikely to go back to hibernation now that its opponents have shown their true colors.



Featured image, Ramaphosa with Putin: Creator: Evgeny Biatov, Evgeny Biatov Credit: AFP – Getty Images


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2 Comments on Putin’s Shocking Revelations Show There Can be No Negotiations with Kiev

  1. “Putin’s response to African leaders who apparently thought they could lecture him on achieving peace with Ukraine during their visit ”

    In light of this and of Laurent’s information about the Paris SOMMET POUR UN NOUVEAU PACTE FINANCIER MONDIAL – SUMMIT FOR A NEW FINANCIAL PACT – it looks like Russia has not won the propaganda war and perhaps the same African leaders went to attend the Paris summit on their way back from Saint-Petersburg to listen to the western parasites who plan to buy them with our money and remaining assets…

    June 19, 2023 / Joseph P. Farrell

    During last Thursday’s News and Views from the Nefarium, I read and reviewed a lengthy op-ed piece by Professor Karaganov that had appeared on RT’s website. In the article, Professor Karaganov argued that Russia had to be willing to use nuclear weapons against the West, because the Ukrainian conflict is, for Russia, “existential,” i.e., effecting its very national, cultural, economic, social, and political existence. In advocating this view, Professor Karaganov also indicated that, before such use against specified targets of value in the west, that Russia should issue warnings to the civilian populations near those targets before striking them.
    As I’ve been warning ever since the “color revolution” and “Maidan coup” days, covert operations are a game that two or more can play, and thus far, it has been largely the West playing these games in the Ukraine. More recently, those games were expanded to bomb attacks on Alexandra Duginova, and even more recently than that, to drone attacks on the Kremlin itself and on dachas and apartments in the fashionable west side of Moscow, where even Mr. Putin is rumored to have a home.
    So my reading of the RT nuclear escalation article by Karaganov is relatively simple: if Russia is openly discussing the use of nuclear weapons, then this also means all other operations, including covert operations such as assassinations, drone strikes, asymmetrical warfare and so on, are on the table.

    Today there is a bit of corroborative evidence of this interpretation. Consider firstly this article shared by V.T. (with our thanks):

    Senior Russian Official: Putin Has Green Light To Sever Undersea Commo Cables

    Note that the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s security council, former Prime Minister and President Dmitri Medvedev, has himself come out with a clear statement that since the West has attacked the Nordstream pipeline, Russia is under no moral nor legal restraint from attacking similar infrastructure assets:
    Notably, this view that the covert/asymmetrical warfare gloves may be coming off are echoed by western experts:

    Last month, NATO intelligence chief David Cattler warned of a rising risk of just such a move. “There are heightened concerns that Russia may target undersea cables and other critical infrastructure in an effort to disrupt Western life, to gain leverage against those nations that are providing security to Ukraine,” he told reporters. Naturally, the NATO intel officer’s list of potential motivations omitted retaliation-in-kind in the wake of the severing of the Nord Stream pipelines.

    “The Russians are more active than we have seen them in years in this domain,” Cattler told reporters, noting a higher pace of Russian patrols all across the Atlantic and in the Baltic and North seas. “Russia is actively mapping allied critical infrastructure both on land and on the seabed.”
    The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been providing support to an undisclosed number of federal agencies experiencing intrusions through their MOVEit applications, a software impacted by this attack, CNN reported.

    CISA is actively seeking to comprehend the extent of the damage and expedite remediation, according to Eric Goldstein, the agency’s executive assistant director for cybersecurity.

    Uncertainty looms over whether the Russian-speaking ransomware group, which has previously claimed responsibility for multiple victims of the ongoing hacking spree, orchestrated this breach. CISA has not revealed the identity of the attackers or the exact number of federal agencies affected.

    This incident adds to an alarming surge of cyberattacks over the past fortnight that has affected state governments, as well as leading U.S. universities. These increasing instances of cybercrimes heighten pressure on federal officials who have committed to curtailing the wave of ransomware attacks crippling schools, hospitals, and local governments nationwide.

    According to Google-owned cybersecurity firm Mandiant, the attacks appeared to be orchestrated by state-sponsored Chinese hackers who exploited a security loophole in the widely used email security app, Barracuda Networks’ Email Security Gateway.

    While widespread, these attacks interestingly enough appear to be concentrated against American governmental and elite structures; they do not appear to be concerned with small businesses nor their websites.

    And this intriguing factoid returns me once again to the article of Professor Kaganarov that was the focus of last Thursday’s News and Views. There were two very intriguing take-aways from his article as far as I was concerned, and these two articles seem to buttress my conclusions that the article was sending a message, and that the message was that the gloves are going to come off.

    The first take-away was that Professor Kaganarov explicitly mentioned that there were about two dozen discrete steps in escalation prior to a full nuclear response from Russia. I submit that with these two articles about direct attacks on western internet and other infrastructure cabling, inclusive of electronic financial clearing (how’s that Central Bank Digital Currency idea looking now?) and actual cyber-hacking attacks, that we are indeed looking at two of the rungs on that ladder of escalation. If the US can “try and convict” people and sentence them to “sudden death by drone” for being international terrorists, then one may reasonably expect this action might comprise the next rung on Professor Karaganov’s ‘ladder of escalation”, as Russia tries and convicts specific Western leaders of acts of international terrorism, and sentences them to “sudden death by drone,” people like George Soros, for example, against whom Russia has already taken out an arrest warrant for his alleged role in the 2014 Maidan coup in the Ukraine.

    And that brings us to the second take-away from Professor Karaganov’s article, (…)
    He was signaling, as clearly as possible, that Russia intended to start targeting the western leadership, and the centers of power and infrastructure that sustains it. If western sponsored teams can drop drones on the Kremlin or on apartments in western Moscow, then don’t be surprised – he seems to be saying – if a drone or two, or three, or however many are needed to get the job done, start crashing over the homes of Victoria Nuland or Chancellor Scholz.

    In short, putting all these articles together, it seems that we’re looking at a formal DECLARATION OF THE FACTIONAL INFIGHTING/MAFIA WARS that are now going to become, sadly, a common feature of geopolitical life.

    Of one thing we may be certain, and that is that the Bai Den Dzho family is entirely safe, because the Russians will not attack the assets of their Chinese ally…

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