Was the Anti-Globalist Movement Infiltrated by Provocateurs?


Subsequent to the United Kingdom’s «Brexit» referendum, which saw 51.9 percent of voters in the United Kingdom opt to leave the European Union, political forces around the world were encouraged that the forces of anti-globalism had achieved a substantial victory. The Brexit success was followed a month later by the U.S. Republican Party’s nomination of anti-globalist businessman Donald Trump as the traditionally pro-free trade party’s presidential candidate. UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage traveled to the Republican convention in Cleveland to forge an anti-global common front with Trump.

In just two months, a series of embarrassing revelations about Trump’s past as a philandering television celebrity and UKIP internal political upheavals left the two most potent anti-globalist forces in the world – the Trump presidential campaign and UKIP – in shambles. The rapid decline of both political movements led to a belief by many political observers that outside influences, led by professional «agents provocateurs» employed by globalist powerbrokers, caused the fracturing of the Trump and Farage movements.


Nigel Farage, Donald Trump

What resulted in the disastrous cratering of the Trump campaign was the disclosure of a 2005 videotape of a Trump appearance on a Hollywood tabloid television program called «Access Hollywood». Trump had engaged in a lewd conversation with the program’s co-host, Billy Bush. The power of the globalist Bush family should never be underestimated. Billy Bush is the nephew of former President George H. W. Bush and the nephew of Trump’s former rival for the presidential nomination, Jeb Bush, as well as the nephew of former President George W. Bush.

Moreover, the Bush and Clinton families are the best of friends. The existence of the tape was known about for an entire year prior to its release to the media. Revelations about Trump’s lewd comments and infidelity hit the airwaves at the same time leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman showed that the Democratic presidential candidate told the Banco Itau of Brazil in a private paid speech in May 2013:

«My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere».

Another leaked email points to Mrs. Clinton describing members of the anti-free trade left-wing block of her Democratic Party as a «bucket of losers» in a private paid speech to Goldman Sachs. The private statement was revealed after Mrs. Clinton publicly commented that half of Trump’s supporters were a «basket of deplorables».

Although the leaked emails prove Mrs. Clinton’s hardcore globalist credentials, the Trump revelations received all the attention from the corporate media. Some voters began to voice their belief that Trump’s candidacy was, itself, a «Trojan horse» that would self-implode as an «October Surprise» and ensure Mrs. Clinton’s sweeping victory in the November 8th election. Trump apparently never informed his campaign officials about the potential existence of embarrassing video and audio tapes.

Those who doubted Trump’s sincerity point to the fact that additional audio tapes revealing his libidinous personality were made on the Howard Stern «shock jock» radio program in 2004. Trump and Stern have been friends and Trump has been a guest on the foul-mouthed radio celebrity’s program for many years. In 1994, Stern announced that he would run on the Libertarian Party ticket for governor of New York. Some polls actually showed Stern as a viable candidate in a three-way race with the incumbent Governor Mario Cuomo, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger, George Pataki. However, when Stern was required to disclose his financial assets, he left the race. Stern, the radio comedian, described it all as a joke. Cuomo went on to lose the election to Pataki.


Howard Stern 

Trump may have also decided to run for president as a «joke» and as a way to increase his media profile and enhance his «brand name». However, unlike Stern, Trump did not leave the race but decided that he was a viable candidate after all, albeit one with hundreds of embarrassing skeletons in his closet. With embarrassing details about Trump’s past coming from a program co-hosted by a member of the Bush family, as well as Stern’s radio archives, video outtakes from Trump’s television show «The Apprentice,» and additional materials from two pornographic media companies, «Playboy» and «Penthouse», Trump’s campaign for the White House appears all but doomed. And along with Trump’s candidacy, goes the best hopes the anti-globalists ever had to capture the Oval Office. Was this all a political fluke or by design? That is the question on the minds of many seasoned political observers.

Just as Trump’s campaign was imploding came news that a physical altercation between two UKIP European Parliament members Steven Woolfe and Mike Hookem at a UKIP caucus meeting in Strasbourg resulted in Woolfe having to be treated in the hospital for injuries sustained in the brawl. The altercation came after the surprise resignation of Diane James as UKIP leader. James had recently succeeded Farage as party leader. Woolfe had announced plans to succeed James as UKIP leader. To say that UKIP is undergoing an existential dilemma is an understatement.


Mike Hookem, Steven Woolfe

Farage, who had retired from the party leadership, was forced to reassume command of UKIP as news reports circulated about an attempt by pro-EU Tories and Labor Party members to scuttle the Brexit vote and figure out a way for the United Kingdom to remain within the EU. The reports appeared to have some merit as the pro-EU globalist, former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair, announced that he was considering re-entering politics in order to challenge Brexit.


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

The success of Brexit and the Trump Republican candidacy also buoyed the political fortunes of French National Front leader, Marine Le Pen. Le Pen hoped that she might ride the wave of global nationalistic populism to victory in the 2017 French presidential election. Le Pen was one of Europe’s most formidable anti-EU enemies of globalization on the European political stage. However, all of a sudden, the French National Front leader faced an unlikely critic, her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. The elder Len Pen sued his own daughter’s political party, which Jean-Marie Le Pen founded, for distancing itself from the nationalistic fervor forged by Monsieur Le Pen. Moreover, Jean-Marie Le Pen announced that he would support for president the same man who defeated him in the race for president in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy. The fracturing of the National Front, at the very same time the Trump campaign and UKIP were collapsing, seemed more than coincidental and very convenient for certain interests.


Marine Le Pen, Jean Marie Le Pen

The self-immolation of anti-globalist forces was not merely confined to the parties and leaders of the right. Speaking at the Latin American Summit of Progressive Movements in Ecuador, former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner indicated that the infiltration of prosecutors’ offices and courts in Brazil and Argentina by provocateurs resulted in the prosecutions of ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, as well as herself by the right-wing Argentine government of Mauricio Macri.

All three leaders – Kirchner, Rousseff, and Lula – opposed Washington-led Western Hemisphere free trade arrangements, such as the hemispheric open borders common market dreamed about by Hillary Clinton. For Mrs. Clinton and her globalist friends, leftist leaders like those in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ecuador were consigned to her «bucket of losers».

It is clear that anti-globalist forces around the world – those of the right and the left – are facing unprecedented provocations from a combination of corporate and media megaliths. The misfortunes of the Trump movement, UKIP, the French National Front, and the past presidents of Brazil and Argentina did not occur independently of each another.


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