Draghi’s Planned Escape: Is 2022 a New 1992 Upside Down?

ER Editor: Just to be clear, Mario Draghi, former Goldman Sachs’ man, is Italy’s prime minister, who clearly no longer wants to be, and officiates from the Palazzo Chigi. He has overseen two years of Covid tyranny. Sergio Mattarella is the country’s President, who got re-elected in January; he resides at the Quirinale. From journalist Cesare Sacchetti’s account, Draghi, as Covid henchman, expected the reward of Mattarella’s position at the Quirinale following January’s election, probably to escape what will be (we fervently hope) justice meted out to those responsible for this virus-vaccine criminality. Draghi, however, is finding himself just a pawn in the masonic game and is blocked in his position as PM, which leaves him responsible for carrying the can of the last two years.


Draghi’s planned escape: is 2022 a new 1992 upside down?


The rumor in the building has begun to spread more and more insistently. Mario Draghi has no intention of completing the mandate until the natural expiry of the legislature, and is planning a sort of early escape from Palazzo Chigi.

According to the indiscretions that filter from the rooms of Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama, the man from Britain would like to leave his post by the summer.

At the Quirinale, they would not have liked this plan by Draghi at all. The relations between Draghi and Mattarella that only a few months ago were described as idyllic have now completely cracked.

There is no longer that close understanding between the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic after the Quirinale match ended with a Mattarella bis.

On the pages of our blog, we happened to describe and anticipate the scenario of a reappointment of Mattarella which, in reality, was what both the current tenant of the Quirinale and the entire parliamentary arc wanted.

A small extension of the status quo is what parties believe will give some oxygen to an oxygen-starved political class that appears to be grappling with a frankly irreversible crisis.

The liquidator of Britannia (ER: Draghi) did not take it well at all. He had been guaranteed in Masonic circles, as admitted by themselves, that after the “work” carried out, loans with conditionality granted under the PNRR and restrictions on social and working life for the unvaccinated, there would be the long-awaited, coveted transition to the Quirinale.

Mario Draghi expected to leave his current position as early as last January to be able to move to the residence that once belonged to the popes, where perhaps the man of Goldman Sachs hoped to be able to protect himself from the general crisis of a political system.

It didn’t happen that way. The parties preferred to leave Draghi where he is because, at least after the collective disaster of which everyone is complicit, the various peons of Montecitorio believed they were taking cover behind Draghi, who from “savior of the homeland” as he was described only a year ago by the apparatus media has now become a perfect lightning rod for the economic, social and health demolition desired by transnational powers and carried out by the current political class.

Draghi must have perfectly understood that he was being played by the same powers that, until yesterday, rolled out for him the red carpet of Palazzo Chigi. In this game, the game of politics prostituted to lobbies and occult powers, there are no friends. Those who shake your hand warmly today are the same ones who can stab you in the back with the same hand tomorrow.

The rule of politics controlled by high finance and by the “big” banking families is that of the arena of lions. The survival of one depends on the death of the other.

And it is in this game that Mario Draghi was a “victim,” who believed he had a comfortable slide towards the Quirinale and enjoyed a seven-year period away from disputes and struggles between the various parties.

Draghi especially aimed, at seven years, to also have the immunity that is usually attributed to the Head of State.

Nobody is sure who will come to power tomorrow, and some judicial shield can always be useful, especially if one day there could be rulers willing to prosecute those responsible for the coup that took place in the last two years.

Draghi’s reaction towards Mattarella and towards politics was one of indignation, and the tenant of Palazzo Chigi since last January has worked to find an alternative to the nuanced one of the Colle.

He tried to knock on the doors of the European Commission, which remained firmly closed. None of the European Commissioners intend to stand up to make way for Draghi. He has begun to test the waters of NATO as the mandate of Stoltenberg, the current NATO Secretary General, expires in 2023, having already been extended beyond the natural expiration foreseen in 2022.

Even there the game promises to be decidedly uphill for the Prime Minister. Indeed, he does not become secretary of NATO without the consent and support of the country that, economically and militarily, is the very essence of the Atlantic alliance, that is, the United States.

This was the purpose of Draghi’s trip to the United States. Draghi went to visit “president” Biden to probably try to probe the possible support of the White House for the premier.

But what Draghi overlooked in his mission to Washington is that the so-called Biden administration is not like any other.

International chancelleries often refuse communications with Biden. It happened with Emmanuel Macron, with the Saudi royals and with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Never in the history of international relations has there been a refusal of foreign leaders to speak with the president of the United States.

There is a growing awareness in certain political and diplomatic circles that Joe Biden is not really the man in charge.

Likewise, the same awareness is maturing on another element. Joe Biden does not carry out the directives of the powers that have established him in the White House through an electoral coup against Trump.

The United States appears to be in a kind of limbo in which elements of the military close to Trump are piloting this administration.

In this situation, as a commissioner of the US presidency, Draghi’s hopes of joining NATO are dimmed. So here is the plan on which the Prime Minister is working, seeing that all the options have vanished: he would like to leave the hot potato of the disaster caused by himself, together with the other parties, only to the latter.

Mattarella must have perfectly understood Draghi’s intentions and does not seem to have liked this “escape plan.”

There would be no substitute available to replace Draghi since no one would be mad enough to bear the consequences of the inherited damage to remain only a few months in the armchair of Palazzo Chigi.

What we would encounter would therefore be a probable power vacuum. Nobody wants to sit in a hot chair, and nobody wants to put their face on the collapse of the past two years.

Is 2022 a new 1992 upside down?

At this point, the history of Italian politics and consequently of the whole of Italy seems to be at a turning point.

One wonders how long a political class can last in these conditions, which is the direct consequence of a judicial coup d’état, the one that took place in 1992 with Mani Pulite.

There are interesting parallels between that historical juncture and what is happening now, albeit with substantial differences regarding the dynamics that triggered that false revolution, as Bettino Craxi correctly defined it, and the crisis of the political system born of that coup.




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