Is France About to Explode? It Should

ER Editor: It may seem wimpy to have this sort of reaction to a retirement age which is higher or even non-existent in other countries. However, there is something about this topic which clearly strikes at the French psyche. It always has. And this coming after 3 years of some of the worst lies and tyranny people have lived through (everywhere).

In France there are still healthcare workers who haven’t been reinstated and haven’t made any kind of paycheque in over 550 days. A nasty side of this country was emerging through the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) period (November 2018 up to Covid, early 2020), with extreme police violence on display and a very corrupt judiciary prosecuting ordinary protestors at lightning speed on behalf of Macron. Their real crime? Being poor. There are few ‘breaks’ in France, with its low wages, high taxation and a difficult employment situation at the best of times. And a very authoritarian attitude coming from the privileged top. We know this from personal experience. The retirement age was perhaps one of those breaks. And now it’s been obviously trampled. After 3 years of obvious Covid/vaccine tyranny that produced an extraordinary degree of sheepishness, this is the safety valve that’s been released on the French. THE event designed to make the pot boil over and then some. The nasty side of this country has just gotten worse over time. It’s one of the European countries under a great degree of Rothschild control historically. We hope this is coming to an end.

We need to remember that pension reform was always hanging over the heads of the French under Rothschild boy Macron. It had been announced way way back. That and destruction of the healthcare system and other aspects of the public sector, which clearly came to light during Covid.

Macron isn’t the original one (do a simple google search to see), and we truly have no idea who is driving this baiting of the public. Readers familiar with the term ‘white hats’ will understand. We still feel in our bones that this is all a movie designed to wake the sleepers up. To get his pension reform through, Macron plays the tyrant in invoking article 49.3 giving the executive special constitutional powers, thereby putting his OWN government at risk of a no-confidence vote. It’s all pretty nonsensical. And it just happens to coincide with some of the biggest issues coming up in other countries (bank failures, J6 revelations, Project Veritas / subcommittee hearings into Covid origins, Matt Hancock revelations in the UK, Ukraine failure, etc.) March madness or March orchestration.

Below we have a summary by RT, a brief reaction by a French police union, and a short article on what invoking article 49.3 means. First, some tweets.


Translation: 64% of the French are opposed to the pension reform. 72% support the mobilization. The abusive use of the 49.3 (11 times) by this #Macron regime demonstrates that democracy is no longer an empty word and that this authoritarian regime is causing chaos.

Translation: MACRON USES 49-3 IN A PANIC
The leaders of LR, including Retailleau, were very worried this morning because everything indicated that the pension reform would be rejected.Macron is panicking and is using the 49-3, which will lead to a motion of censure. If it is voted, Borne falls.

Translation: What a huge crowd!!! The police, although in number, are backing down in front of the determined demonstrators. No violence on either side for the moment.

Translation: The demonstrators join massively the Place de la Concorde in Paris following the passage in force of the Reform of the Pensions with the 49,3

Translation: ALERT INFO – Thousands of people are heading to the Place de la Concorde in #Paris following the use of the 49-3: “It’s going to blow!”


Riots erupt after Macron raises retirement age

The French president forced his controversial pension reform bill through without a full vote in parliament


French President Emmanuel Macron bypassed parliament and enacted a controversial pension reform package on Thursday, triggering riots and arson on the streets of Paris. The move, which raises France’s retirement age to 64, had already caused months of strikes and protests.

Riots erupt after Macron raises retirement age

French President Emmanuel Macron bypassed parliament and enacted a controversial pension reform package on Thursday, triggering riots and arson on the streets of Paris. The move, which raises France’s retirement age to 64, had already caused months of strikes and protests.

Macron invoked a special constitutional power to pass the bill, immediately before a vote was set to take place. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the decision in the National Assembly, as opposition lawmakers booed, jeered, and sang. (ER: How much more provocation could you make as a president?)

Under the power invoked by Macron and Borne, the bill is considered passed unless a majority of lawmakers file a motion of no confidence against the government in the next 24 hours. Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen said that her National Rally party would back such a motion, as did a number of leftist leaders.

Macron has argued for months that France’s pension system will go bankrupt unless citizens pump more money into the system. Raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 – which would still see French workers retire earlier than most of their European counterparts – would be a “just and responsible” way to achieve this, he said in January. (ER: Isn’t the entire pension system GONE? Aren’t our countries actually bankrupt?)

France’s trade unions – who have protested the reforms since last year – have argued that the system should instead be buoyed by increasing taxes on the wealthy. (ER: The ones who did precisely NOTHING over workers losing their fundamental rights and income during the plandemic.)

