Nigel Farage calls for West ‘to put the people back IN CHARGE of their lives’ after Brexit

NIGEL Farage has called for a “democratic renaissance” following Brexit and ordered for “people to be put back in charge of their own lives”.

Charlie Peat

The outgoing Ukip leader hailed the historic decision to quit Brussels on June 23 as a victory for the people.

Mr Farage also moved to condemn Hillary Clinton for claiming Brexit was one of the worst things to happen to Britain and accusing him of being “far-right”.


Nigel Farage said people need to be put back in control of their lives (Getty Images)

He said: “What the West needs is a democratic renaissance where we actually put people back in charge of their own lives.

“Hillary thinks Brexit is one of the worst things that ever happened because she supports these giant attempts of government – effectively – on almost on a global scale.”

Mr Farage accused Clinton of making “slanderous” comments and said: “If anyone stoops to the level of using the epithet ‘far right’ to describe people who believe in nation-state democracy, well clearly they are the ones that have lost the plot, not me.

“I’ve never worked with groups on the extreme right or left.”

He told Breitbart: “At the end of the day I’m someone that has come from business into politics and my motivation was that I thought the European project was taking away from my country democracy, free speech, the ability to control our borders.

“What I realise now, years on, was that what I saw going on in my country wasn’t unique to us; it actually has been happening in the entire Western world.”

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Charlie Peat is overnight reporter for the Daily Express & Daily Star online.

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