Massive Global Panic & Overreaction from COVID-19 … WHY?

Massive Global Panic & Overreaction from COVID-19 … WHY?


So what will it take for humanity to wake up to what could easily be described as the biggest lie in modern history … blowing away (by action or reaction) even the hype and hysteria generated by events such as 9/11, by magnitudes.

Once again, it does not matter what the facts are because via the most effective tool being used today against humanity … The Mainstream Media (MSM) … global panic and massive overreaction are exploding all across the planet, promoted by, and encouraged by, complicit politicians and governments with agendas.

Question: Why are known and highly successful treatments being not only ignored … but in some countries or states, products like Chloroquine (an over-the-counter drug with over a decade of successful global use) are being pulled off the shelves, or you may now be required to get a prescription to receive the drug (if your doctor even prescribes it). We are being told the science is not done … but the success rate in China and France is off the charts. Yet we are told again and again that the science is not complete and that we should probably wait for the vaccines being rushed to the public …

No, Thanks (another story) !!!

The fact is, no one even knows where or how it originated to this very day, although many rumors are being regurgitated. There are now new rumors that Italy (a coronavirus hot-spot) had COVID-19 like cases as far back as early November 2019 (or earlier) … and sent soldiers to the military games in Wuhan China … ???

Yet with all this knowledge and information on highly successful treatments available, we are being led to believe the only things we can do to successfully stop this pandemic is to stay away from people, stop going to work, and be held up like prisoners in our homes waiting for the angel of death to come knocking on our doors. We have become a highly gullible race of freaking idiots !!!

Much of the information available is showing the mortality of this virus can’t even come close to matching the annual global flu pandemic (yet we have had a much worse pandemic every year for the last 30 years or more by this definition) in which as many as 650,000 people die globally yearly. Or the highly related average of about four million deaths by pneumonia each year! So with between 4.5 and 5 million people dying annually from just these two related maladies…

…  I surely don’t remember (in my 65 years) shutting the world down because of the close to 5 million flu/pneumonia deaths annually …

Yet the under 20,000 COVID-19 deaths we see so far globally (and it is being said by many qualified professionals that not all of these deaths, by a big margin, are COVID-19 related) have brought this globe to a screeching halt (comparatively speaking) in a few very short months.

And then there is this … Sweden Says No to Quarantine

And Great Britain is now seriously downgrading the severity of the virus to its population. But in America and other western nations, they hail trillion dollar stimulus packages and scare everyone into self isolation. Damn, liberty and freedom sure took a back seat quickly … with NO real proof offered or promised! Tis surely the season for global madness.

Now the big question becomes … WHY … ???

I will save my thoughts on this until my next rant, but please take the time to watch the video below as it goes a long way towards giving you information you will NEVER get from any health or government agency, FACT. But hey … since you’re stuck at home anyway …

Amandha Vollmer on Global News Full Video – Fake Virus Pandemic to Usher in UN 2030


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As of March 23, here are the worldwide flu stats for COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases: 372,691 (of which 12,192 in severe condition, which means they most likely had a pre-existing illness) Deaths: 16,314, Recovered: 101,373


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