Drag Kids and The Pedophilia Agenda [Video]

Drag Kids and The Pedophilia Agenda [Video]

By Ariyana Love, (TLB) Staff Writer/Researcher  

The LGBT & “P” Agenda

Eleven year old Desmond Napoles hit Prime Time TV after his mother escorted him to a gay nightclub to perform in drag on October 4th, 2018. Dressed like Gwen Stefani, with a blonde wig, thick drag-like makeup and skimpy halter top, Desmond danced on stage in front of adult males for dollar bills.

The performance was so inappropriate that some of the patrons walked out. Others complained to management. Instead of condemning the parents for pimping out their son, Good Morning America praised Desmond and brought him onto the show weeks later, celebrating him as a “trailblazing Drag kid.” That’s when his story went viral and a sinister agenda rolled out.

VIDEO: Desmond’s Gwen Stefanie performance is repeated at a gay nightclub in Brooklyn, NY, on February 23rd 2019.

Notice the upside down pentagram on the wall behind Desmond. That’s Baphomet/Satanic worship. This is an entirely inappropriate environment for a kid.

To some, Desmond’s performance may seem harmless. But for those who know the subculture of pedophilia and child sacrifice this is deeply disturbingThe image which Desmond’s mother chose as the Youtube thumbnail has Desmond’s mouth gaping open and is in itself exploitative. This is a pedophile’s wet dream.

You can’t tell me pedophiles weren’t in that audience. The boy was dancing for predators and that is in itself the epitome of Satanism.

Editors Note: I want to give a shout out to Youtuber “HeCsUsAll” for your in-depth research. Your compassion inspired me to write this article. Peace be with you.

Role Models

Desmond, who goes by the stage name “Desmond Is Amazing,” has an Instagram account, a website and a Facebook fan page which are all openly managed by his mother, Wendy Lou Napoles.

“Wendy Lou” has her son listed as a “LGBTQ advocate and outspoken gay youth” on his website. Desmond’s Instagram Bio says Desmond’s “androgynous style” (Baphomet worship) was inspired by “RuPaul, the Club Kids, the Blitz Kids, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Marsha P. Johnson, Dragula, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Commes Des Garçons.”

All of Desmond’s role models are linked to pedophilia, extreme drug abuse, degenerate club culture, sexual fetishes like infantilism and murder. Founded by Michael Alig in the 90’s, Club Kids were hard core drug abusers, exploring all kinds of sexual fetishes within NYC gay nightlife. Alig himself is a self-professed pedophile and convicted murder. We’ll talk more about him a little later.

Blitz Kids were hard core homosexual clubbers and drug abusers from the 1980’s. Keith Haring creates satanic pedophilia artwork that you can find online. Marsha P. Johnson was a drag sex worker and an Andy Warhal model. John Galliano is a gay, alcoholic, drug abusing fashion designer, and Alexander McQueen committed suicide by hanging at age 40.

Lastly, Gwen Stefani attended the hideous Satanic/Pedophile Moca Gala event in 2017. Despite the fact that Gwen Stefani is mainstream… none of these people are role models for children!

The Agenda 

While there is nothing wrong with drag as a creative art and an expression of our sexual desires, there is no place for children in drag. It’s entirely an adult sport and here’s why: drag emulates adult female sexuality and sexual fetishes.

An InfoWars entertainer demonstrates it best:

VIDEO: “Liberals ‘Drag’ Kids Into Early Sexualization”

Drag activity is sexual activity. Including children in drag is early sexualization. It crosses the line into pedophilia most definitely.

Sex and sexual activity is only acceptable when it is between two consenting adults, not between an adult and a child. Child/adult “love” is pedophilia and it is a part of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and mind control.

It’s no wonder Desmond’s mother has been hotly criticized. Desmond’s Instagram and website photos demonstrate that Wendy has been taking her son to gay bars and nightclubs since he was at least 7 or 8 years old. As a mother myself, I can promise you that she is not a mother. She is a predator. Desmond has two predator parents.

We know that this child began performing “drag” by age 8 if not earlier, when Desmond first hit the tabloids after dancing in a Gay Pride Parade in NYC, in 2015.