Thousands of protesters gathered in Paris as Macron’s bill was passed. Near parliament buildings, police fired tear gas at the demonstrators and faced off against the crowd in lines.

Rioters set fires and blocked roads throughout the French capital, as groups of masked protesters clashed with riot police.

Prior to the bill’s passage, almost half a million people protested in cities across France on Wednesday, according to figures from the Interior Ministry. Police have already made 73 arrests in the capital, Le Figaro reported, citing a police source. (ER: If these numbers are coming from the government, they should be multiplied several times. We learned this with the Gilets Jaunes, where 1.2 million people were estimated by police unions to be out on November 17, 2018, the first day. The government said through their media shills that it was 220,000. You couldn’t make this up.)



This from a police union —

The use of 49.3 to force through the unjust pension reform is a humiliation for parliament and a provocation for working France.

Setting fire to the powder while the country is on the verge of implosion is irresponsible.

Our union calls on MPs to step up and vote urgently on a transpartisan censure motion.

This reform serves primarily as private interests, in this case insurance companies and other pension funds which sell more and more contracts each year.

We call on all opponents of this despicable reform to continue the struggle peacefully.

Violence would discredit the just opposition fight led by workers.

Don’t let go !



Pension reform: what happens if a motion of censure passes?

After recourse to article 49.3, Thursday, March 16, to have the pension reform adopted, the government is exposed to one or more motions of censure.


Thursday, March 16, after the Prime Minister resorted to article 49.3 to have the pension reform adopted, the parliamentary group Libertés, Indépendants Outre-mer et Territoires (LIOT) threatened to table a cross-partisan motion of censure. This could be voted on by deputies from several groups.

To table a motion of censure, it is necessary to obtain 58 signatures of deputies. After the various appeals to 49.3, motions of censure were already tabled  by the National Rally (RN) and France Insoumise (LFI). However, they never garnered enough votes.

Thursday March 16, the RN and LFI thus indicated that they wanted to file motions of censure. However, that of the LIOT group, which is transpartisan, could be voted on by more deputies . “This is perhaps the first time that a  motion of censure  can indeed overthrow the government,” said Green MP Julien Bayou.

A possible resignation of the government

“The motion of censure must bring together the votes of the absolute majority of the members of the National Assembly, i.e. 289 votes , indicates the site . This would require that almost all opposition deputies, from the RN to LFI, but also Republicans, agree on this text. The motions of censure tabled on Friday March 17 could be debated during the weekend or Monday March 20.

If it votes a motion of censure, the National Assembly can cause the resignation of the government.




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  1. Mediavenir
    ❌🇫🇷 URGENT – La motion de censure transpartisane est REJETÉE par l’Assemblée nationale avec 278 voix pour (sur 287 nécessaires). Le #gouvernement reste en place et la réforme des retraites est définitivement adoptée. (vote) #reformedesretraites #MotionDeCensureTransPartisane
    6:49 PM · 20 mars 2023

  2. Now the traitor puppets complain they fear to be taken care of by the guillotine…

    🇫🇷 FLASH – “On reçoit 200, 300, 400 mails, jour et nuit […] on a l’impression que demain ils vont nous décapiter, c’est terrible”, déplore la député Les Républicains Frédérique Meunier. (BFMTV) #reformedesretraites #grevegenerale
    784,1 k vues
    1:42 / 1:42
    2:05 PM · 19 mars 2023

    …Dans le même temps, le pouvoir se tait. La rumeur court d’une intervention télévisée du Président, mais l’exercice paraît très incertain, et aucune décision ne semble avoir été prise à ce stade. Il faut dire qu’Emmanuel Macron n’a plus vraiment la main sur la situation politique… LA MOTION DE CENSURE QUI DEVRAIT ÊTRE PRÉSENTÉE LUNDI, D’ORIGINE TRANSPARTISANE, A DE PLUS EN PLUS DE CHANCES DE RÉUSSIR. Livrer un dernier baroud avant la chute de son gouvernement serait une prise de risque politique supplémentaire, dans une situation profondément dégradée.

    Donc, le Président attend, et cette prostration joue dangereusement contre lui. Elle nourrit l’image d’un Président méprisant, qui n’écoute personne et qui, dédaigneusement, veut passer en force. Pendant ce temps, LE NOMBRE DE DÉPUTÉS RÉPUBLICAINS QUI ANNONCENT LEUR RALLIEMENT À LA CENSURE AUGMENTE.

    Macron a probablement beaucoup trop tiré sur la corde du jupitérisme, et le boomerang lui revient dans la figure.

  4. “Le monde fou !” is said above with the meaning of “What a huge crowd !”,
    not “crazy world”

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