Dutch PM Rutte Wants to Bring Orban, “Hungary to Its Knees”

ER Editor: For a general take on Viktor Orban’s achievements in keeping his country as uncontaminated by EU globalist ideology as possible, we offer this Duran analysis. Including mention of Dutch PM Mark Rutte’s recent shocking statement on what he would like to do to the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Orban and his country.

We also offer this article on the same topic of Mark Rutte’s unbelievable arrogance from Zerohedge titled Hungary Told To Repeal Law Banning LGBT Promotion To Children “Or Else Leave EU”.

Here are some main points from The Duran team’s video below:

  • There’s been serious blowback to Orban’s recently passed law protecting children against LGBT propaganda, similar to the one Russia passed a few years back. (ER: we covered this here … Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Stands Firm, Defends Country’s Ban on Pro-trans Propaganda Aimed at Minors.)  The EU is blowing a gasket about it in a virtue-signalling type of way. The law frankly is irrelevant to what is really happening. Alex Christoforou reminds us of the hypocrisy of the EU and of ‘European values’: they lock down the continent for most of a year and a half; turn a blind eye to the imprisonment of Julian Assange; raid the banks of member states (Cyprus, for example); trash countries like Greece through ‘austerity’; start wars in Syria and Libya, encourage the overthrow of states like Ukraine; sanction countries like Belarus. In sum, this is simply about finding ways to go after Viktor Orban and get him out of office. In various ways, he doesn’t play ball with the EU globalist elite.  
  • Most Eastern European countries are Christian-Conservative, as are southern EU countries. This was known when they joined up. But the social attitudes are being changed in these countries with the mechanism of the EU brought into play.
  • But Orban is particular a target. Poland has been doing similar things, so why is Hungary being targeted? Orban’s seen as a sovereigntist, a statist – he’s seen as a strong voice, and they’re doing everything they can to bring him down. And have been for a long time. What he does he succeeds at.
  • What he’s doing is POPULAR in his own country, but that makes him a dictator in EU eyes. That’s the kind of twisted logic in play.
  • Before Orban came to power, Hungary was a wreck. Since then, he’s turned against the economic policy of the EU and made the country successful. His foreign policy and social policy are independent; he makes no secret of the fact that he’s a Christian. And the EU can’t bear it! So they’ve got to find a pretext to push him out.
  • Orban also approached Russia about the vaccine, which annoyed the EU establishment. He also WENT AFTER GEORGE SOROS, banning his organisations and university influence in the country. Orban wants to bump up the country’s birth rate with significant tax write-offs. All this independent of the EU. Further, Hungary isn’t in the euro zone and uses its own currency, so the EU can’t bully Hungary as much as they’d like. Otherwise, any country can be held hostage over its refusal to follow an EU diktat when the required number of euros aren’t delivered to a country’s central bank. So eurozone fiat currency renders a country hostage, such as happened in Greece.
  • Orban can do what he does without feeling the wrath of the EU. And of course, he doesn’t want the country in the euro. That is outrageous to the EU elite. He’s the heretic, the revolutionary, the arch-rebel. He’s always pointing to the emperor having no clothes. And they can’t bear that. Hence, they go after him for particular things such as his recent law. If the EU ever managed to throw Hungary out of the EU (although this is unlikely), they’d find that Hungary would thrive even more. That’s the paradox.
  • So Mark Rutte finally comes out and says it: Hungary should leave the bloc because of its recently passed law. (see the screen shot on video) ‘This is such a fundamental point that if we let it go, we are nothing more than a trading bloc and a currency’ … We have to get him to his knees.’ This is the PM of the Netherlands to another member country of the EU … BEARING IN MIND THE HYPOCRISY OF THE EU ALREADY MENTIONED EARLIER …
  • Mercouris: it’s the authentic voice of the EU. Rutte’s at the core of its doctrine. This is outrageous and inappropriate. Yet think about what he’s saying … SHOULDN’T THE EU ONLY BE A TRADING BLOC?? If only … ! It’s since become an ideological project. It shouldn’t be the kind of EU system we have now. Europe wasn’t meant to be an ideological, ‘European values’ thing. They mean nothing. Greek values are pretty clear; the values of a country are understood, but what does ‘European values’ mean?? EU has created human rights misery across the world. Rutte wants Dutch values everywhere. He wants Hungary to be like Amsterdam! Conservative Christian countries cannot be like that. Who should impose what upon whom? Why not let everybody live their own lives?! Orban can always be voted out if the Hungarian people don’t like him.


Dutch PM Rutte wants to bring Orban, “Hungary to its knees”

The Duran: Episode 1017

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