Based on the seemingly endless photos of Desmond in elaborate drag costumes, there are no photos of him exposed to any normal child activities. He is not seen with other children, and from an early age he’s been easily accessible to predators. Is drag the only activity Desmond’s been exposed to?

Some disturbing possibilities arise from this: Is Desmond being tortured? Is he actually a victim, under mind control? Is this child being sexually exploited on Prime Time TV? Are we going to stand by and let it happen?

Desmond is 11 going on 12. He has very little time left to be saved, if this is SRA. I call on the international community to demand a full and immediate investigation into Desmond’s case, before it’s too late. If he’s being groomed and surrounded by handlers, then time is of the essence. Otherwise, Desmond is doomed.

The level of indoctrination into the Satanic occult is something almost beyond comprehension, especially if you have not already been researching it for years. My father is a holistic doctor and I studied with him for years so I know how to spot trauma. I also raised a child that is high functioning autistic like Desmond.

The photos on Desmond’s social media pages demonstrate his early sexualization and exploitation by his parents. There is disturbing Satanic and pedophilia imagery everywhere. Photo’s depicting Desmond with his mouth wide open and others where he’s wearing black angel wings (Lucifer and the fall). Desmond is standing in front of a black cube (Satan worship) in another photo, over-the-top black/white duality imagery is all over the place and many one eyed, Lucifer symbolism floods the screen as you scroll down, extending back about four years or so.

In an eerie interview with his mother, Wendy appears to be coaching Desmond to tell us that heknew he was gay” at age two, which is also when he began watching RuPaul’s Drag. There is no way a child at the age of two can comprehend what sex is, let alone have sexual preferences. That kind of thing is introduced to the child by adults. A two year old is also not going to know what drag is without it being introduced to him.

Wendy disturbingly states in Desmond’s website bio that he “came out of the closet as homosexual when he was born.” How is that possible? Doesn’t that just scream agenda to you?

Here’s where things get really dark. There was a video released this year, with Desmond and a performance drag 1ueen. Desmond asks the drag queen, “Do you do Ketamine on the couch?” The drag queen acts surprised and tries to laugh it off.

Desmond then shows us how to snort Ketamine from the back of his hand!

Wowa! Stop the press!!

VIDEO: “Desmond is amazing Under Mind Control?”

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is categorized as a “dissociative anesthetic,” which is used in powdered or liquid form as an anesthetic, usually on animals. It can be injected, consumed in drinks, snorted, or added to joints or cigarettes. Ketamine is a sedative, used to block out pain.

How does Desmond know what Ketamine is and how does he know how to use it?

Youtuber Daisy Cousins points out something else that deeply disturbing in his interaction with the Drag Queen. Desmond mentions how the  “P” should be added to the LGBT, at 6:35 in her video. The “P” by the way, stands for pedophilia. Did Desmond just reveal a greater agenda at play here?

HeCsUsAll Youtuber shows us a photo of Desmond from his Instagram at what appeared to be a Gay Pride Parade, but what was in fact a NAMBLA parade (at 15:50 of video). NAMBLA stands for North American Man/Boy Love Association. 

In the photo Desmond is looking at the lower region of a half naked man wearing a Baphomet (Satan) costume. Desmond’s parents are taking him to pedophile conventions and placing him directly in harms way of Satanic predators.

Are we supposed to pass this off under political correctness? Ya, I’m sure in their twisted heads what they are doing is just beautiful. But I would bet money this boy is being groomed for something more sinister.

Remember Miley Cyrus? She had a following of millions of innocent little girls as Hanna Montana. Then as a youth, she led those girls to start twerking like beasts and kissing their friends, also with Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.” This is social engineering / government mind control.

Wendy and her husband, Andrew Napoles, have both been unemployed for the past two years. They have raised money through GoFundMe pages in order to scrape by, on multiple occasions. The sexualization of their son, however, could become quite lucrative for them.

In one video, Desmond is dancing on a black and white checkered floor with dozens of red roses scattered around him. This symbolism is notorious in Monarch Mind Control. The black and white checkered tiles represent duality and the fragmentation of the mind which is created through Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

Red roses represent Rosicrucian occultism. There is also overt, one eyed Luciferian symbolism. We see this symbolism all throughout Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. But what the hell is it doing in a child’s video? No pun intended.

