Jeff Hanson’s Financing of the Malones’ Medical Freedom World Tour

ER Editor: This is going the rounds on discerning substack accounts. Writers like Charles Wright and Sage Hana (probably a man), etc. have dug into the recent pasts of so-called truther doctors like Robert Malone and some of his associates like Pierre Kory to find all is not what it seems. See these posts on this site.

We wondered what a REIT is:

A Healthcare REIT is a specialized form of Real Estate Investment Trust that focuses primarily on healthcare-related properties. These properties can encompass a wide range of assets, including medical office buildings, hospitals, senior living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and more. Healthcare REITs own and manage these properties, generating rental income from healthcare providers who lease space within them.


Jeff Hanson’s Finance of the Malone’s Medical Freedom World Tour

American Healthcare REIT Part 1

“Out of the Blue” in the Summer of 2021, as he sat in a hotel/motel in Monterey California, Robert Malone received a phone call from a man who said he had wired a large sum of money to Robert Malone’s bank account. This video clip is from The Unity Project Wine Country Conversationsdated May 11, 2023.

“Free Agent.” The payment was so large that Malone was embarrassed to say the amount. (ER: This is mentioned around the 4-5 minute mark on the video. Watch him speak as ‘one of the folks’.) It enabled the silver-tongued devil to travel the world and spread what he hypocritically describes as a “Medical Freedom” message. All the while, Hospitals around the world were systematically killing “COVID” patients and falsifying the cause of death. How can there be Medical Freedom if Hospitals are allowed to commit murder? According to the Malones, they put in over 400,000 miles of travel on commercial airlines in 2022 – not counting private jets.

Robert Malone said on Twitter that he took Ivermectin and hiked in Monterey on August 9, 2021, so that’s the time period when he received the money.

The Malones never said a word about the Hospitals Holocaust. How can there be “Medical Freedom” when Hospitals kill people and lie about the cause of death? Malone and his wife talked about vaccine mandates and the transgender agenda.

The man who paid Malone the large sum of money was Jeff Hanson, co-founder of American Healthcare REIT.

From Hanson’s LinkedIn page:

Hanson founded AHI, a leading sponsor of public healthcare REITs that currently manages an international portfolio valued at $4 billion, positioning the firm as the largest privately-held healthcare real estate investment firm globally. Hanson serves as the chairman and CEO of each of the company-sponsored REITs, currently Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III & IV, valued at $3 billion and $1 billion, respectively, and their prior REIT, which was sold in 2014 to NorthStar, now Colony Capital (NYSE: CLNY), in a transaction valued at $4 billion.
Over the past five years AHI and its affiliates have raised $4.8 billion in equity and have acquired $6.5 billion in healthcare real estate internationally for its sponsored REITs.

Hanson’s portfolio is comprised of hospitals, senior housing, and other health care facilities.

Senior Housing News:

American Healthcare REIT’s $4.6 billion portfolio is made up of about 300 senior housing and care, hospital and health care buildings in 36 states and overseas in the UK. About a third of the company’s senior housing and care portfolio lies with Trilogy Health Services, one of the nation’s largest senior living and skilled nursing providers.

This means that Robert Malone has a serious financial conflict of interest of reporting medical truth about the methods used to kill hospitalized COVID patients and the elderly in senior housing.

Although the Hospitals Holocaust is being reported by a few journalists, largely forgotten in all this madness is how many people were killed by Protocol in senior housing facilities. USA Today found a large variance in a study of death rates in nursing homes in an article published March 10, 2022.

USA Today:

COVID-19 marched into almost every nursing home in America during last winter’s surge, when 71,000 residents died – the most of any wave of the pandemic. Still, at nearly one-third of the nursing homes reporting outbreaks, no one died.

I have made no study of the death rates at Hanson’s properties.

According to Malone, Michael Callahan, his colleague on multiple (manufactured) Pandemics including but perhaps not limited to Ebola and Zika, was “on point” in developing the protocols used in “elder care facilties.”

Michael Callahan reported to Robert Kadlec at the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR). The ASPR’s COVID-19 Treatments: Information for Long Term Care Facilities webpage states that Remdesivir or Paxlovid “must be started early, even if symptoms are mild.” There is no way that pursuing such a strategy on the elderly would not result in high death rates, creating a large potential financial liability for Jeff Hanson.

Robert Malone has consistently advocated to vax the elderly, based on the false premise that the risk of adverse events and death from the vaccines is less than the risk from the “virus” (which has never been isolated and sequenced). According to Malone, the elderly were dying at such a high rate from “COVID,” that they should take the vaccine.

This video from the Ripple Effect Podcast #338 is dated July 12, 2021, about a month before Malone received his payment from Hanson. “Hashtag Boomer Disease.”

Robert Malone is more than intelligent enough to challenge the underlying data on COVID death rates of the elderly. How many of the elderly died in senior care facilities? How many of them were given Remdesivir? How many were given Paxlovid? How many died in the first two weeks after vaccination – a period when deaths were counted as unvaccinated?

P.S. Many thanks to Vilma of Vilma’s Substack, whose research was the starting point for this article. Part Two will be Jeff Hanson’s financing of the FLCCC. (ER: Where Malone’s friend and colleague, Dr. Pierre Kory, operates.)

Charles Wright




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