Catherine Austin Fitts: Vaccine Passports Mean Complete Control of Us [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Del Bigtree addresses the realization that ‘something else must be going on.’ It’s not just about a vaccine, that doesn’t even work, or a so-called health crisis. Every sector of our lives is under attack following this, so why is that? What’s keeping the runaway train on the tracks? Catherine Austin Fitts does the Big Reveal with Bigtree in a fascinating 50-minute interview. Find Catherine Austin Fitts at her site, The Solari Report, where valuable resources can be found.



  • What is central banking? Is it greater than Pharma? It’s a critical bureaucracy of managing/controlling the financial system (it’s part of the governance system). One way you govern the entire planet is through the financial system, which has different bureaucracies. The top level of this is the central banks. Basically, CBs print money, and the military makes sure we use it. They police the model. But ongoing for 20 years, we’re coming in for a significant change in both the governance model and the financial model. We’re going for different currencies, which is all in flux and driving the demand for a reset. In anticipation of this, for the last 20 years, CBs have been moving money out of governments (it’s a ‘financial coup’) and there’s been a lot of funny business in US govt accounts for a long time. So we’re now in the consolidation phase of that. We knew there’d be a problem when the boomers retired – how do we pay their pensions when the money’s not there?  Cue, the magic virus. It’s the excuse for why promised payments will not be made.
  • How much money is missing vs. what we believe should be there for pensions, etc.? The fed govt has refused since 1998 to produce audited financial statements as required by law. But we know from what they’ve produced that there is more than $21 Trillion of undocumentable adjustments by 2015. In 2018, after pressure had been put on the Feds to produce these audited financial statements, they developed a policy by which they are allowed to NOT reveal this information, so the federal government can produce financial documents that simply have no meaning because they can hide from us whatever they want. It’s secret financing by secret groups as a matter of policy. It’s a coup d’état. Western democracies have been run with a two-pronged financial system. On the one hand you have central banks and private banks, and the Fed, managing monetary policy. On the other side, you have an electorate voting for representatives who manage the tax flow and the credits that relate to that. So you have this balance of power between the people and the bankers. Now, under the guise of Covid 19, the bankers have decided they no longer want to share power with the people. So the central banks have essentially decided to take over. The ultimate completion of this will be when we have digital currencies, owned and operated by the CBs. Why is this important? Because it won’t be a currency, but a financial control system. To implement the system, they need the vaccine passports. The goal of these passports is nothing to do with health. It’s to do with implementing new financial transactions system, which is in effect implementing full control. So it’s a slave system, based on vaccine passports.
  • We will no longer have cash; we will simply have credit at the company store. Which they control. So if they don’t want us travelling more than 5 miles from our homes, our credit card won’t work beyond that 5 mile point. It’s a very intimate form of control they can exert. It’s also a full-on surveillance system with zero privacy. So central banks issue their own digital currency. Would they allow cryptocurrencies to exist like Bitcoin? Maybe. The vast majority of our retail transactions will end up in the CBDC (central bank digital currency) system. Bitcoin and crypto have been useful as a model for the CBs, but ultimately the CBs will have control over the currency we use. If you want to control the citizen directly and destroy the nation state and its budgeting powers, you simply take tax money directly out of a person’s bank account. It’s taxation without representation.
  • Who is Mr. Global? The people who govern / own the central banks, the insurance industry, etc. control the system. They have decided to centralize control into a much smaller group of people. Which is why we’re seeing a mass printing of money and the closure of so many small businesses. Then private equity swoops in to take over the failed businesses. The billionaires are just getting richer. It’s a plan. Those at the very top of the system are the ones in the room. You also need the Tech, Telecoms and Pharma corporations. Mr. Global isn’t a lot of people, but all of us are helping them to build the train tracks. But we can stop them: we can stop buying from the 20 or so companies leading this…

CB digital currencies along with the vaccine passports mean complete control of us.

  • Which companies should we avoid? 21 trillion is missing from the federal govt. So we should stop banking with those banks that are behind this fraud, such as JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, etc. We need to stop financing our enemy! Find a good local bank that you can find on the Solari site. There are about 4-5,000 of those in the US; we need more of them, not less.
  • They shut down businesses owned by ordinary people during this health crisis. Which sent people shopping at the big stores, whose stock went up. The big publicly traded corporations stayed open and made a fortune. It was disaster capitalism writ large. They could pick up enormous amounts of market share for free. Worse, the banks are printing money and the private equity players take that and go around sucking up cheap property of people who have gone bankrupt, who are forced to sell. The bigger play was a financial re-engineering that had nothing to do with healthcare. It is a coup. It is purely politics.
  • Back in 1995, an effort was made to get the federal budget in balance and meet the retirement obligations. It failed; money started to be shipped out of the country in 1997, when the 21 trillion started to disappear. So if you can’t get a financially responsible solution to your retirement benefits, you have 2 choices: you can increase the retirement age, or you lower life expectancy. It’s pure math. After the budget deal failed, you had/have the Great Poisoning: in the US we significantly increased toxicity levels and lowered immune system strength in many different ways. One of the contributors to this was the heavy vaccination schedule. With the Covid vaccines we get lipid toxicity, and they suppress the immune system. This is accelerating the Great Poisoning, which is how you bring down life expectancy. Life expectancy has been falling in the US, particularly among lower income groups, which we’ll continue to see. There are also other health factors, too…

We’re bringing down life expectancy, and it’s engineered.

