Did Macron Get to The Elysee Palace by ‘Serious Fraud’?

Macron’s arrival by serious fraud at the Élysée Palace in 2017


An article of 2017 to be widely re-circulated because it takes on even more incisive relief in the light of the massive fraud in the US with the Dominion system. It is curious this propensity of the electrical network to break down at the time of counting or especially during the transmission of election results.

To be reread by the greatest number, but that our active comrades (ER: police colleagues) do not get the wrong targets in the use of the baton so dear to Macron/Darmanin. And remember the conclusion of this article as a stinging reminder for brainwashed brains to institutional disinformation.

But we must not forget that the 1793 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen states in its article 35:

When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is, for the people and for every portion of the people, the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.



Macron’s arrival by serious fraud at the Elysée Palace in 2017 is the result of a concerted action of the deep French state. Macron’s arrival at the Elysée Palace is also the result of the use of Scytl and Dominion servers, which falsely credited the LREM candidate with 24% in the first round. Exactly the same modus operandi used by Biden, who was appointed President of the United States, following a series of abyssal frauds.

2017: Arrival by Macron Trickery at the Élysée Palace!

Article written on July 25, 2017, but which has not aged a single wrinkle I restart it [ER: sic], because it shows the arrival by serious fraud of Macron at the Élysée: the result of concerted action by the French deep state.

The sad votes in the Assembly remind us of the worst. The vote of July 5, 2017 on the confidence given to the Prime Minister (360 in favor, 129 abstentions, 67 against); then the alas massive vote of deputies fearfully accepting – except of course the FI deputies and the Communist deputies (ER: the far left)the enabling law intended to demolish the labor code.

1)- The Full Powers Given to Pétain in 1940

All these votes added together irresistibly evoke the full powers given to Pétain in 1940: with the exception of 80 “honest” deputies. Without forgetting the Communists who were not in Vichy, the PCF having been banned from staying there.

As Alain Badiou explains, the disorientation of Pétainist consciences made such a plebiscite possible for this counter-revolutionary government (the one of 1940):

“this regime of oligarchs corrupt to the bone, who present themselves as those who will bring the country out of a great moral crisis. An adventurer, a cacochymous king, an old soldier, a devious politician (Pétain), always a henchman of great fortunes, who presents himself as the true holder of national energy” (“What is Sarkozy’s name?”, Lignes edition, 2009).

For, just like Pétain, Macron is not an “accident”, an “error” of the great History and of a few leaders “taken by surprise”, as I have often read on Facebook.

As for Pétain in 1940, Claude Bourdet, the initiator of the Resistance, reveals this little-known, but significant information to us:

“In April 1937, Laval, through the intermediary of one of his parents, asked to meet a person with the confidence of the “Caudillo”. The interview took place, and Laval told the “Caudillo’s” envoy that, to avoid a communist movement in France, he was in contact with Doriot, Colonel de La Roque and Marshal Pétain. He asserted that the salvation of France lay in a Pétain government, and that the marshal was determined to assume this responsibility (cf Dépêche de l’ambassadeur d’Allemagne en Espagne au ministre des Affaires étrangères allemands du 13 avril 1937, in archives secrètes de la Wilhemstrasse, tome 3, Plon, 1952). The conspiracy that presided over the birth of Pétain’s “French state” had been plotted for a long time. The “divine surprise” was not a surprise for everyone” (sic) (extract from his memoirs, “L’aventure incertaine”, Le Félin, 1998).

2)- The “democratic” coup d’état fomented by Macron

In the same way today, and this time in the case of Macron, we have two testimonies from the small banker himself. Didn’t the latter say, during an official press conference, “that he had arrived by infraction at the Élysée” (sic)? More to the point, he confessed, during a conference in 2017, that he had been chosen by Bilderberg. And that there was no democracy in France” (sic). There is a video recording of these words, proving the veracity of the words spoken by the little banker.

a)- The coming to power of an illegitimate and minority band:

For we all know: Macron came to power in 2017, following a “democratic coup d’état”, to use Alain Badiou’s excellent formula, taken from his book “Eloge de la Politique”, Café Voltaire/Flammarion edition, 2016. However, the promotion of Alain Badiou’s book, which started off very strong, was brutally interrupted in early October 2017, overnight by Macron’s henchmen: which shows how much this lucid and intelligent book was genius to the little banker!

