François Hollande pledges powers to protect French police

The president spoke at a ceremony in honor of police officer and partner killed this week



French President François Hollande on Friday vowed to improve protection for French police following the slaying of an officer and his partner in their home.

Speaking at a memorial ceremony for the couple in Yvelines, outside Paris, Hollande said he was taking measures to ensure police could defend themselves even when they are not on duty, including steps to guarantee their anonymity to protect against “the criminals that they put out of harm’s way.”

The president also recommended that police officers keep their weapon with them at all times, which is allowed under French law during a state of emergency. Hollande declared a state of emergency after the Paris attacks in November, and has extended it several times since.

Hollande paid tribute to the police officer and his partner, who was a police employee. They were killed by a man claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group in their home in Magnanville, west of Paris, on Monday evening.

“The whole country, which I am representing today, has been seized by indignation and horror,” the president said. “The Republic needs to defend the reputation of officers who have dedicated themselves to it.”


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