How are the parents able to afford all of Desmond’s outlandish drag costumes and high production videos? They are certainly getting help from somewhere.

Just this year, Wendy put Desmond on a billboard advertisement on the NYC Times Square Viacom building, with a known pedophile symbol on his face! The symbol stands for “Little Boy Lover” and was passed to the FBI by Wikileaks in 2007. It’s used by the FBI to identify and detect the secret code language and code symbols used by pedophiles to communicate with each other.

A Times Square ad cannot be cheap.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Now we come to the most distressing part of all. Wendy does in fact put Desmond into the hands of known predators, which is common in SRA. Last year, Desmond appeared on Michael Alig’s Youtube channel called Peeew. Desmond is seen sitting between Alig and another very creepy guy, drinking from miniature tea cups. Desmond looks drugged out, droopy eyed and says he “couldn’t remember” things when he was asked simple questions. Desmond’s parents were nowhere to be seen.

Once again, Alig is known for establishing a hard core clubbing and drug culture in the 90’s in NYC, called The Club Kids. He popularized infantilism. Alig is also a self proclaimed “chicken hawk” (pedophile) and a convicted murderer. He spent 17 years in prison for killing his best friend, a drug dealer named Angel Melendez.

Alig bludgeoned Angel on the back of the head during a heated argument over drugs. Alig left his friend’s body in the bathtub to rot for 3 days, before chopping him into pieces and dumping him into the Hudson River. Alig reportedly boasted to many people about murdering his friend. It was food for the attention whore and narcissist (psychopath) and he ate it up.

Alig was released from prison in 2014. Don’t think for one second that he is reformed . In February of 2017, Alig was again arrested for smoking meth and criminal trespassing. Six months later, Wendy facilitates Desmond’s appearance on Alig’s Youtube channel! A great choice of a role model for your kid, Mom.

Alig has already confessed during multiple TV interviews to liking boys that are in their young teens. He also confessed to finding underage boys and “grooming them” to become homosexuals. A chicken hawk by the way, is a term for an adult male predator who likes underage boys.

Now let’s watch this presentation below, from HeCsUsAll Youtuber, addressing the insidious nature of Desmond’s appearance on Alig’s Youtube channel at 6:25 in the video below. It’s painfully apparent the grave danger this child is in.

VIDEO: “Is Desmond is amazing Being Drugged?

Behind Desmond, on the wall is a painting made by Alig, depicting a child with legs bound together, jumping rope. The word “Rohypnol” is written in the bottom right hand corner. Rohypnol, also known as “roofies” on the street, is a date rape drug. You can watch Alig and his creepy sidekick defending the Rohypnol in his painting  here

Roofies and Ketamine are both drugs reportedly used on children during Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA, to sedate them. This is according to SRA survivors and related eyewitness testimony. You can hear highly credible SRA testimony at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Now here comes the connection to PizzaGate and PedoGate. James Alefantis congratulatedAlig on his release from jail in 2014, in his Instagram post:

Incidentally, one of Desmond’s supposed role models, Marsha P. Johnson, was also found dead floating in the Husdon River. Although his death was initially ruled a suicide, friends and other members of the local community insisted that Johnson was not suicidal and referred to the massive wound found on the back of Johnson’s head.

Johnson’s death in 1992, was initially ruled a “suicide” but was later classified as “unsolved” when the case was revisited briefly, in 2016. New evidence came to light from an unnamed witness who said that he saw a man fighting with Johnson on the Christopher Street pier the night he died. The man claimed the assailant bragged about calling Johnson homophobic slurs and about murdering him. The similarity between Angel’s murder in 1996 and Johnson’s unsolved death four years later is uncanny.

This brings me to Desmond’s strange admission while being interviewed by his mother.  The questions are contrite and clearly aimed at gaining the audience’s sympathy and acceptance.

In the video, Desmond’s mother asks him “what scares you the most these days?” Desmond replies, “Being murdered.” When she asks him “By who,” Desmond replies, “A serial killer.”This is not a child’s answer and it sent chills up my spine.