Régis de Castelnau also sums up the situation perfectly: “The financial, media and judicial coup d’état perpetrated in 2017 installed a minority and illegitimate gang at the head of the state. Embodied by their leader, Emmanuel Macron “(sic), from his blog post “Vu du droit” of October 6, 2019, entitled: ” Pourquoi il ne faut pas demander le départ de Castaner “.

In 2017, France was treated as an African country. What are we doing in Africa? In his book, “Le réveil de l’Histoire,” Alain Badiou answers:

“We (the United States) are mounting bloody military expeditions just about everywhere, especially in Africa, in order to ensure ‘respect for human rights’, to put corrupt servants in power everywhere – through a combination of violent occupation and ghostly ‘elections’ – who will hand over all the country’s resources to the aforementioned powerful for nothing” (sic) (“Le réveil de l’Histoire”, Lignes edition, 2012, page 12).

In the same way, in 2017, thanks to untruthful elections, the corrupt valet Macron was imposed on the Elysée Palace:

1°)- On the one hand, to siphon off French wealth for the benefit of Americans.

2°)- Above all, King Kostard was placed directly in response to the anti-Khomri movement of 2016, to discipline this “rabble”, which had had the audacity in 2016 to take to the streets 14 times, in order to oppose a bill (the Khomri law) wanted by the supranational dictatorship of Brussels.

I remember the incredible joy of Pierre Gattaz, a member of the French Deep State, following the success of this sinister undertaking. In fact, the Tour de France stopped one day in July 2017 in Périgueux: stands were set up, inviting in particular the one who was still “the boss of bosses”. He couldn’t take it anymore, as shown by a photo of him in the Dordogne libre bought on the occasion, hilarious, folded in two for fun, as we had never known him before.

b)- The role of Scytl and Dominion servers:

The fake SCYTL server played a cardinal role. On the night of the first round, Macron had between 6 and 9% of the votes. There was a major power outage. All the other candidates’ accounts were siphoned off, including small lists such as the UPR and the NPA, reduced to 1 and 0.5% of the votes, respectively, despite all the NPA’s mobilization in the struggles. El the strong and intelligent presence of UPR activists on social networks (see the excellent article written by Eric Montana for MEDIAZONE: “Scytl, the software that votes for you”, dated November 26, 2020).

And, through them, the globalized capitalist Ogre, who needs more and more, has achieved its “coup”: thanks to Macron au Pouvoir, to have: always more profits, always more greatness, always more Will to Power.


In the face of this illegitimate coup, we are left with:

1)- The IDEOLOGICAL COMBAT on social networks, and, I hope also, through media passages by “recognized” critical left intellectuals. At the moment, only Michel Onfray is opening it: even what he says is déjà vu, déjà entendu: Critique du Peuple put aside, despite the success of the NO to TCE in 2005. It’s not my favorite, but it feels good to listen to it for lack of another.


We, the nameless, the ungraded, will popularize our program of rupture with mundialism in 30 points elaborated by the Rally “Power to the People,” bringing together the “Critical Unsubmissives,” the “Frankly Unsubmissive,” the internal/external current: “Rupture, Power to the Militants,” the PRCF, the PARDEM, the CNSJS, proposing a decent and joyful life for each and everyone. Its spokesperson could be either Jacques Généreux, Jacques Sapir, or Jacques Cotta.

As they used to say in the 1790’s: WE REASONED TO REVOLT!

(1)- I’ll digress for a moment: every time the little powder puff expresses himself in English, alas lately in the Times, without anyone finding fault with it, I feel a strong urge to puke. Can you imagine General de Gaulle speaking English to Roosevelt or Eisenhower? Naturally, such a scenario would have been unbelievable. But this choice of the English language is proof, unfortunately, that France is now only a small colony of the United States, where the vassal (Macron) reaffirms his humble subordination, his total obedience to the suzerain, at the time of Obama: worse still, in the language of the powerful state. More humiliating situation, you die.


Macron: “I was selected by Bilderberg, there is no democracy in France!”
Émilie Ballore, VK: it goes back to 2017, but it’s still relevant today…

Emmanuel Macron: “I was selected by the Bilderberg Group. There is no democracy as such in France”.

The President of the Republic has made an off-the-record pronouncement that is likely to give fever to conspiracy fighters of all stripes. He alleged that his Prime Minister was selected by the hyperglobalist Bilderberg Group, just as he was chosen to become the President of the French Republic.

