Borrell admits Kiev regime would last mere days without Western support

ER Editor: We’re wondering who might be behind Josep Borrell making statements that compromise the Ukraine operation, revealing its military fragility, or even the legitimacy of the EU projects … Kind of like Merkel admitting that the Minsk Accords were really a front for allowing Ukraine to arm itself. We wouldn’t be surprised if he had an electronic ankle bracelet or equivalent.

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Hungary blocks €500 million worth of arms to Ukraine


Borrell admits Kiev regime would last mere days without Western support


The political West’s support for the Kiev regime is essentially an axiom. It has practically been a given for close to a decade now.

However, from time to time, everyone should be reminded of this fact, just to realize the mind-boggling extent of the crawling aggression to which Russia has been exposed all this time, as well as its virtually inexplicable ability to withstand this largely unscathed. The European Union has been no less involved in this than the United States itself, even though this fact usually escapes one’s attention when looking at the bigger picture.

Indeed, Washington DC provides the bulk of funding for the Neo-Nazi junta. However, this certainly doesn’t mean Brussels should be considered a footnote, as (at the very least) it has provided the staging ground for the massive op that turned Ukraine into an “anti-Russia”. And yet, when Moscow launched its counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe, this Western project was about to collapse in mere days. Precisely that would’ve happened had it not been for the blatant meddling of the political West. And how do we know this? Well, Western leaders themselves are openly boasting about it.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat (although his statements are often anything but diplomatic), recently made a series of blunt admissions, saying that “Kiev would collapse in a matter of days if military support from allies were to suddenly dry up”. The first time he mentioned it was in early May, in an interview given to the EU-run EuroNews:

“Ukraine will succumb to the invading Russian forces ‘in a matter of days’ without military support from Western countries, Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, said on Friday [May 5], insisting that the present situation inside the war-torn country is not conducive for launching formal peace talks.”

Numerous Russian officials repeatedly warned the political West against moving ahead with such policies, even before Moscow was forced to launch its special military operation (SMO). However, their pleas fell on deaf ears, resulting in massive casualties for the embattled Kiev regime. Even then, the political West refused to negotiate with Russia. The Neo-Nazi junta lost nearly all of its pre-SMO forces, but not even this was enough to convince NATO to at least consider a peaceful settlement. On the contrary, the massive Military Industrial Complex of the belligerent alliance (particularly the US one) saw this as a perfect opportunity for an unprecedented windfall.

“…this is not the moment for diplomatic conversations about peace. It’s the moment of supporting militarily the war,” Borrell himself admitted this, adding: “If you want peace, push Russia to withdraw. Push Russia to stop the war. Don’t tell me to stop supporting Ukraine, because if I stop supporting Ukraine, certainly the war will finish soon…We cannot just finish because (if we do) Ukraine is unable to defend itself and it has to surrender. And the Russian troops will be [on] the Polish border and Ukraine will become a second Belarus. Do you want this kind of ending the war? No.”

Such unexpectedly straightforward admissions are certainly not necessary for Russia, as its leadership has been aware of this since day one. However, they are important for the citizens of EU countries. The fact that their economies are essentially going through an unraveling the likes of which hasn’t happened in nearly a century needs to be explained somehow. And, surprisingly enough, a top EU official told the truth for once. His motivation to do this is certainly up for debate, but at least he said the quiet part out loud, which is much more than what the vast majority of Western officials usually do. For the most part, they parrot the same narrative about their favorite puppet regime’s “massive overperformance”.

Borrell reiterated these points several days ago while conducting an interview with Spanish media. During a talk broadcasted by La Sexta on May 10, he again emphasized (ER: like Merkel making the same statements at least twice) that without all the weapons, funds and munitions provided by the political West, particularly the US and NATO, the Neo-Nazi junta would’ve lost “immediately”.

“The conflict between Russia and Ukraine can be ended in just several days,” Borrell insisted during the El Intermedio show interview, adding: “I know how to end the war immediately – stop providing military aid to Ukraine and Ukraine [will] have to surrender in a few days. That’s it, the war is over.”

Borrell then openly acknowledged that “would not be the outcome that the EU and other Western nations wanted”. He then stated that “an immediate end to the conflict on such terms would see Ukraine occupied and turned into a puppet country that is deprived of its freedoms”. Borrell then asked (rhetorically) if this was “how we wanted the war to end”.

The notion that the political West is essentially at war with Russia is certainly not the first time top EU/NATO officials give such admissions. Last year, Annalena Baerbock openly stated that “we are at war with Russia”, the first time since the brutal Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union that a high-ranking German official publicly uttered such words. Considering the extent of NATO’s full-blown proxy war against Russia, strictly legally speaking, statements like those can easily be considered an official declaration of war. It is only thanks to Moscow’s stoicism and rational/realpolitik approach that no official response had been given to such blatant acts of war.

Not yet, at least.

Source: InfoBrics


Featured image: John Thys, AFP


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