Covid or Not, Too Many of Us Seem to Have Gone Crazy

Covid or not, too many of us seem to have gone crazy


Certainly mental health is the world’s leading cause of disability. In France, its annual cost is 109 billion and obviously this is not going to get any better because of conditioning an entire people to fear and panic about a more or less dangerous virus and especially to the police implications of the drastic measures taken by our governments against all logic (see the example of countries that are not confined, not bludgeoned, not punished by repeated fines against iniquitous decisions such as the ausweiss exit).

“The psychiatric consequences of Covid-19 will be very heavy; they are ahead of us and for a long time”. 1] The infected persons will eventually be among them, but not necessarily. The others will be exposed to the stress or to the dramatic financial consequences that come with the real wave, that of excessive layoffs, of the modification to unemployment insurance that will be applied and that of pension reform.

Financial difficulties, fear of illness for oneself or one’s loved ones, the aberrant and counterproductive isolation of the Chinese-style lockdown, a well-known place of freedom, have increased the cases of post-traumatic stress.

Moreover, “it is now widely accepted that inflammation linked to the virus is the cause of psychiatric pathologies (depression, anxiety disorders). “Concerning more specifically Covid-19, we know that the virus has a tropism for the brain and that it triggers a “cytokinic” inflammatory storm whose consequences can be pulmonary, cardiological but also neuropsychiatric. The increase in mood or anxiety disorders following infection by coronavirus diseases has been observed during previous pandemics in China, the USA and Europe.”

Can these secondary disorders explain the extreme and curious attitude, beyond their revolting side, of certain doctors who used to be open to discussion and who today brandish the mask like a lucky charm, wishing to impose a “brain transplant” on all those who dare to question its health effectiveness? They may be depressed, sure, but should we continue to invite them constantly on the TV sets and let them feed these anxieties that will continue to plague a large part of the population for years to come? And are they forgetting their duty of confraternity so often used by the Order to pursue those they do not like, such as Prof. Even?

“Several types of population demand our vigilance: for patients with Covid-19, somatic, pulmonary and cardiological follow-up should be accompanied by psychiatric care. In the general population, studies show that women have been severely exposed, as well as young people, worried about their entry into working life, the elderly in Ehpad (care homes). There is a need for information, monitoring and screening. This is not a recent struggle. There is a delay in diagnosis and treatment because mental illnesses are too often considered to be dependent on willpower. A depressed person should no longer hear: “Shake it off, it will pass.”

Call from Dr. Fouche, ER physician

In this context, we have been touched by this call from an emergency medicine colleague and wish to make his appeal known [2] Dr. Louis Fouché, anesthesiologist – resuscitator expresses himself here for the “Collectif soignant pour une politique sanitaire COVID-19 juste, éclairée, et proportionnée” (Healthcare Collective for a fair, enlightened and proportionate COVID-19 health policy). The appeal was published on the website of the anthropologist J.D. Michel.

“Hello to all,

What is the government’s role? What is the media playing at? What are the doctors playing at? When do we react?

I appeal here to the doctors, pharmacists, caregivers and administrative staff of the AP-HM of good will. We must stop the introduction and perpetuation of freedom-destroying laws of exception.

Since when has the government given itself the right to decide what doctors can prescribe?

Why do people still have to wear masks today? Why were they forbidden to buy them when it was useful? Why weren’t pharmacists allowed to sell masks when it was useful?

It is now the supermarkets that can do so with the complicity of the State and its forces of repression? Those who see the growing gap between reality and the media and political narrative must react.

Those who know how to read and fearlessly interpret epidemic curves must speak out en masse and not leave the IHU alone in this battle.

There is no second wave.

We have not been in an epidemic situation for a long time according to the usual definitions of epidemic standards for influenza (more than 150 cases/d/100,000 hbts). This definition has simply been changed for Covid for a purpose that escapes us. The real has been replaced by a dubious narrative. The “information” disseminated by the media is henceforth de-correlated from the health reality.

The epidemic curves are interpreted in a fallacious way. Has the State modified the usual epidemic thresholds to maintain an alarmist discourse and justify restrictions on freedom?

New cases are mild. They are on the rise due to the increasing number of tests. This is very reassuring about the benign nature of the infection in the end.

We did not see the denominator of total cases in April because we could not test as common sense would recommend.

Today we test in an almost systematic way without any connection with any symptomatology. We are simply finding what we were forbidden to see in March, April and May: the denominator and the crowd of benign cases. All the supporters of the collective immunity thesis should be happy about this.

Hospitalizations in intensive care, hospitalizations and deaths are only tending to decrease!

We have a duty to get out of the political polarization that has been inflicted on the debate.

We must return to common sense arguments: medical first, scientific second. Thanks to Jean François Toussaint, Alexandra Henrion Caude, Jean Dominique Michel, Didier Raoult, Philippe Parola, Jean Christophe Lagier, Christian Perronne and all the other heroes that I forget.