The leaked audio recording in our possession reveals, to the great displeasure of the media, a dirty and tragic truth that risks causing turmoil in the political and industrial sphere. Emmanuel Macron admits that there is no democracy in France, that the heads of state as well as their prime ministers and other important ministers are selected by a hyperglobalist class.

“Frankly, let’s be honest, Chirac participated in a Bilderberg conference, he became president. Manuel Valls participated in the 2009 meeting, he became prime minister. I was told “you obey our Europeanist vision and we’ll make you climb the ladder,” so I said banco.

He explained that at the 2014 conference he was next to the Portuguese Minister of Health and the Italian journalist Monica Maggioni. “It’s very egalitarian, there are no favorites and especially no Christians or pro-Christians,” Macron explained off camera.

“The objective is to create a European Union that has nothing to do with the Europe of Nations, politically, culturally, ethnically, in every sense of the word. It is necessary to put an end to the old paradigm that whites lead Europe and it is obviously necessary to fight against all nationalisms”.

This is also the opinion of Sylvie Goulard, who participated in a Bilderberg conference and who will certainly be in the Philippe government at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is also a favorite for the 2022 presidential election according to Jacques Attali.

Macron went on to explain that Alain Juppé (who also participated in a Bilderberg conference) would have taken Édouard Philippe as prime minister in any case if he had won the primary on the right: “When decisions are made, no matter what the results are, we obey”.

He further explained that it’s a win-win situation:

“Fillon, Juppé, me, we all come from the same club so the result would have been the same! Left/Right, it is a system to manipulate the masses. The revival does not arrive believe me. May all the immigrants and new French rejoice because I am their president, we are their leaders and we are going to help them to accomplish our great plan.

“We represent the saviors of humanity, we will destroy the former white imperialist countries and give other nations and peoples a chance. We are doing this for the good of mankind, to put an end to an inbred Europe overwhelmed by globalization. This globalization will benefit everyone and not only the Europeans who profit on the backs of the rest of humanity. Who loves Europeans nowadays? Certainly not the Bilderberg Group!” he intoned without a hint of regret and without holding back.

The document will certainly be published in early June when the Bilderberg 2017 conference, which may be held in Chantilly, USA, has begun.

It would appear that Macron did not lie; indeed, the list of members is available on the official website BilderbergMeetings.org created in 2012 to “silence the conspiracy by coming out into the open”, according to the president, and Valls agreed with him.

The media is rising up against the “conspiracist” media who take too close an interest in the conference.

Eric Montana: “The software which makes it possible to elect an unknown person, President…”.
“Scytl: the software that makes our votes useless… ”

The very evening of the first round and even before the final results were known, Macron, like Sarkozy, was already celebrating with the financial elites, his predictable and announced election for the second round, against Marine Le Pen, the candidate chosen by the software to be the scarecrow that would cause the massive rallying of all “Republicans” on the candidate chosen by Bilderberg ~ Eric Montana, November 26, 2020

There are events that sometimes serve as a trigger in a life. The massive fraud of candidate Biden in the U.S. elections is one of them.

We are horrified to discover that elections can be rigged in the country that claims to be the “leader of the free world” and the light of democracy. We learn through the Internet and the Jeffrey Epstein affair, the massive corruption that is eating away at American politics, sold to all the lobbies. The sickly depravity of world-famous leaders such as Bill Clinton and even Bill Gates, two regulars of travel on the Lolita Express, the plane that was used to transport these benefactors of humanity to the island of orgies belonging to the Mossad agent, so conveniently discovered suicided in his New York cell. An American state drowned by characters suspected or accused of pedophilia, trafficking and sexual crimes …

We learn of the existence of a Deep State that governs this country in the shadows. We realize with horror that the CIA, this state within the state that does not report to anyone, acts as it pleases with the complicity of its twin brother the Mossad, in arms trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking, coups d’état, colorful revolutions, targeted assassinations.

We discover that George Soros finances the Black Lives Matter by paying protesters 15 dollars an hour to sow chaos and violence, that he organizes the caravans of thousands of South Americans heading to the United States to try to make Trump, who opposes these massive arrivals of fake migrants, look like a heartless and compassionate president and smear his image in the eyes of Americans and the rest of the world?

