Nancy Pelosi, proud of her white grandson wishing to have brown skin

Nancy Pelosi is proud of her white grandson wishing to have brown skin


On 7 February 2018 Nancy Pelosi delivered a speech in the House of Representatives in which she revealed her dream about turning white Americans into brown-skinned people.

Her highly emotionally charged monologue was all about poor migrants and the ongoing issue of having them naturalized or granting them permanent residency. Nancy Pelosi, a democrat from California, went to great lengths to impress her audience with her fervent devout religiosity, suggesting even to have the congressmen and congresswomen pray the rosary (she boasted of having quite a few of them, consecrated by consecutive popes), and with her moral high ground. Her speech consisted predominantly in quoting letter after letter, story after story from teenage immigrants or children of immigrants, or the so-called undocumented people, who have lived, studied and worked in the United States for years. The mushy weepy touching maudlin mawkish tear-jerking stories had but one aim: to make the listeners favourably disposed to the passing of the law that would grant citizenship or permanent residency to all illegal, present, past and future immigrants, because they would enrich refine re-invigorate rejuvenate America, because they deserve it as human beings, because to do otherwise would degrade Americans and especially American lawmakers.

The stories that Nancy Pelosi shared with the audience (reading them out loud) were as if copies of one movie script. They ran something like this: I was two, five, twelve years old when my parents courageously took me to America from Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, South Korea, in order to safeguard for me a better future, education, and life opportunities. I have lived in the United States ever since and have studied social sciences, psychology, chemistry, a foreign language. America is the only country I have known and so I am very much worried by the possibility of being deported. I got into difficulties while studying at college as I had no right to a grant or any other form of state support due to my not being a US citizen. I would like to contribute to American society, to make a positive difference, and at the same time to make my dreams come true. I feel American, I would like to work legally, so please will you unchain my dreams, because although I am legally an alien I believe I am American. And so on to the same tune. Not infrequently a story would end with a confession that the undocumented teenage migrant is now busy working in a foundation or other organization that specializes in giving a helping hand to other… immigrants.

Nancy Pelosi would comment, on the verge of tears, on each story, describing each of the authors as talented and wonderful and courageous, and asking the audience rhetorically whether it would be right to oust them from the United States, whether such a step would not impoverish America. In her speech (undocumented) immigrants were most of the time referred to as dreamers (a hint at and a pun on the DREAM Act, a legislative proposal for gradually granting alien minors permanent residency). The dreamers, said Nancy Pelosi, are proud of their heritage, of their countries of origin but love America above all, and are fierce American patriots; as such, they deserve the opportunity for prosperity and it would be a reprehensible act to deport them, an act for which American legislators will be punished by Almighty God because rejecting newcomers is equivalent to rejecting God himself as the Bible says.

Nancy Pelosi brought her speech to a dramatic powerful exciting thrilling gripping riveting orgasmic climax when she told the audience about her grandson’s birthday party, during which she asked him what his wish was. She was happy to report to the congressmen and congresswomen that her grandson’s wish was that he could have skin and eyes as brown as those of his friend from Guatemala; at which point Nancy Pelosi waxed so lyrical and sentimental that she said that such appearance was America’s future face because beauty, she believes, was in the mix.

Emotions were running high, and nothing of what she said stood to reason. The latter would pose the following questions to consider:

One. How can you become a fierce American patriot having never been or stopped being a patriot of your country of origin? Is patriotism a frock you put on and take off as the case may be?

Two. Why do the migrants say it is unthinkable for them to leave America because, as they say, it is the only country they know if it was thinkable for them or their parents to leave the country of their origin, precisely the only one they knew at that time?

Three. How can you, Nancy Pelosi, say migrants enrich the United States without at the same time realizing that by the same token they must impoverish their countries of origin of whose heritage, as they want to make us believe, they are oh so proud?

Four. How can one fail to see that the fierce American patriotism confessed by former Thais, Malawians, Guatemalans, Somalis, Mexicans is nothing more than a code name for an escape to a materially better life? How can one fail to realize that such “patriots” will desert America when she becomes poor or find itself in turmoil and will without much ado pledge allegiance to the highest bidder, another prosperous country which will give them, the dreamers as they are, a promise to make their dreams come true?

Five. How can one hold in respect Thais, Malawians, Guatemalans, Somalis, Mexicans for being proud of their heritage and in the same breath praise one’s own grandson for being ashamed of his own race?


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