Macron Panics as Le Pen Wins Hate Speech Court Case [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Alexander Mercouris in conversation with Alex Christoforou of The Duran team gives us an update on what has happened in the longstanding, bizarre, hate speech case against Marine Le Pen. As an Establishment move, yet another, it hasn’t worked. Here’s a summary of the discussion:

  • Le Pen has been acquitted in a hate speech case that was launched in early 2018.
  • Mercouris: Le Pen is getting stronger in relation to the upcoming election. Originally she had only posted information about what a terrible organization ISIS was (its atrocities), which was ridiculously deemed to be a hate crime by prosecutors, designed to damage her. Now she’s been acquitted.
  • We are starting to see more and more evidence of panic from the French establishment which is running out of road. In the Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur region, the local Les Républicains (centre-right, establishment, globalist) party leader tried to combine forces with Macron’s party for regional elections so as to keep Le Pen’s RN party at bay. But it provoked problems and a split within the local party ultimately. So we’re seeing attempts to bolster forces by the Establishment behind Macron in advance of the elections in 2022, but it’s also provoking fractures in the French regions. Many of these regional people are deeply hostile to Macron, so attempting to consolidate power on the right behind Macron could be a major mistake and could drive more support toward Le Pen overall.
  • We still have most of a year before these elections, but the election is now clearly focused on a race between Le Pen and Macron to the virtual exclusion of other leaders and parties. 2022 will be Le Pen’s best shot up to now. Signs of desperation among the elites are beginning to spread.
  • French polling agencies are biased and cannot be taken as reliable. Some put Macron and Le Pen level, some with Macron slightly ahead. But none give him a clear lead. Mercouris: they’re probably not at all reliable, knowing France. In reality, Le Pen may be at least level and quite probably ahead.
  • Macron has done a terrible job in France. Who now supports him? The elite. France is the most elitist-controlled society in the west. Politics is structured around a small, tightly-knit power structure in Paris, coming from finance, the diplomatic core, the intelligence community, the media, and some sections of the middle class. These people should not be underestimated. He also has the machinery of the state behind him, as well as Big Tech, etc. Le Pen’s support comes from blue collar French workers around France, called La France profonde (deep France). There is more widespread conservative sentiment among the middle class in the French regions, too.
  • As a sign of Macron’s desperation, he’s trying to distance himself from his elitist image by announcing the closure of the elite school (ENA) which produces the university graduates heading for the French civil service and government. Most presidents are from this school, including Macron himself. It’s the equivalent of Harvard in France. In reality, it won’t be abolished but reconstituted in a different form. It’s purely cosmetic, which isn’t fooling anyone.

We remind readers that, as part of this bizarre charge, Le Pen was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation back in 2018. See Marine Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation.


Macron panics as Le Pen WINS hate speech court case



The National Rally leader and 2022 presidential candidate was charged with hate speech after posting photos of murders carried out by jihadists back in 2015.

French politician Marine Le Pen was acquitted by a court on Tuesday. She was accused of breaking hate speech laws after she posted photos of Daesh* terrorists killing people back in 2015, while slamming comparisons between her party (then known as the National Front) and the notorious jihadist group in French media.

“This is what Daesh is”, she wrote under the photos, responding to journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who made such a comparison.

The politician was accused of “disseminating violent messages that could seriously harm human dignity,” but she denied any wrongdoing. Following the court’s decision, her defence lawyers noted that the freedom of expression had been safeguarded.

The court ruling comes ahead of the 2022 French presidential election, which is likely to see a standoff between Le Pen and incumbent President Emmanuel Macron.

*Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS) is a terrorist organisation banned in Russia and many other states

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1 Comment on Macron Panics as Le Pen Wins Hate Speech Court Case [VIDEO]

  1. This “bizarre” charge was in line with a continuous process harrassment by means of law suits and media attacks over the years.
    Please readers don’t fall in the trap “macron panics” and “Le Pen is getting stronger in relation to the upcoming election”. This is all staged as a simulation of choice for the election, in order for us to end up with no choice at all.

    Marine Le Pen has now been tamed by the system. She is obviously no longer who she was, no longer opposition. I don’t know with what weapons or threats “they” control her.

    Anyway it is disinformation to speak about the possible outcome of a fake election, knowing the the presidential elections in France are rigged since Sarkozy.

    To know exactly who Macron is afraid of, look at who his handlers call repeatedly “seditious”. Il began with the Yellow vests, then the “refractory Gauls” in general, now the military asserting their will to defend their country against the EU and world dictatorship.
    NOT TO CONFUSE with those within the military who are only trying to set our contry on fire with a civil war against french moslems, in order to unfold the next phase of the LOCK STEP script written in the Rockefeller document 2010: “A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership”
    Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

    If “they” feel Marine Le Pen is now better suited for the role of tightening the dictatorship with a military government for exemple, or just useful TO PREVENT ANY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE TO BECOME PRESIDENT, be sure they will use her.

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