  • Was the 21 trillion there and got stolen? Yes. Black budgets began in ’47 and ’49 for a secret national security state. Part of our society started developing powerful technology behind a wall of secrecy. It made fabulous amounts of money and started to build a separate civilization. At the top of Wall St. or DC you move between these two worlds, the official one and the real one. Our federal budget has been financing both worlds: the secret world has been getting more powerful and more expensive. Now with Covid, they’re moving into our world to take control of us. Historically since Kennedy (JFK), the more they’ve gotten away with, the more they disrespect us. The average person can’t fathom that the governance system has grown this far away from them. And the people at the top can’t fathom how they can get away with what they do.
  • What were the racial problems we seemed to have during the health crisis in certain cities? Is it a part of this consolidation of funds? The riots tended to happened in cities where there was a federal reserve bank. In reality, the riots were a real estate acquisition plan. These were areas (opportunity zones) where you’d want to build out the smart grid. When CAF worked for HUD, there were similar patterns in the mortgage fraud. So…

the riots were probably a fraud, and a way to pick up real estate cheap.

  • We’ve reached a point in the economy now where it’s cheaper to pay people not to work instead of having them earn money and share in the finance and governance system. Small business is the bedrock of democracy, so if you want to wipe democracy out, you shut the small businesses down. So you make sure that the small business employee supply dries up, that they have other options. They also seem to want control of the food supply and restaurants provide a very significant market for small farmers away from the big industrial food system. So there is clearly a desire to wipe out the small business industry. It’s all part of taking complete political control.
  • What about the land grab? It’s just begun. The way to make money on new technology is the capital gains on real estate. Wall St. is looking to pick up new properties and use them on a rental basis, which is why they’re looking to lower the home ownership rate. Remember Schwab: you’ll own nothing, have no assets, and you’ll be happy. What he’s saying is that it’s 2030 and we’ll have stolen all your assets, and we’re going to mind control you.
  • Solutions: people are now standing up at school board meetings. How do we oppose this takeover of our democracy? The bad news is we’re on our own, but the good news is we can take action once we realize this. First, use cash. CBDC’s will take time, so we need to use cash. At least on Fridays. So we can commit to just one day a week to doing this. Avoid the credit card and the iPhone. Second, in 3,100 counties in America, we have good local banks, which we can use. The more money they get from us, they more powerful they become and the more they can help us. Put money into local banks. Third, build resiliency – in families, in communities, etc. Build a well (rural areas) instead of using the water supply system. Get companies without integrity out of your life. Stop shopping with them, stop supporting them. We also need to help local food systems. Inflation is coming, so the more you can do for yourself, the more you’re protected from it. Grow and eat locally. We need to stop building our own prison. It’s all a journey, so do it in a way that gives you energy and a positive attitude. Spend money locally and use cash. We actually don’t need central banks because governments can create our money. CBs are all about protecting banking secrecy. We don’t need them.
  • How do I research a credit union or local bank? First, check the bank rating services for your area. Then go to the chamber of commerce and see who the local banking members of the chamber are. Talk to local experts, such as lawyers and accountants as to the best local banks. Look at their governance documents, and walk into the bank and talk to them directly. You can do it all with a group of friends.
  • What’s the accidental, good thing here? It’s about investing in people. We need to finance the world we want to live in, or else we won’t have it. Not if Mr. Global has his way.




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2 Comments on Catherine Austin Fitts: Vaccine Passports Mean Complete Control of Us [VIDEO]

  1. They’re sticking it to us. Quebec: vaccine passports required as of September 1st.

    “Vaccine passports less than 2 weeks away for Quebecers

    Quebecers will soon be required to show proof of vaccination before sitting down in a restaurant or hitting up the gym.

    Vaccination passports will come into effect Sept. 1, with Quebec being the first province to instill this rule on a wide scale.

    Taking the form of a QR code accessible through a mobile app, the passports will apply to a number of enclosed public spaces, such as restaurants, theatres, and stores.

    And some businesses, like Taverne Midway, are testing things out ahead of time.

    The bar, located on St. Laurent Blvd. in Montreal, participated in a trial run of the passport Friday night, hoping to work out any bugs ahead of the rollout.

    “[Customers] fill [out] a couple questions on how they feel about the experience, what can be improved — and it will be the same on our part,” said Taverne Midway owner Charles Landry.

    He hopes that having exclusively vaccinated customers will permit the loosening of other COVID protocols, such as social distancing.

    Although Landry looks forward to the change, the concept of vaccine passports has not been embraced by everyone.

    Hundreds of Montrealers gathered in the Old Port on Aug. 21 to protest the passports, calling them violation of privacy.

    Despite this event, most Canadians appear to be in support of vaccine passports, according to a new survey from Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies. The survey states that 81 per cent of Quebecers are in favour, with 76 per cent of Canadians being in favour overall.

    “I think it’s an amazing idea considering the safety of everyone around,” said one citizen in a CTV report. “If you aren’t vaccinated you should probably rethink your decision.”

    As far as privacy concerns go, Alexander Dahl, CEO of the tech company Akinox — which worked with Quebec in creating the app — says a number of safeguards are in place to protect the information of users.

    “No data is kept on the device, no data is sent to the internet, no tracking, no GPS, none of that.”

    – 30 –

    First point, don’t believe surveys. I worked in professional market surveys (studies) for a few years. I know how they operate. Questions are not designed to find out what you think or how you feel. They are designed with two end-points and a middle. The question always is, which of the following “comes closest” to your own view? There is a big brainwashing component to these market studies, by which they shift your viewpoint to a new one apparently more manageable for their clients. The survey companies also lie through their teeth, as happened heavily during the 1995 Quebec referendum to “secede” which was no such thing. Moving on…

    Second point. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

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