Demographic Crisis: The Netherlands wants Poland to turn over 12% of its youth annually

ER Editor: What the Gefira team describes below is a method to drain the Visegrad group of countries (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic) of their employable youth by western European countries such as the Netherlands to make up for a shortfall of competent workers that African and Asian migrants aren’t able to do. But could this be a dual strategy, to work against the indigenous population-replacement strategies that leaders like Viktor Orban of Hungary are working towards, as they seek to maintain their cultural identity without mass migration? One should suspect the liberal-globalist EU elite of playing all angles.


The Netherlands wants Poland to turn over 12% of its youth annually


Rob Jetten (pictured below), the leader of D66 – one of the Dutch ruling political parties – publicly said that he wants to have 50,000 Poles – i.e. 12% of Poland’s youth – coming to the Netherlands to compensate for the Dutch birth deficit. 1)

Both Poland and the Netherlands have a declining population, but while Warsaw is pursuing a policy of increasing the birth rate – as a result of which the country has about 400,000 newborns a year – Dutch liberals like Rob Jetten regard such social programs as backward. What remains then is a policy of robbing another country of a part of its population, so much so that it is slowly dawning upon the progressivists that Europe is heading for a demographic and resultant economic calamity, unprecedented in modern history.

From the 15th century onward, the number of consumers and producers in Europe was increasing steadily, which boosted economy and the banking system to serve its needs. Even the two World Wars barely had an adverse effect on population and economic growth. It was only in the latter half of the 20th that the world’s most productive nations – the white Europeans and East Asians – began to numerically decline and that process has negatively affected their economies. Economic analyses or predictions are utterly futile so long as the underlying demographic, reality is not taken into consideration. As it is, none of the famed pundits – be it Paul Krugman or Max Keiser – dare to so much as touch the subject, as if it were a terribly contagious incurable disease.

The European nations need more economic growth to relieve their public debt burden and fulfil their staggering retirement obligations. The German economy has added 1 million retirees to its population since Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, and in the coming 10 years the number of people eligible for a state pension will increase by a further 3 million, which is as many as the total population of Berlin. A society smaller by 25% will buy 25% fewer cars and other goods, including real estate.

While the number of retirees is growing steadily, the number of people in the labour force is falling. The Western demographic implosion already began in the nineties of the last century, but thanks to mass migration from Africa and Asia – and from Eastern Europe, which was enabled by the enlargement of the European Union, the decline in countries such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy could be temporarily averted. Eastern European countries had to turn over their youth in exchange for Brussels’ subsidies.

In Western Europe, immigration is the only option being taken into account to solve this demographic winter; policies that might encourage citizens to have babies are out of the question. Up to now the sights were, therefore, set on Africa and Asia. It has, however, turned out that a million young African and Asian men who are trying desperately to reach the Gardens of Eden and have a share in the cornucopia offered by Paris, London or Berlin have become a drain on the social security systems and make up the majority of crime statistics the moment they set foot on European soil. According to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics, 80% of the Somalis in the Netherlands live on government hand-outs.

Faced with this problem, European liberals have drawn up a cunning plan. They want to compel Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary to relieve the Western countries of some of the the Asian and African refugees in exchange for which the West will offer jobs to young Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians. This stratagem has already been tried out in Italy: while German and Dutch NGOs tried to bless Italy with Africans, the austerity measures imposed on Rome forced bright young Italians out of the country in search of employment in Germany.

Despite the fact that the European Central Bank has enough capital on offer, the European economies are experiencing difficulties due to the lack of labour. Though the demographic dividend from Africa is piling up at Europe’s borders, European leaders are competing for the ever-shrinking pool of white native Europeans from Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. Yet they are no racists, to be sure.


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1. Jetten wil 50.000 Polen naar Nederland halen, De Telegraaf 2019-03-07.