On Desmond’s Instagram profile, it says that he’s the “World’s youngest Club Kid.” I can’t imagine any mother aspiring her child to be a degenerate Club Kid. With over 200,000 views, this Youtuber theorizes that Wendy has a hybristophilic obsession with Alig and has instilled this obsession in her son. Please begin watching at 10:20 in the video to view the evidence:

VIDEO: They Party Monster

Note also that at 24:55 in this video, Alig and his creepy sidekick clearly state that “all” their “friends” are “Satanists as Alig laughs and flashes the devil horns on his right hand.


Now I must be sure to emphasize that while most pedophiles are homosexuals, not all homosexuals are pedophiles. There are plenty of homosexuals and drag queens absolutely appalled by what’s being done to Desmond. They have openly expressed their strong disapproval of children performing in gay bars. You can view some of their comments after 7:35 in this Youtube video.

But one thing is for certain. Desmond is surrounded by predators. The child may have also been sexually groomed and abused, potentially since birth. Given the connections here, his parents might even be members of a satanic pedophile cult and Desmond could very well be an SRA victim, under mind control. He is on the high functioning autistic spectrum, according to Wikipedia.

Regardless of speculation, anyone can see that Desmond’s childhood is being sacrificed for a greater agenda which is normalizing pedophilia in our minds through mass media, and Desmond’s parents are clearly exploiting him for monetary gain.

If boys want to dress up and dance around in women’s clothes, there is nothing wrong with that. But parading a child in front of pedophiles and predators at occult gay bars, dressed in sexual fetishes, is child endangerment. Let’s call it what it is. We cannot turn a blind eye to this and we cannot allow it to be normalized, either. The next thing we know, “elite” pedophiles will be passing laws legalizing sexual consent to children that are 3 years old and one day.

I do believe that just as Desmond said, this is part of a greater agenda to put the “P” in LGBT. Pedophilia has no place in Drag. It has no place in the LGBT or Q community. An article in Gay Star Support magazine condemns attempts by pedophiles to infiltrate the LGBT community and incorporating their flag with LGBT. Everyone must push back against this.

The proper authorities must investigate Desmond’s safety, immediately. Just imagine for a moment that this were an 11-year-old little girl dancing on a stage at a nightclub called 3 Dollar Bill. Don’t you think there would be societal uproar? Why then do we so readily embrace the abuse of a little boy and allow our children to be sexualized through Drag?

One more thing.. Wendy Lou has also founded Haus of Amazing with the goal of “bringing young drag kids and drag adults, together.” Remember, children and sexual fetishes equals PEDOPHILIA. 

VIDEO: Please watch, “Pedophile Agenda”


Here are some of the disturbing images on Desmond’s social media pages, below. I  recommend also reading this article titled: “The Exploitation of “Drag Kid” Desmond Is Amazing.”

Desmond with the one eye symbolism displayed on his Instagram

Desmond with a sexual Drag fetish one eye symbolism…

Desmond is featured in an ad campaign for the brand Gypsy Sport. The models alongside him appear young and show explicit imagery that had to be censored by The Vigilant Citizen.

Desmond doing one eye symbolism with a pentagram (Satanic star)…

Desmond daunting some Satanic, Luciferian fallen angel Drag, for VOGUE magazine..

Here is a photo of 8-year-old “Lactacia,” the world’s youngest “Drag kid” posing with a nude, male Drag Queen… The Pedophile Agenda! This is heavy!!

Here is “Lactacia”(Deamon name) posing in a Pizza tee-shirt. Red Alert!! This is not a girl. He is a little boy being abused for public pleasure because some sickos get off on it. 

“Pedophiles who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences.” – Pizza is an FBI listed pedophile code word/symbol for “girl.”

“Below is a painting by Kim Noble – a survivor of trauma-based mind control. One series of paintings depict the abuse of an MK slave in a setting that features intense dualistic patterns and a rose.” – The Vigilant Citizen reports.

Incidentally, I left a comment on Desmond’s Youtube channel questioning Wendy’s judgement for letting her son dance at a gay bar for money and the comment was removed within minutes. Within 4-6 hours my news website, Occupy Palestine TV (www.occupypalestine.tv) was hacked. I always know it’s a clear indication that I’m onto something “hot” when one of our websites is hacked.

(By the way, do not message the Facebook page because it’s a phishing attempt.)

Here is a screenshot:


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