Science, medicine and politics are tarnished by so many conflicts of interest and corruption.

The “We” of our fellow citizens is in trouble. We must re-inform and reopen the space for dialogue and debate when it closes.

There are now more daily deaths by suicide than by COVID.

Caregivers need to respond. We must liberate our fellow citizens. Ensure their health. We all took an oath!

Every day, an average of 1,671 people die in France according to Santé Publique France (Public Health France).

419 people from cardiovascular diseases / 460 from cancers / 110 deaths from respiratory diseases / 27 from suicides / 10 deaths from road traffic accidents /

For covid-19: Over the first 15 days of August, there was an average of 8.3 hospital deaths /day.

I do not count the deaths in EHPAD (care homes) since we do not know what they died of. You will note with a smile that from August 1 to 15, 10 people would have been resurrected according to the cumulative number of deaths in EHPAD.

We have gone crazy!

Thank you to all those who will join us so that the AP-HM can wake up from the mirage and take action. Thank you to all those who disagree and who will want to renew the space for a courteous and constructive discussion.

Yours sincerely, Dr. Louis Fouché, anesthesiologist – resuscitator”.

Thank you to Dr. Fouché and let us make his appeal known.

The order of physicians subject to the ARS

In the same vein of calls from doctors who are trying to make themselves heard once again, let us mention that of Dr. Crabbé, who rightly challenges the medical order that has abrogated its role by its servile submission to the orders of technocrats.

Call from Dr. Crabbé

“The Order of Physicians must be judged for serious breaches of medical ethics” according to Dr. Crabbé. September 1, 2020 [3].

“Apocalyptic speeches”, “collective hysteria”, “complicit silence”… On August 27, Dr. Jean-Michel Crabbé sent a registered letter to the Council of the Doubs Medical Association in which he requested that the Medical Association be “brought before its own disciplinary bodies and judged for serious breaches of the missions entrusted to it and of medical ethics”. This followed a first letter sent on May 13, 2020.

“Mr. President, my dear colleagues,

In the context of “covid-19”, I publicly denounce serious violations of the Code of Ethics and the Hippocratic Oath by the Order of Physicians itself.

1) In the face of the apocalyptic discourses disseminated in the media by politicians and so-called specialists, the Order of Physicians had the duty to restore the truth and to provide all practitioners and the public with the true figures from the registers of the Civil Registry and various hospital or other mortuary services: these figures are not alarming. During real epidemics such as the plague or tuberculosis, there were sick and dead people in every home, in every family. We are very far from such a situation.

2) Faced with the phobia of the virus and the collective hysteria triggered by the risk of contamination by simple contact or breathing near the sick, the Order of Physicians had to remind everyone that health professionals are practically never contaminated by their multiple and repeated contacts with the sick, and that contagion involves other little-known factors.

3) The Order of Physicians, guarantor of good medical practices based on scientific studies, had to recall that the wearing of masks, isolation of healthy subjects and social distancing are measures invented in 2020, which are not based on any past experience, on any scientific study, and do not appear in any medical book. The justification for these measures is not based on any objective evaluation of the benefit/risk ratio, even though their obvious consequences for the population are extremely serious from a medical, human and economic point of view. (….). »

“At the service of physicians in the interest of patients”, the Order of Physicians had to inform practitioners in an objective manner, denounce prevention measures that were not scientifically validated and dangerous, ensure the training of physicians in this essential field, toxicology, and reassure a population made hysterical by the media’s misleading statements.

Instead, the Order of Physicians remains silent, complicit in the hidden objectives of a political power at the service of a globalist oligarchy. Under the pretext of an epidemic, a blind administration, specialists whose professional experience remains to be proven, the entire health system is instrumentalized to harm the population, to terrorize it, to deprive it of freedom, of work, of human relations.

In conclusion, the Order of Physicians must be brought before its own disciplinary bodies and judged for serious breaches of the missions entrusted to it and of medical ethics.

Receive my best confraternal and devoted greetings, Dr. Jean-Michel Crabbé” [4].

All is said, thank you to your colleagues! IT’S UP TO US TO SPREAD ALL THESE MESSAGES FOR THOSE WHO ONLY VISIT BFMTV. I will recall here the humble advice published on Putsch media a few days ago. [5]

So that everyone is involved in the shops or at school exits. The strength of PAPER!

Some people are already doing it of course, like this activist from Lyon who told me one day about his fight against the mask, on public transport or at the shops, with the declaration of Master Brusa Alberto in his hand, who asserts and demonstrates that the fine against the refusal to wear the mask is illegal. He proposes carrying his declaration with him and to take it to the police stations to inform them. The same thing happens with the merchants who ruin themselves by submitting themselves because the requirement of the mask often discourages hesitant customers from entering.

