Several videos, viewed by Le Figaro, attest to the muscular arrests of rioters, handcuffed with greenhouse-flex, and who scream their innocence shouting their innocence, who hand them over to law enforcement.

A dozen young people hooded, hooded and dressed in sports clothes indeed arrested rioters in Lorient, a naval base where marine riflemen and marine commandos are stationed. “Who are we? I cannot tell you. But we are on the good side, we… ”, they explained to our colleagues from Ouest-France, who describe them as “cut in V, very mobile and moving in a compact group”. One of them, testifying to Ouest-France, recognizes the majority presence of soldiers, “rifles, perhaps commandos. There were different units to which were added civilians. Information confirmed, on condition of anonymity, by a police source. The soldier, who came to see the damage in Lorient, coordinated with “colleagues,” and arrested at least four thugs.

Happenstance or deployment?