What You Need To Know About Jews And Israel

Eleanor Goldfield @ActivistEleanor and Kit O’Connell @KitOConnell

In a recent episode of Act Out! host Eleanor Goldfield separates the truth from fiction when it comes to Jews and Israel:

“As a Jew, let me take you on a brief journey where we dissect the differences between Jews and the state of Israel.


Members of Jewish Voice for Peace from Seattle protest the Israeli occupation of Palestine. December 2, 2006. (Flickr / Jewish Voice for Peace)

In August 2014, during Israel’s last brutal assault on Gaza, MyMPN editor Kit O’Connell reported that many Jewish activists joined a massive protest against the war on Gaza in Austin, Texas. During the rally at the Texas State Capitol, local Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb eloquently explained why it’s so important for Jews to stand with Palestine:

By standing with the people of Gaza, you are standing with the Jewish people. Because how can we, the Jewish people who know the Holocaust, how can we witness what is happening and not be present to say “Not In Our Name?”

I learned from the rabbis of my youth that “Never Again” means never again for anyone.


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Eleanor Goldfield is a Jewish activist, host of Act Out! and contributor to Mintpress News

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