And very motivated by this idea, which some people are already applying, we came across this very instructive paper which goes in the same direction and also demonstrates the logic of the effectiveness of the method. Too good! We are a nation of good talkers”, says Gatto in his book Dumbing Us Down. “I think a much better tactic is to have printed material ready to put in front of them. It may seem archaic. But that’s the point.”

The authors of this article are not wrong, because this is really what we feel, our glass ceiling of re-information by alternative sites increasingly censored (videos deleted by Google of Silvano Trotta and many others, up to that of the American president), they have no limits in censorship and lying. NO LIMIT as they proclaim.

So all to our printers, to reams of paper and above all to our short texts with one idea at a time, let’s distribute our messages in mailboxes, at the exit of the subway or department stores and keep our speeches simple.

“Children under the age of 19 are not contagious, they do not pass the covid on to their peers or adults. Masks at school are useless and abusive”.


“Children are only exceptionally affected by covid, with less than one death per million children during the epidemic. That’s far less than the number of flu deaths for which masks are not worn at school.”

“Covid is becoming rare, but if you have any clinical signs (cough, fever, muscle aches or loss of taste and smell) get checked by a real field doctor and if he confirms, order chloroquine and azithromycin. This is allowed. You will be cured in 5 days.”

Etc… It’s up to each one to find his message with his heart and determination and even shorter slogans.

The effectiveness of the message on paper

The above article explains: A 2009 study found that students who read their lessons on paper had better scores (+28%) than those who only listened to their lesson in podcast form. An article in Scientific American says that at least 1/3 of our brain is involved in translating letters (words) into meaningful concepts. And the Hechinger report says that “most studies indicate that reading comprehension is better from printed materials [than from reading on screen].”

“Given this, instead of telling your masked neighbor a lesson about hypoxia or sending your uncle an e-mail link that he probably won’t click on, try this instead: Print on paper of your choice: an article, flyer, or study that describes the evidence behind the claim that masks (for example) do not reduce primary or secondary infections. You can then hand-deliver these black and white papers to friends, family, or strangers. You simply say, “Can you read this and tell me what you think?”.

You could also write a short letter and send the printed material to business leaders, politicians, celebrities, authors, charity leaders, hospital administrators, religious leaders… The letter should be short and to the point:

The letter should be brief and to the point: “It is obvious that the mandatory wearing of masks is detrimental to retail shops, society and children. I found this article about how scientists have tested the wearing of the mask. They conducted 7 randomized controlled studies to see if the mask actually protects people from infection. Could you read it and tell me what you think?”

The same tactic could be applied to other specific areas of COVID-19 history. (Anti)social distancing, tampered mortality rates, the mechanical ventilation pandemic. Be specific. This is a huge mess filled with confusion. Present just one piece of this fragile puzzle at a time. Keep the reader focused and focused on the goal. You can always send another letter the following week.

The legal defence of citizens

A video of August 31, 2020 by lawyer Carlo Brusa on his Youtube channel referring to a letter from a parent to the council of the order read the quite surprising answer for citizens (and not for doctors). You will listen to the answer in the video, but the point I want to emphasize here is the following: the council of the order says it has questioned the local ARS, the only body with the right to decide.

What is the use of the council of the order subject to bureaucracy without shame? See the website of his association Reaction 19 and for any question and legal documents to download (illegal fine challenge for example) [6].

In any case and in short summary of the video of August 31, 2020 of lawyer Carlo Brusa, also to be found on facebook, a school principal cannot refuse to take charge of a child who is not masked and in any case can provide him with a mask.

The only valid text is the decree of July 10 which grants the Prime Minister the power to decree in case of emergency until the end of October. Nevertheless, no delegation to the ministers is planned, so the protocol proposed by Education Minister Blanquer can only be considered as a simple recommendation.

According to the decree of July 10, the only legal one in force, the mask can only be imposed if there is no distancing. This means that teachers at their desks can speak without masks so that students can hear them correctly, and students at a distance of one metre from each other are not subject to the mask either. But the TV shows have put the pressure on and mixed everything up. Read the legal texts that we can still enjoy and their interpretations by bona fide lawyers. You have all seen that Master Krikorian has been able to demonstrate that the ban on chloroquine was never legal and that doctors are now fully authorized to prescribe chloroquine and azithromycin without being questioned by the council of the order.

Finally, if your child cannot tolerate the mask, his doctor can write him a dispensation that he should always carry with him. The ARS’ answer to this question does not mention the fact that the child should be handicapped. All that remains is to find the doctor who is too often terrorized.

Go and listen to yourself and others.

Look carefully because curiously these links quickly disappear on google as you go… And don’t be conspirators, finally!

1] .



4] Source : Dr Jean-Michel Crabbé’s website

5] Putsch media nicole delepine 23 AUGUST 2020

6] [email protected] in the event of a specific question not answered on the site


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