French govt takes aim at covid “conspiracy theorists” and complementary, alternative medicine in draft bill

ER Editor: It’s a movie, folks. France is being thoroughly shown up for the tyrannical place it is. The French need to realize this.

It’s mightily curious that such a ridiculous bill is being proposed by someone we’ve never even heard of. The minister specially assigned to get this bill out, Sabrina Agresti-Roubache is a relative unknown and newcomer. Would a more experienced politician touch something like this?

This is Dr. Mike Yeadon‘s take on this on Telegram (Nov 27):

Honestly, I often feel I’m living in the time of Kafka. If passed by both chambers of the French parliament, it will become a serious offence in France to share even expert opinion & to tell the truth about a medical intervention, if that opinion is deemed to have the effect of promoting people to discontinue a medical practice that is arguably dangerous. The ghastly problem with laws like this is, if applied the way they clearly intend, are so-called absolute offences. If you commit them, you’re guilty. So if I was to share my expert opinion as someone with 30y+ in applied drug discovery, and was to point out a number of objectively well-established mechanisms of toxicity, if that caused (or was deemed likely to cause) people to henceforth decline mRNA injections, which of course is my hope, I could be sent to jail and/or fined EU 15,000. I look at this with foreboding. Not because it will in any way discourage me from speaking out when we’re in France (as we are often, being fortunate enough to have a flat over there). That’s not the problem. It’s the general chilling effect on free speech that’s the problem. Often there are gatherings & for reasons I don’t understand, I’m more often recognized when walking around in France than anywhere in U.K. with possible exception of London. Imagine you’re a curious member of the French public. You’d have been thumped about the head about the “mental ill-health of conspiracy theorists” and warned not to interact with them. It’s so madcap bonkers that half of me is roaring with laughter about the whole thing. Please look at the commonplace attributes that the piece (if not the bill) asserts are often found in these dangerous, non-compliant people. Why not go the whole hog and say “If you fail to vote for either of the two largest parties, you may be sent to prison”. Best wishes Mike


French government takes aim at covid “conspiracy theorists” and complementary and alternative medicine in draft bill to combat sects


In mid-November, the French Senate reviewed a draft law that aims to crush dissent using hefty fines of up to EUR 15,000 and threat of jail time. Anyone daring to criticise medical treatments could fall foul of this law. Considering the “covid vaccines are safe and effective” false narrative propagated by the government, this law is nothing short of outrageous. (ER: Precisely)

The French Parliament is made up of two chambers, the National Assembly and the Senate.  Bills are examined by both Houses of Parliament. Because both houses may amend the bill, it may take several readings to reach an agreement between the National Assembly and the Senate.

The Secretary of State for Citizenship and the City, Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, presented a bill to the Senate aimed at strengthening the existing legislative arsenal to combat sects. At the top of the draft legislation are the words:

The bill is aimed at strengthening the fight against sectarian excesses specifically in health. On announcing a renewal of their partnership with the national council of physicians, Conseil Ordre Des Médecins (“CNOM”), the Inter-ministerial Mission for Vigilance and the Fight against Sectarian Abuses (“MIVILUDES”) said:

(ER: heavy irony & outrage warning)

In the Larousse, “sectarian” is defined as “a follower of a religious or philosophical doctrine, and, in particular, a member of a sect, of a dissident faction of a religion.”

For MIVILUDES, “it is a misuse of freedom of thought, opinion or religion that undermines public order, laws or regulations, fundamental rights, security or the integrity of persons.”

These excesses have been on the rise in recent years, since the rise of social media but especially the covid crisis.  The number of reports exploded in 2021 due to “conspiracy theories and alternative medicine.”

French information website noted criteria that characterise the risk of sectarian excesses:

  • mental destabilisation;
  • the exorbitant nature of the financial requirements;
  • breaking with the original environment;
  • the existence of attacks on physical integrity;
  • the recruitment of children;
  • anti-social discourse;
  • disturbances of public order;
  • the importance of legal troubles;
  • the possible diversion of traditional economic circuits; and,
  • attempts to infiltrate the authorities.

It should be noted that a single criterion “is not sufficient to establish the existence of a sectarian excess and all criteria do not have the same value. However, the first criterion (mental destabilisation) is always present in cases of sectarian excesses,” MIVILUDES said. (ER: good grief)

On its website, MIVILUDES has a non-exhaustive list of other characteristics that can serve as “alert signals,” such as:

  • the adoption of a language specific to the group;
  • loss of critical thinking;
  • the obligation to buy or sell certain equipment or services as an unavoidable condition of belonging to the group; and,
  • disruption of the normal functioning of public services.

The new draft bill to combat these “sectarians” provides for two new offences.  An article published by L’Express summarised the five Articles contained in the draft bill and noted (French to English using Google translate):

The wording taken from the draft bill states (French to English using Google translate):

The key words are according to “current medical knowledge.”  This, basically, can mean anything – it just depends on what the “experts” say it means at the time.

Although the bill was presented to the Senate on 15 November, no timetable has been set for the examination of the law in the National Assembly.

Featured image: Sabrina Agresti Roubache, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior and Overseas, in charge of Citizenship and the City.  Source: French Government




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