Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘Stop This Reckless Vaccine Roll Out Now’ [VIDEOS]

ER Editor: Dr. Peter McCullough has been outspoken about the so-called ‘vaccines’, to the point of immense censorship. Here are some main points made in the video interview below.


We’re including a SECOND VIDEO below that, where he really LETS RIP on the ‘a needle in every arm’ as public health policy and so much more. He recognizes that being registered as vaccinated puts you as ‘marked’ in DATABASES of critical information that corporations are aiming at. In which case, the vaccine is just the starter.


  • The ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) phenomenon: vaccines do backfire. They should protect individuals, but the way some of them work can make the pathogen cause a more serious infection the next time around. 
  • mRNA vaccines and adenoviral vaccines have different mechanisms, but all make the body produce the spike protein of the virus. It’s known that this spike protein causes damages to blood vessels, liver, kidneys, the brain, the placenta, blood vessels, etc., and that it circulates for 2 weeks following vaccination. We are making the body CREATE this biologically active protein, which then damages the body. 
  • People who have already had Covid-19 may hyper-react if vaccinated. Three studies show this: 25-30% who volunteer for vaccination have been exposed and have immunity. But ill-advised govt policy means they have a 2-3 fold increase in adverse events.
  • Studies from Israel and France, and in clinical practice, show that after the 1st mRNA vaccine, patients have a greater risk of developing Covid-19, the real infection. And this is Antibody Dependent Enhancement, where the acquired antibodies make encountering the next variant of the virus more dangerous. People need to know this when they’re given the first injection.
  • When the vaccine packages are opened, there are no inserts giving important safety information. So when you volunteer, you’re part of a preliminary research program.
  • There is so little known about the vaccines. They were only studied for TWO months, so we don’t know how much protection they get beyond two months.
  • Large segments of children are immune, so the vaccine makes no sense on children who are at little risk anyway, yet the vaccines carry risks. The idea that vaccinating children protects the adults/elderly violates a medical principle, that children should NOT take on the risk with experimental products to protect other populations. In US universities, they’re vaccinating the students but not staff and faculty.
  • It’s highly unusual to allow children to consent to be vaccinated without parental consent. It’s happening within the US school system, whereby children are being threatened with exclusion from activities if they don’t consent. This is very concerning. Something very wrong is going on. Parents should be screaming at the top of their lungs. We NEVER let children take investigational new products, or pressure them into doing so, which expose them to the risk of death. We always exclude pregnant women from dangerous biologic substances, yet governments have been offering to vaccinate them.
  • The term is ‘malfeasance’ to describe what government agencies are doing right now in relation to medical practice. Doctors need to be free to use the medical literature that’s available on early treatments. Governments need to back out of this and focus on safety of the vaccine program.
  • The word is out in the US now that the vaccines are causing problems and harm. The desperation among vaccine stakeholders is high, which is why they’re moving vaccine programs into schools and churches. Lotteries are being used to entice, which is supreme coercion. The first principle of the Nuremberg Code is that individuals get to choose what goes into their bodies without fear of pressure or reprisal. Hospitals have enticed low-income workers to get vaccinated with one-time payments, yet workers still refuse, and then get threatened with losing their jobs. This is extreme coercion. Historians will look back on this with shock – a vaccine that doesn’t stop the infection, yet it’s causing harms and we’re paying people to take this risk.


Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘Stop This Reckless Vaccine Roll Out Now’


Dr. Peter McCullough is Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, and is an internationally recognized authority on the evaluation of medical evidence in contemporary issues in medicine and has published widely.

Recently, he has raised the alarm about the current rush by governments to vaccinate entire populations, including those who are either immune (previously infected), or not at high risk (those under the age of 70 years old).

Dr. McCullough has stated publicly that he cannot recommend the COVID-19 vaccines based on all current safety data, and that ‘vaccine stakeholders’ in government agencies, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky, who are openly violating every known medical practice by coercing students and others to take these unlicensed experimental gene-based injections – all of which are now proven to cause serious injury, and in some cases – even death. Watch: 

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