Poland Submits to EU Demands, Leaving Orban & Hungary Isolated [VIDEO]

ER Editor: This is the RT article by Paul Nuttall The Duran team have posted with this video discussion – The EU’s financial imperialism wins again, pummelling Poland into submission and leaving Hungary’s Viktor Orban out on his own.

As this article explains, Poland got into the EU’s crosshairs for disciplining its own judges, which the EU claimed was illegal, and was basically just another way of giving the ruling PiS party more power. So the EU threatened to cut Poland’s funding, and Poland blinked. The real issue was whether EU law trumps national law within a member state. As Nuttall says,

Now I know it might seem like an insignificant issue on the face of it, but if Poland had held firm and won out, it would have brought the whole notion that EU law takes precedence into question right across the bloc. Indeed, you can bet your bottom dollar that other states would have followed Poland’s lead and started to unpick meddlesome and overbearing EU laws. The stakes were very high here, and it was a battle the EU could not afford to lose.

And lose it did not: Poland took the money. We recommend reading the full piece by Nuttall. Here are some notes on the video discussion between Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou. As Christoforou notes, it is basic to a sovereign nation that they organize their own court systems, that it is not for outside powers like the EU to do so.


  • Christoforou: so we are left with the decision that the European Court of Justice trumps every single court in the EU, which means, why even have a legal system in the EU anyway? This one body rules over us all; the one country that was fighting this was Poland – they bluffed and folded. It’s a sad, terrifying day in Europe.
  • Mercouris: It is a sovereign prerogative for every nation to run its own court system. To structure them as it chooses. The courts administer the law, and it is the law that binds the country together – governments get their power to govern from these bodies of laws. So it matters who runs the courts and how they are organized. This EU decision specifies how Poland’s court system will be organized in a sovereign state. Poland had said it would fight this, but this always seemed to be a bluff because the majority of Poles are committed to the EU. It remains a country where the EU is extremely popular because the Poles have not experienced the economic damage the EU can do, as other countries have. It still has its own currency and has received large sums from the EU, more than other countries. So Poland has benefitted from being in the EU. Poles also use the EU to distance themselves from Russia that they experienced during the Soviet period.
  • What the Poles will find is that from now on, all the advantages of Polish membership in the EU are going to ebb away. If you give the EU an inch, they’ll take a mile. 20 years ago, all sorts of countries supported EU membership, such as Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, etc., but that was before they were ground down by the EU (ER: we have covered the hideous way Greece was completely impoverished by the EU systematically over years). Now they open their doors to the EU and they are being ground down. Christoforou: For Poland, it will be a social grinding down. The EU will destroy the social fabric of society – family, religion, the culture. It will cost Poland dearly. The economic stuff will be added on top of that, of course. And they’ll be attacked through the NGOs, the media, the universities, the Soros foundation, etc. on the level of the social fabric. Mercouris: there’ll be a push over the next few years to get Poland into the euro. The current govt is likely to lose at the next election, so the next govt will likely take it into the euro. Economics will come into play, which is when Poles will discover the high economic price that over countries have paid such as Greece, Italy, France, etc. The EU machine expands, it brings others under its control and centralizes decision-making; and the periphery is drained to bolster the core. This is the EU playbook.
  • Christoforou: if you’re in the euro, the EU controls you financially on every single level. There are no euros in the ATMs unless the EU says so. They control the flow of money, the grants, the kickbacks and corruption. They’ll ‘sniper out’ (ER: literally?) any opposition in France; they’ll deal with Italy as well. Leaving Hungary as the target. And now they’ve locked up the judiciary. All that’s left is the military, and they’ll get that, too. It’s on the cards.
  • Mercouris: If you control the courts and therefore the administration of the law, and the money, the lifeblood of the economy, WHAT CAN A POLITICIAN DO? It takes away their role; they have no power. Decisions are then made in Brussels, not Warsaw. It’s more crushing of Polish sovereignty than happened during the communist system. Polish independence will be eroded even more.
  • Orban is left. They’ll really go after him before the 2022 elections in Hungary. Can he hold out? He’s much cannier than the Polish leadership, and he doesn’t have their hang-ups over Russia, etc. He’s cleverer and much more capable; his political base is much more solid. But it’s still a question as to whether he can withstand the storm that is coming. 

Control the money, control the courts, and what’s left?

  • What about health passports? Mercouris: the police are answerable to the court system. So it all comes back to the courts. If you control the courts, you have the police; if you control the money, you control the banks … then you control EVERYTHING! Few people understand this, but Orban does. It was a good move by Tucker Carlson to go to Hungary.
  • Christoforou: coalitions within the EU are withholding monies to Hungary following the lockdown/virus period. Orban is also suing Norway Grants, which are grants from countries like Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and others that go to central and southern EU countries. 77 billion florints or 215 million euros should have gone to Hungary but hasn’t.  Hungary’s socialist party, which is simply the old communists rehashed from the Soviet era, has said that the EU would have given Hungary the money if they were in power. The true extreme-right party, Jobbik, and the Socialists (communist holdovers) have formed an alliance against Orban, and they’re backed by the EU! 
  • Mercouris: the whole EU system will collapse eventually because of its own contradictions.
  • Christoforou: The EU will find an undemocratic way to deal with France and Italy (ER: This is unfolding. These are the two countries under the boot heel of tyranny over vaccine passports.) Hungary is basically the last sovereign nation left in the EU, standing up against complete tyranny. 


Poland submits to EU demands, leaving Orban & Hungary isolated


The EU’s financial imperialism wins again, pummelling Poland into submission and leaving Hungary’s Viktor Orban out on his own.

The Duran: Episode 1061




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5 Comments on Poland Submits to EU Demands, Leaving Orban & Hungary Isolated [VIDEO]

  1. “Mercouris: the whole EU system will collapse eventually because of its own contradictions.”

    Don’t forget the IRON CURTAIN : a failed world dictatorship might in last resort try to lock western Europeans behind a new iron wall of local dictatorship.

    “Christoforou: The EU will find an undemocratic way to deal with France and Italy (ER: This is unfolding. These are the two countries under the boot heel of tyranny over vaccine passports.)”

    The “EU” has already found the way : since 2005 when we voted NO to the fake “European Constitution” by the last unrigged referendum we had, Sarkozy, CIA agent, was put as Mininstre de l’Intérieur, where he changed the rules of the vote counts, externalizing the counts to a foreign company, then he ran for predidency, and was “elected”.
    Since then all elections results were decided by Dominion. Except for the mayors’ elections (2% for Macron’s fake party)

    “Hungary is basically the last sovereign nation left in the EU, standing up against complete tyranny.”

    Orban has long played on both sides :
    >”keep flowing the European taxpayer’s money to fund Ungary, and I won’t ally with Le Pen (now obsolete) and others to form a strong opposition group at the “European Parliament”
    >”In return, I keep my right to take my own decisions in Hungary”

    This game becomes now more difficult.

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