Is the Zionist Project Over? Applied Zionism Demonstrates Its Radical Extremism

Is the Zionist Project Over? Applied Zionism Demonstrates Its Radical Extremism


“Its a premeditated all-out genocidal crazed assault on captive people with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The Palestinians are being put down in an industrial scale of killing.”

The diabolical character of applied Zionism has been put openly on display for all the world to see. There is no hiding the appallingly ugly nature of the vicious “war” declared by the Israeli government on the so-called “human animals” penned up in Gaza as well as Israel’s undeclared war against the Palestinians in the West Bank.

The evidence keeps mounting, exposing the duplicitous role of Netanyahu, who needs this war to stay out of jail. The deranged Netanyahu was instrumental in engineering the lethal pretext of this attempt to annihilate the remaining Palestinians under Israeli control. An added element of this plan includes the Israeli design to deport any Palestinian survivors to tents camps in the Sinai Desert in Egypt.

Zionism emerges from the Jewish Supremacist heritage, rooted especially in Talmudic commentaries written during and since the era of Babylon. The demeaning treatment of non-Jews has been charted, renewed and elaborated in many commentaries written by the Talmud’s rabbinic authors right up to the present day. See this. (The Truth about the Talmud – Michael Hoffman)

This Talmudic heritage merged at the time of Zionism’s inception in the late 1800s, with the pervasive ethos of ethnocentric imperialistic nationalism that pervaded the Victorian era during its zenith.

The core of the Zionist project involved the creation of a mostly European Jewish nation to be injected into the Arab realm at the nexus point of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Jews of mostly European origin are often described as Ashkenazi. They tend to dominate pyramids of Zionist power both inside and outside Israel.

The influence of Zionism has not been corralled within geographic or even perceptual realms of circumscribed existence. As we are presently seeing, Zionism has come to exercise many forms of decisive control over the governing agencies in many countries, wherever this formidable international network of wealth and power has taken root.

Currently governing authorities especially in so-called “Western” countries are lining up to support, back and contribute to the Zionist assault on the Indigenous Arab Palestinians under Israeli control. The same authorities have been quick to penalize and blacklist any of their own citizens who manifest a will to condemn and criticize the armed slaughter of stateless Palestinians in Gaza as well as in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank area.

A great schism is opening up between the perspective of those in positions of Zionist-sanctioned authority and the perspectives of many average people who are horrified by what they see taking place in Gaza. With only rare exceptions, the authorities are backing and even celebrating the grotesque actions of the Zionist forces engaged in the merciless slaughter of Palestinian people, but especially women and children.

Significantly, Jews are well represented among Zionists pushing the genocidal attacks on Palestinian people, as well as in the protest groups demanding at the very least a ceasefire agreement. Many include in this demand the call for a halt to the most egregious facets of the ongoing genocide of Palestinians that began in 1948. This genocide changed gear into preplanned overdrive, beginning with the still-unexplained events of 7 October.

A divide of great significance is being exposed in the schism between both Jewish and Christian Zionists mostly in positions of authority, and the portion of the population, including a significant number of Jews, represented in numerous pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

This schism currently on display is not part of the divide-and-conquer tactics that our upper level governors regularly foment, encourage and cultivate to cause humanity to keep fighting among ourselves rather than unite against our oppressors. This tactic forms a well known strategy often employed to keep in power the predators at the top.

The growing focus on the malevolence of Zionism and the total lack of respect by its adherents for the rule of law, let alone the dignity of human life, is self-evident right now. Unmistakable is the ruthless nature of the process where the most unscrupulous contestants for power and wealth break through into the upper echelons of control and domination over humanity.

This hideous circumstance is being placed front and centre right before our eyes for all those willing to look and see. With the facts of Gaza staring us in the face, there is nothing but hypocrisy infecting anyone that pretends anymore that we inhabit a society of laws, respect for human rights, and upward mobility through merit and hard work. Any illusion that we live in democracies composed of the people, by the people and for the people has become completely absurd in the world we presently inhabit.

Thomas Jefferson, the main drafter of the Declaration of Independence, has been completely pre-empted by governments that have lost any right to claim legitimacy for their actions on the basis of the consent of the governed. The principles outlined by John Locke is his Two Treatises on Government, a favourite text of the US founders, simply do not apply.

The obscene spectacle in Gaza being pressed forward supposedly in our name demonstrates that “We the people” have almost no say whatsoever in what goes on with our bought-and-paid-for rulers, who take many of their cues from Zionist operatives. These Zionist overlords have immensely disproportionate access to fiat money used to bribe politicians and determine the kind of media coverage afforded to those seeking or holding elected office.

