In Germany, Revolution Is Brewing Against COVID19 Tyranny

In Germany Revolution Is Brewing Against COVID19 Tyranny


News just in is that, from the 11th January, more than 50,000 shops and other businesses in Germany will open their doors as normally, in despite of the “Covid” restrictions.

Although many have said that the way out of this “medical dictatorship” is civil disobedience, as espoused by Mahatma Gandhi to wrest control of India from the British Empire, it behoves us to look at what has actually driven business owners to make this stand.

Instantly, we run into a contradiction: Many believe that government is there to look after and to serve the people which, in theory at least, is actually true. Many, perhaps most, of the self-same people also believe that politicians are self-serving liars but do not see the inherent contradictions in these two warring perceptions.

In November, the “government” of Germany promised business owners restitution payments to cover their running costs during the “Covid” restrictions. These promises have not been kept, leaving business owners with the choice between going under and defiantly opening their doors. Basically, they have nothing to lose and 50,000 is a large enough number impossible to police. This is, however, a tiny fraction of the number of businesses facing this. When five million decide to open their doors, the Merkel plan to destroy the German economy and to plunge the German people into abject poverty is over.

Doubtless, a few businesses will be selected for exemplary punishment but this, itself, would be illegal! A law or regulation cannot be selectively applied – all or none is clearly stated under article 3 of the German Basic Law (pseudo-constitution).

Which brings us inevitably to the question, “Who would go into such “illegally” opened businesses?”

In view of the steadily growing numbers of people who have realised the following, the answer is, very probably, “more than sufficient to enable that business to continue.”

1) The whole “raison d’etre” of the lockdowns is the PCR test which is not only incapable of providing diagnostic information but is, further, used way beyond its maximum accuracy capacity.The Polymerase Chain Reaction (which is NOT a test for anything) takes genetic material in a given sample and, by cyclical replication produces sufficient material to enable scientific scrutiny of the initial sample. Each cycle replicates the previous sample 10 times. So 1 cycle gives you ten times as much material, 2 cycles, 100 times, 3 cycles 1000 times etc. The maximum number of cycles, beyond which so much extraneous material will be added that no meaningful result can be obtained, is 35.

Dependent upon the laboratory, the so-called “Covid-19 tests” use between 40 and 45 cycles which explains why their result are more than 95% inaccurate and why Elon Musk who took four such tests on one day, just before Christmas, had two positive and two negative results.

2) Sars-Cov-2 is NOT a “virus” but a micro-protein nearly one thousand times smaller than a “virus”. Although first “discovered” in 2013, its widespread occurrence across our planet has made it an ideal tool for the present manipulations.

Whilst it is known to thrive in the kidney tissues of monkeys, it has no affinity with the human body and can only be viewed as completely harmless to we humans, as the British National Health Service declared on 19th March 2020:-

3) Just as with the much, much larger “viruses”, the Sars-Cov-2 protein fragment is so small that it is weightless, i.e. lighter than air! It is known that such particles will cross the Atlantic in less than 2 days carried by random air currents.

It is also proven that the porosity of even surgical masks needed to let you breathe consists of spaces in the weave some 25 times LARGER than a “virus,” so something one thousand times smaller is certainly not going to be impeded by such a face covering.

Additionally, the regulations require merely a face covering – a woollen scarf is quite acceptable thus proving that the purpose has nothing to do with preventing the movement of “viruses”. That is why no blood or breath tests are carried out because these particles can rarely get through and cannot thrive there anyway.

Dr. Ted Noel demonstrates this admirably in this video:

As these particles are randomly blown about across our planetary home, it is inevitable that, now and again, some will be caught by the protective membranes in the nose and throat: That is what they are there for: to stop such particles entering the lungs.

4) The latest statistics show two very interesting things:-
a) The death numbers across Europe show no significant variation from those of the previous 10 years.
 b) Concomitant with the rise in “Covid-19”, influenza cases have fallen almost to the vanishing level. Given that the published symptoms of “Covid-19” are identical to those of a cold or mild ‘flu, it seems apparent that there is no actual “new deadly disease” but that, for various nefarious purposes, the ‘flu has simply been re-named “Covid-19”.

This is why the intelligent will go shopping in Germany as of today!

Finally, I’ve just received a copy of a document from the US FDA which is an admission, December 2020, that Covid-19 virus doesn’t exist so just guess when you’re running a PCR test. You can download it here:- Page 42 is the relevant text.





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