And of course, we end up wondering about our own country. And by discovering every day that God makes, the corruption of our politicians, their submission to the lobbies, their iniquitous laws voted against the people, the rapid enrichment of some of them, the indecent privileges they grant themselves, the impunity they vote to better protect themselves from justice, their hidden vices, we tell ourselves that we are in exactly the same situation as in the United States.

Moreover, when we discover that France also possesses the Scytl software that was used to rig the U.S. elections, the legitimate doubts we had about the 2017 presidential elections that saw the victory of a candidate who came out of nowhere but was selected by the Bilderberg Group to be the new President of the French Republic, can only come back to the surface.

No one has forgotten how Macron was outrageously favored in the media, in the press. The inequality of speaking time scandalously applied to the other candidates who were marginalized, badly treated, and who, despite their legitimate claims to equal speaking time and equal treatment, were not heard. This first and serious anomaly already hinted at the rest… Macron seemed to be the candidate that the System had chosen for the supreme office. The polls were consistently in his favor, even though he was unknown to the French, and the only thing we knew about him was that he allowed stateless finance to get its hands on the jewels of our national industry.

His election rallies with extras, half-empty rooms while the media talked about the enthusiasm and “popular” infatuation for this young candidate, were another anomaly that should have put the flea in the ear of those who claim to make information. Macron’s election campaign was staged with all the ingredients of mass manipulation. Then the use of computerized voting machines, as unreliable as the final results, was another source of questioning.

Let’s not talk about the results of the first round where in the big cities held by his political friends, blank ballots were non-existent, where the first counts attributed him 6 to 9% and sometimes much less… and that after a strange half-hour computer breakdown, he was given the lead with 22, 23 or 24%… The miracles of computers and Scytl’s software?

On the very evening of the first round and even before the final results were known, Macron, like Sarkozy, was already celebrating with the financial elites his predictable and announced election for the second round against Marine Le Pen, the candidate chosen by the software to be the scarecrow that would cause all the “Republicans” to rally massively around the candidate chosen by Bilderberg.

Then last but not last, on the evening of her election, the speech delivered in front of the symbolic pyramid of the Louvre with this red light above her head, like the eye of Horus observing the events, greeting the crowd at the sign of the compass and the square in front of spectators and extras apparently numerous but televised with fast images to avoid the detail that kills …

All this was reminiscent of the dramatization of a Masonic ceremony. The last details that confirmed legitimate doubts and the idea that we were in a strange election that was nothing like anything we had experienced before. And then this dirty impression that the Bilderberg group and Freemasonry had largely organized and planned it, and that thanks to the ignorance and naivety of the French, the Cabal had largely won.

The real winner of these elections was not the French people but Rothschild and his accomplices of the deep state.

Since then, France has been sold to high finance and the rich have become richer and more numerous than ever before. This power governs by force and violence. Never before seen in France! Corruption is exploding, making our country one of the most corrupt countries in the world. One after the other, liberticidal laws succeed one another. Social rights are demolished by nightly votes in the Assembly and the Senate, and even the pension reform, against which millions of French people protested, was passed in the middle of the night, on the sly, thanks to a new treachery by the group Les Républicains, who took the initiative.

And then icing on the cake, the State of Sanitary Emergency decreed thanks to a patented laboratory virus used in a criminal manner, to impose on the French a regime worthy of the worst dictatorships.

The destruction of the economy to favor the Great Reset based on digital money, allowing us to monitor all our actions, bogus tests to continue governing through fear, rigged figures to favor the psychosis of death, vaccination with the addition of nanoparticles and ingredients that will make us even sicker, and soon the food shortage, a new Covid-21 and the internment camps to bend the recalcitrant ones who blockly refuse the confinement, the obligatory mask, the travel ban, the prohibition of a return to normal life and the criminal madness of this government of impostors, assassins and corrupt people.

And if the media is worried to see that 91% of the French and 80% of us no longer trust either the government or the complicit media about this gigantic criminal operation, it is because we are on the eve of a revolt that will undoubtedly turn into a violent insurrection.

The people of France are victims of a monstrous Cabal just like the American people and other European peoples. This Cabal wants to impose on us the New World Order, totalitarian and genocidal, by force or by will, and for the moment it is mainly force and violence that is being used. We are therefore in a situation of victims.

But we must not forget that the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1793 states in Article 35: “When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is, for the people and for every portion of the people, the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.

Source : https://mediazone.zonefr.com/news/

Source : Reseau International




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