The rigging of the financial system, the media system, and the political system goes hand in hand with the rigging of courts, of Internet search engines, and of all levels of education. Who can doubt that Zionists played a significant role in rigging of the financial system in a way that encouraged the US to become by far the world’s dominant military superpower.

Especially since 2001, the permanent war economy of the United States enabled it to become the main protagonist in wars for Israel. These wars happened with regularity after the Zionist rigging of the 9/11 terror spectacle used to create the kind of optics presently helping to drive forward Netanyahu’s psychotic spectacle in Gaza, complete with two US aircraft carriers nearby to intimidate the natives.

The fast-evolving war in Israel and increasingly in Lebanon, too, could become a full-fledged regional war or worse at any time. The war is being expressed in a variety of ways as conflicts develop in many countries but especially in the United States. There especially intense and high-stakes antagonisms are unfolding in the Ivy League law schools and in the biggest and richest law firms.

Law Schools and Law Firms Engage in Zionist-Palestinian Conflicts

Big donors to the law schools have been delivering ultimatums to, for instance, the leadership of institutions like Harvard, Penn State and Columbia Universities. These donors like Bill Ackman, Leslie Wexner and Marc Rowan have threatened to withdraw funding if the leadership of the law faculties don’t crack down on what they consider to be “anti-Semitism” among students. A catalyst to the process occurred on 8 October when Ackman called on Harvard to ‘umask’ all Harvard students that signed a “pro-Palestine petition” following the engineered Gaza prison break that took place the prior day.

Law firm, Davis, Polk and Wardell, moved on this threat, revoking job offers to Harvard and Columbia students that had signed statements critical of the Israeli government. The momentum flowing from these actions reached a new threshold on 1 November. That was the day when 24 of the largest law firms in the USA wrote to all of the top law schools making threats that if any of the schools did not do more to “eliminate anti-Semitism” from their institutions, none of their students would ever receive employment offers from any of the 24 law firms.

As Josephus Tiberius writes in “Jews Declare War on America,”

“Presumably these firms either have been taken over completely by Jewish senior partners or have so many Jewish clients that they felt compelled to issue this mind-boggling statement. These law firms and banks are — apart from the hi-tech employers on the West Coast — the principal bastion of high paying jobs and influential careers in the United States. If all but sycophants of the Jews are cut off from these firms, the result will be a collapsing disaster for the freedom and economic prospects of the rest of America.

If these threats are carried out, this is nothing short of a disaster for non-Jewish Americans. This is, in a word, a direct frontal assault on every non-Jewish American.”

See this.

This essay by Tiberius offers a revealing window into many otherwise invisible aspects of Zionist power in the United States. In this case, much is being brought to light about the ethics and propensities of those senior officials charged to safeguard the apparatus of the rule of law.

The episode exposes the sense of entitlement felt by the Zionist operatives at the top of the chain of command in the legal establishment. It reveals much about the kind of considerations that control who gets embraced or spurned in the contest for America’s top jobs. It speaks eloquently of the tremendous biases and prejudices that have been institutionalized in core networks of privilege and authority at the heart of America’s power structure.

All kinds of telling developments in the United States are indicating how things have changed since 7 October. For instance the Zionist decision makers at MSNBC decided to suspend the three Muslim anchors on the network. Zionist Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, issued an unconstitutional “decree” aimed at outlawing various forms of gatherings on Florida campuses. These banned assemblies are those that call for an end to the Israeli government’s genocidal actions in Gaza.

What are we being told when top officials outlaw opposition to genocide?

The End of the Zionist Project?

Some are beginning to assert that, on logistical grounds, the Israeli government and its US backers are beginning to lose to a better prepared and more steadfast opponent. This opponent is able to sustain resistance by exploiting networks of tunnels built by Hamas underneath Gaza.

A similar strategy worked well for Ho Chi Minh’s and the Viet Cong in their war with the United States. Why should not the same strategy work for the military defenders of the Palestinians? See this.

The Jewish proponents of Zionism, backed up by the much more numerous group of Christian Zionists, are exposing the violent and absurd nature of their creed’s actions in real world conditions. How much longer can this psychopathic experiment in the most radical expression of twenty-first century colonialism continue?

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Zionist project? Is it true that this crisis is “bringing the masses into the equation of power dynamics”?



This article was originally published on the author’s Substack, Looking out at the World from Canada.

Dr. Anthony Hall is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

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